Bag o' Tricks III
Game information
Host Araver
Link Bag o' Tricks III BTSC threads
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 2017-03-17
Winning Faction The Apprentices
Roster #, player
  1. golfjunkie
  2. Dee
  3. aura
  4. Sparrowhawk
  5. plasmid
  6. yuiop
  7. GMaster479
  8. Boquise
  9. Flamebirde
  10. Insaner
  11. maurice
First to Die maurice
Last Remaining golfjunkie, GMaster479, Boquise, Flamebirde
MVP Boquise
Awards -

Bag o' Tricks III was a game designed and hosted by Araver based on Yuli's design in Bag o' Tricks Mafia.

It began on March 17th, 2017 and ended in The Apprentices win in N4 (March 25).

Game Mechanics

3 factions: 3 vs 7 vs 1. Each day and night cycle will be in standard mafia style. However, at the end of each cycle, a list of everyone who acted (roles) will be published.

Once again, the Magic Bag placed in the center of the cellar would be used by each wizard to draw an ability. After an ability (Spell) is used, it goes back into the Bag o' Tricks to be distributed again. Anyone who does not have a Spell at the beginning of a cycle gets to draw one (PMed by the Great Wizard). A player may draw the same Spell as many times in a row as my d20 rolls it.

When a player dies, whatever spell he has at that time will be lost forever and not returned to the Bag. If a spell is used and player is still alive, the spell is returned to the bag regardless if spell was successful or not. If it is not used, it is held and can be used in the next cycle by same player.

The contents of the Magic Bag at the beginning of the game:

  1. "Lightning" (RID Kill)
  2. "Healing Touch" (Save)
  3. "Entangle" (Trap = Block + save + silence/cannot talk during the next day nor be lynched)
  4. "Clairvoyance" (Faction spy)
  5. "Earthquake" (Block)
  6. "Sweet Talk" (Redirect a vote)
  7. "Double Trouble" (Make own vote x2)
  8. "Cloak of Invisibility" (Makes the target immune to any harmful spell or action for one cycle but player is able to act and talk in the main thread, vote counts x0 for the day)
  9. "Invoke Familiar" (A player who casts this spell is randomly assigned a familiar. As long as the wizard lives, the familiar lives. As long as the familiar lives, the wizard may send a message 75 characters to another player via the host (Wizard A sends to host who verifies the length then resends to wizard B at the end of the night). More than one wizard may have a familiar and a wizard may have more than one familiar, if he gets the spell a second/third etc time. Each familiar can be used once per night.)
  10. "Invoke Oracle" (May ask the host one yes or no question limited to 10 words during the night or day)


  • Orange spells do NOT show in the NP while Purple spells only show in the NP if successful.
  • Tie lynch = all tied players die.
  • Kills are blocking kills (unless the kill target is also killing).
  • If someone with a day action is blocked, they do not get their day action.

Order of Actions (OOA): Invisibility >> Chain Lightning, Chain Trouble >> Entangle > Earthquake > Healing Touch > Lightning >> Clairvoyance, Invoke Familiar, Invoke Oracle >> Sweet Talk >> Double Trouble.

  • All actions against Cloak of Invisibility fail.
  • (ODTG) Chain Lightning cannot be blocked other than target having Cloak of Invisibility
  • (ODTG) Chain Trouble cannot be blocked
  • Trap > Block > Save > RID Kill
  • All day actions can be blocked (spell is returned to the Bag regardless if intended to be used or not)
  • Players are told they are blocked
  • Sweet Talk >> Double Trouble means whoever casts Sweet Talk moves all Double/Chain Trouble weighted votes

There are no secret abilities and/or attributes not listed in the OP. Really. There may be side-effects not explicit, so ask in red whenever you're not sure about a particular scenario.

Role Description

The Triplets (The Drow, the Thief and the Ugly). WINCON: Be in majority. They want to be sure that one of them is the apprentice so they've allied together to eliminate their competition (part of the game) before they probably duke it out amongst themselves (not part of this game).

  1. Triplet 1 "The Drow"
  2. Triplet 2 "The Thief"
  3. Triplet 3 "The Ugly"
  • Triplets know each other but start without BTSC and must forfeit their ability once in order to enter the Baddie BTSC.
  • NK is randomly given to a triplet until any of them enters the BTSC. While there is at least one triplet alive in BTSC, NK can be carried by any player in BTSC and can be powerplayed.
  • NK carrier is for story purposes only, cannot be blocked.
  • ODTG (at any time during the day or the night) they can cast the unique "Chain Lightning" Spell that acts as a RID kill. In order to cast this spell, the caster has to be in the BTSC or the sole survivor of the Triplets.

The Apprentices - WINCON: Eliminate the Triplets and Assassin.

  • The Necromancer
  • The Sorcerer
  • The Arcanist
  • The Summoner
  • The Cleric
  • The Diviner
  • The Invoker
  • The Transmuter

Twist: One of the 8 apprentices, however, isn't a warlock at all, but a trained assassin sent to kill the Great Wizard. WINCON: Be the last "warlock" standing.

