Angel Mafia III: Season 2
Angel season 2
Game information
Host Hirkala
Link Game thread: Angel Mafia III: Season 2 BTSC threads
Size Players (Large/Small)
Start Date 4.3.12
Winning Faction Baddie
Roster #, player
  1. Onetruth
  2. Darth nox
  3. Lionheart
  4. Yuli
  5. Vineetrika
  6. Slick
  7. Shadow7
  8. Golfjunkie
  9. Aura
  10. Mew
  11. FatTony
  12. Marquessa
First to Die Aura
Last Remaining OT, Lionheart, Yuli, Vine, Slick, golfjunkie, mew,
MVP none
Awards -

Angel Mafia III: Season 2 was a game designed and hosted by Hirkala based on Angel TV Series.

It began on April 3rd, 2012 and ended in a Baddie win after D3 when host called game over (April 11th).

Game Mechanics Edit


Role DescriptionEdit

Goodies - Last Standing

Angel - Vampire with a soul seeking atonement for past crimes; Can RID kill each night. If Wesley is killed, Angel inherits his vote manipulation

Cordelia Chase - Obtained visions from the Powers That Be; Can submit a subset of names each night and will be told if any Baddies are present

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - Former Watcher that is stepping into a leadership position; Can make his vote count x1 or x2. If Angel is killed, Wesley inherits his RID Kill

Charles Gunn - Tough street kid; Can block one player each night

The Host - Empath Demon that owns a karaoke bar and gives advice; During the day, can ask game host if any two statements are true

Kate Lockley - Police Officer; Can arrest one player for night and day

Winifred Burkle - Extremely smart, but pretty crazy; Die roll - 1=Follow Spy, 2=Faction Spy, 3=Role Spy, 4=Backfire Spy, 5=Redirected Result, 6=Previous Night Action Spy (x2 for Double Spy)

Baddies - Be in the majority

Holland Manners - VP of Special Projects; Can make his vote count x0, x1 or x2

Lilah Morgan - Up and coming lawyer with great ambition; Access to files allows her to block one player

Lindsey McDonald - Lawyer and bitter rival of Angel's; Can spy one player each night

Indy 1 - Outlive Angel, Wesley & Lilah Morgan - Lindsey must be alive

Darla - Former vampire brought back by Wolfram & Hart; Each night may follow one player and discover who they targeted; If targeted by Drusilla becomes a vamp and the 2 Indy factions will merge

If Darla achieves her WinCon, she will leave the game

Indy 2 - Last Standing

Drusilla - One of the worst recorded vampires in history; Has 1 RID Guess each night to find Darla; If Darla is found, Drusilla will sire her and the 2 Indy factions will merge

If Darla leaves the game, Drusilla's action changes to a RID Kill

If the Indy factions merge, both actions are replaced by a kill, x0 or x2 vote manip and BTSC is gained. Their new WinCon also changes to Last Standing.

Host's Summary Edit

As most of you could already tell, I am not very happy about things in this end-game. Stupidity and stubbornness led to this game ending before the actual end. I've re-opened this thread to let everyone know what will be happening with this game and subsequent consequences because of it.


Holland Manners - Onetruth - I can not apologize enough for wasting your time with this game. I hounded you until you joined and then when you were doing an awesome job, the game went to crap because of someone else.

Lindsey McDonald - Vineetrika - Awesome job, as usual. You stayed hidden long enough that no one suspected you until the end.

Lilah Morgan - Lionheart - I would have to say that you were the leader of that BTSC. Your RIDs were mostly on target and even though, at times, you changed your mind, you always landed on the right player with the right role.


Darla - Fat Tony - Your plan was good, but unfortunately, no one listened. If they had, you may have had a good chance of winning.

Drusilla - darth nox - Unlucky. That's what I have to say. You correctly guessed that FT was Darla on Night 1. If not for an unlucky trap on you, you would have combined with him and the 2 of you would have changed the game severely.


Fred - Aura - Sorry you were killed N1 and, so you know, it pissed me off a lot. I was pretty excited about that role and then when it was killed off... Well... You can guess.

Kate - Marq - You were killed pretty early as well, but the one action you got off had a tremendous impact on the game. Trapping nox saved the Goodies from potentially losing 2 players a night, instead of just one.

The Host - DarthMask/golfjunkie - DM tanked. You should have asked for a replacement 3 cycles before you did. Not a single question asked, about the role or as an action. GJ showed up and took over. He immediately asked several questions about the role and one question during the day. It was if Yuli's claim of Wes was true. With that confirmed, gj knew Yuli was voting the right way. Thank you, GJ.

Cordy - mew - Well played as far as your role. The N1 kill helped, but you dialed in quickly on OT and had her pegged N2. I wish you had been more vocal during the day about voting for her, but that was your prerogative. And if the game hadn't ended, you would have found out that LH was bad, too.

Angel - Shadow - Right players, wrong roles. The first 2 nights you RIDed BOTH of the non-Lindsey Baddies as Lindsey. Crappy.

Wes - Yuli - You are an immature child and this is your last game that I host for a while. You had the game won when you outed yourself. All you had to do was RID Kill OT as Holland and the Goodies could have taken this easily. I know you have issues with Slick, but destroying a game because of it is unacceptable. And I won't accept it anymore. So, don't bother signing up for my next few games.

Gunn - Slick - I'll start with something good you did. Your hint. I don't know if you meant it this way, but using the word "brother" about the only black character was great. Of course, that's the only good thing you did in this game. ESP DOES NOT EXIST!!! Instinct, yes. You can go off of instinct, but Mafia is predominantly a LOGIC game. You have no logic when it comes to these games. It's embarrassing to think that you played in the very first Den-style Mafia and your defense arguments are still "He's voting for me, so he must be bad." I don't think I have enough fingers to count how many games I've seen you screw people up with your incredibly ridiculous statements. Yuli is definitely not without blame in this incident, but you had a hand in pushing him to that point. I almost killed you myself. I may take a lot of heat from this, but I don't care. You are done when it comes to my games. Do not sign up for one of mine again. I will not let you screw up another one that I have worked hard on creating and hosting. There may be a chance in the future, if I see that you are taking the game seriously and playing with some level of intelligence, but as it stands, you are banned from my games from here on out.

I am sorry to everyone who took this game seriously and came in expecting a good game. This will go down as a Baddie win, but everyone who played seriously will be getting 2 Rep points for it. I hope this won't turn anyone off of my future games. Thank you for playing and, again, I apologize for this end.

Winning Faction Edit

  • Holland Manners - Onetruth
  • Lindsey McDonald - Vineetrika
  • Lilah Morgan - Lionheart

MVP - -

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Holland Manners - Onetruth
  2. Lindsey McDonald - Vineetrika
  3. Lilah Morgan - Lionheart
  4. Darla - Fat Tony - Lynched D2
  5. Drusilla - darth nox - Lynched D3
  6. Fred - Aura - Killed by W&H N1
  7. Kate - Marq - Killed by W&H N2
  8. The Host - DarthMask/golfjunkie
  9. Cordy - mew
  10. Angel - Shadow - Killed by W&H N3
  11. Wes - Yuli
  12. Gunn - Slick

Actions Edit

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