  • He does not draw from the Bag o' Tricks, nor does he lose his abilities if used. Each night, he may choose to use his own copy of scrolls: "Lightning" (RID Kill), "True Clairvoyance" (Role Spy) or "Earthquake" (Block).
  • Cannot be killed N1, will appear as saved. Can be RID Killed only as his "apprentice" name.
  • Additionally, ONCE DURING THE GAME, he may cast "Chain Trouble" and make his vote count as x2.
  • By default the Indy is listed as a player who acted, unless he PMs the host at any time before the day ends and request to be withdrawn from the daily list.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

  • I get that the OOA and some of the exceptions (like self-saving would be blocked so there's no point in self-saving) have been missed and maybe I could have explained it better but the truth is this is the third game in the series and I'm still trying to tweak it 'cause I am in love with Yuli's spell mechanics but I still haven't found an easy way to balance some spells so they are not over-powered other than create exceptions. Glad you were willing to navigate the quirks and strategize around all these restrictions Wink
  • Rule of thumb "Not more than one ODTG stackable" is turning out to be just the right amount. Gives factions a chance if their numbers are low or are severely outnumbered but does not allow them to wipe out an entire faction Chuck Norris style. So, the Indy couldn't have come back N4 to win alone, but an uneasy alliance between the last Baddie and the Indy could've overturned the goodies during D3. The fact that all factions could still have a path to victory in D3 is the kind of balance I was looking for and due to your actions it happened in this game therefore I am happy.
By Araver


  • Thank you for playing Modhello You've certainly used this setting to make an impression different from the previous two mafias in the series.
  • In response to some of the comments in the Ghost BTSC, the host always sees this game differently, but here is what I saw (in a nutshell):
    • The baddies may have lost this one, but other than the perhaps unnecessary risk with insta RID Kill during night 3 (as all hope was not actually lost as proven by yuiop's 2 RIDs in the thread), I don't see any "poor" play here (airquotes intended). Au contraire. I've seen a bold claim D1 (prompted by strong goodie pressure) and a fluid strategy to win this despite the baddies being dispersed and not in the BTSC like a classical Mafia and info pouring in from all corners (Oracle and roles shown in DP). Credit does go mainly to plasmid for his team's near-win but also to Aura's convincing Oracle gambit and Dee's sincerity that left her under the radar and hard to lynch.
    • The Indy may have lost this one, but she had almost all the roles figured out early on and had an almost bulletproof alliance proposition D3. Slowplaying the RID kills may not have won Yuiop the game here, but that was a valid strategy given that the baddies and the goodies were all over each other from D1. It's easy to judge in retrospect how the game would've played differently if the Indy had RID Killed earlier, but I think it was only down to a small time-zone misalignment that the Indy did not get a chance to upturn the goodies D3.
    • The Goodies won this one, with 4 players left alive, but that was not a given by far. N1 they lost both Maurice and an important spell which could've been used to keep a suspect out of the lynch but they had a lucky result on an Oracle from Insaner that could've cleared 4 goodies in a row (had the answer to the double question been "No" or Insaner not publicly spied, I don't think it would've had that much of an impact). In the meantime, the baddies were still not in BTSC and couldn't coordinate properly. However on D1 Insaner bluffed another Oracle result which in turn forced plasmid and SH to start a very refreshing cat & mouse game D1. I did enjoy how it turned out and was delighted to see such an exquisite D1 game, but from my PoV in the end it hurt the goodies more than it helped (or in other words it resembled a Greek tragedy where actors are restricted to choose the lesser evil rather than a comedy of errors). N2 brought the demise of the former Oracle but he did flash-post his original result which drastically increased the Goodies chances (they were 3 down at that time), despite not being completely cleared by The Arcanist. Day 2 was a revelation because the steady lead from Boquise gave the goodies maximum information in the open without actually risking any RID kills or a mislynch. That day was refreshing as it reminded me how uninformed minorities are supposed to win the game as a team. Then came N3 where the baddies missed a NK on a cloaked GM (could've happened any night actually), but also preemptively struck their ODTG weapon. Now the last one I think was influenced by how D1/N2 played out in terms of muddying the waters for all factions involved. The Indy did not tip the balance either way after Aura was lynched, setting up for an alliance D3 with the weaker faction. But the goodies were in luck as Boquise decided to use the RID kill as an information gathering device to help in a future lylo D3. Day 3 I commented above - the last baddie and indy could've overthrown the day, but there's no telling where that led to eventually. Had Boq been lynched, the RID Kill from the bag would've been lost, but that uneasy alliance could've been hampered with (read up Bag of Tricks I if you don't believe me). Finally, the game may have ended a bit anti-climactic but that was because Flame pushed another 50/50 call in the goodies advantage, either result would've helped them.
By Araver

Special commendations

  • So all in all, I saw many plays I admired in this game but I'll have to say that the most influence on the outcome, coming from purposeful actions and words is the criteria that made me choose the MVP award winner: Boquise. Congratulations.
By Araver

Winning Faction

The Apprentices

  • golfjunkie - The Transmuter
  • Sparrowhawk - The Arcanist
  • GMaster479 - The Cleric
  • Boquise - The Summoner
  • Flamebirde - The Invoker
  • Insaner - The Diviner
  • maurice - The Necromancer

MVP: Boquise

Day and Night Posts

Prologue N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4

End of Game Roster

Great Wizard Araver

  1. golfjunkie - The Transmuter
  2. Dee - Triplet 2 "The Thief" - RID Killed N3 by The Summoner
  3. aura - Triplet 1 "The Drow" - Lynched D2
  4. Sparrowhawk - The Arcanist - Lynched D1
  5. plasmid - Triplet 3 "The Ugly Triplet" - Lynched D3
  6. yuiop - The Sorcerer - RID Killed N4 by The Sorcerer and The Invoker
  7. GMaster479 - The Cleric
  8. Boquise - The Summoner
  9. Flamebirde - The Invoker
  10. Insaner - The Diviner - Killed N2 by The Ugly Triplet
  11. maurice - The Necromancer - Killed N1 by The Drow Triplet