Bag o' Tricks Mafia
Game information
Host Yuli
Link Game thread: Bag o' Tricks Mafia BTSC threads
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 27.05.2011
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster 1. Hirkala

2. Lionheart
3. DarthMask (Jack_D)
4. Darth nox
5. Slick
6. Auramyna
7. Glycereine
8. Q-Cumber
9. Shadow7
A. maurice
B. araver

First to Die Auramyna
Last Remaining Araver
MVP Araver
Awards -

Bag o' Tricks Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Yuli based on an original concept involving role pooling.

It began on May 27th, 2011 and ended in a Baddie win in D4 (June 5th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

Eleven young warlocks sat down in the cellar of the tower. It would be a fight to the death, where the last one standing would apprentice under the great Wizard Thembis (host), but Thembis was a cruel man, easily amused, and called forth a great magick that would rob the warlocks of their power and studies. The skillsets and Spells known among them would be placed in a Magic Bag in the centre of the cellar and each would draw an ability...

Each day and night cycle will be in standard mafia style. However, at the end of each cycle, a list of everyone who acted (player names, not roles) will be published. After an ability (Spell) is used, it goes back into the Bag o' Tricks to be distributed again. Anyone who does not have a Spell at the beginning of a cycle gets to draw one (PM from the host). A player may draw the same Spell as many times in a row as seems fitting. When a player dies, whatever Spell he has at that time will be lost forever and not returned to the Bag.

If a spell is used, it is returned to the bag. If it is not used, it is held. This is true regardless of whether the spell was successful or not. The only exception is if the spell is used, but the caster dies in the same cycle.


  • Order of Actions: Invisibility || Indy RID Kill >> Entangle >> Find Familiar >> Indy Block >> Hold Person > Power Word: Kill >> Power Word: Stun >> Indy Role Spy >> True Seeing >> Clairaudience >> Charm Person >> Mirror Image

Note: OOA will mostly be used to solve loops. So I guess having some in there is rather pointless... Although not entirely. || indicates that nothing may affect a person who is Invisible. Also: Charm Person > Mirror Image means that whoever casts Charm Person moves all votes (x1, x2, or x3) if he targets someone casting Mirror Image.

  • The 11th player is the Indy, who doesn't draw a power.
  • Kills are blocking kills (unless the kill target is also killing). If someone with a day action is blocked, they do not get their day action.
  • Baddies with BTSC must sacrifice one action (chosen before spells are drawn for the night) in order to get a Night Kill.
  • Anyone with a familiar may send one message per night until they die or the game ends. If they get the Find Familiar spell a second time, they can use two messages per night until the end of the game/they die.
  • There might be secret abilities and/or attributes not listed in the OP.
  • Outing your role is banned. Anyone who does it loses their ability for the next night AND for the following day, all votes against them count as double. Someone voting x2 on them would actually be voting x4.
  • After the game it was revealed that there were no secret abilities.


The contents of the bag at the beginning of N1 are as follows: (Some abilities are the same, but are named differently for story and convenience)

  1. Power Word: Kill (RID Kill)
  2. Power Word: Stun (Block)
  3. Entangle (Trap)
  4. Charm Person (Vote redirect) (*)
  5. Mirror Image (Self Vote Manip x2 or x3) (*)
  6. True seeing (Faction spy)
  7. Hold Person (Block)
  8. Invisibility (Makes the target immune to any harmful spell or action for one cycle) (*)(#)
  9. Find Familiar (A player who casts this spell is randomly assigned a familiar. As long as the warlock lives, the familiar lives. As long as the familiar lives, the warlock my send a message [75 characters] to another player. More than one warlock may have a familiar and a warlock may have more than one familiar, if he gets the spell a second/third/forth/etc time) (*)
  10. Clairaudience (May ask the host one yes or no question [limited to 10 words] during the night or day) (*)


  • (*)Note: These Spells will NOT show up in the night post.
  • (#)Note: This works as a trap, except the "trapped" player can act and talk in the main thread and BTSCs (if applicable)'s like a save that saves from blocks (and vote redirects!) as well as death.

Role Description

Baddies: The Triplets--Know each other--WINCON: Be in majority. They want to be sure that one of them is the apprentice. They've allied together to eliminate their competition (part of the game) before they duke it out amongst themselves (not part of this game).

  • Triplet 1
  • Triplet 2
  • Triplet 3

BTSC does not happen by default but baddies do know each other. However, any baddies who elect to forfeit their ability once (the spell goes back into the Bag unused) enters into the Baddie BTSC. The Night Kill will be given to one of the baddies at random until BTSC is established.

Goodies: The Apprentices--WINCON: Eliminate the Triplets and Assassin.

  • The Necromancer
  • The Sorcerer
  • The Arcanist
  • The Summoner
  • The Diviner
  • The Invoker
  • The Transmuter

Indy: Assasin - One of the warlocks, however, isn't a warlock at all, but a trained assassin sent to kill the Great Wizard Thembis. He does not draw from the Bag o' Tricks, nor does he lose his abilities if used. Each night, he may choose to RID Kill, Role Spy, or Block.. Additionally, ONCE DURING THE GAME, he may make his vote count as x2. Lastly, he must PM the host before the end of every cycle saying whether he wants to be included in the list of players who acted. If the Indy fails to do this, he will be listed as a player who acted. WINCON: Be the last "warlock" standing.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

My expectations for this game are very simple--I want to test the concept of role pooling (random action per person per night) using human subjects. If all goes well, I plan on doing a second Bag o' Tricks where, instead of one spell/action randomly given to a player, the player might choose which spell/action he wants to draw. Multiples of the same spell would be allowed.


  • Night 2 - A lot of goodies aren't acting because they like the ability that they have. The RID Kill, Hold Person, and now Mirror Image spells are no longer in play. Two of those are very powerful, game-changing spells. The baddies also don't have BTSC. This has been working to their advantage, though. Mo and Araver read each other like a book. By not being in BTSC, it's hard to link them together. This balances the lack of information from the night posts (and lack of goodies using abilities) in my opinion. Meanwhile, Shadow has been collecting information on Nox and Hirk (and LH's latest message to Shad gives him away, too). She's in a decent position to win, if she can avoid getting NK'd.
  • Night 3 - Hirk tried to Entangle himself, which saved him from the Night Kill, but he got RID Killed by the Indy, as well. Indy RID Kill >> Entangle :/ Q blocked Araver, LH discovered that Shad is not a goodie, DM discovered that Araver is a Triplet.
  • Night 4 - Araver doesn't have Charm Person (Q had it when he died). LH has Power Word: Stun. Araver used Clairaudience. Araver will draw it again Cycle 5, if it goes that long, since LH held his spell and there are no other spells to draw. Shadow still has x2 vote.

Special commendations

MVP is going to Araver for several reasons. Not only for the clever vote drop gamble at the end, but for working under less-than-ideal terms after I accidentally killed Maurice.

Host disappointments + Loopholes

My biggest disappointments came from host error, mostly killing Maurice D2 when he shouldn't have died. As a quick patch (which I should have announced), Araver's day action was not blocked as intended.

Additionally, the penalty for role outing was never used. The only two who outed their role (DM and LH) died the same day, while the OP indicated that votes against them would be doubled the following day.

Lastly, the Triplet Night Kill rule was not used. The Triplets never entered into BTSC and, per the OP rule about rule sacrifice, it only affected those within the BTSC. As long as the Triplets avoided BTSC, they could use their drawn ability and use the Night Kill without coordination.

Alternate endings

Day 4 endings:

  • If LH is lynched, there will be a draw (Indy + Baddie, goodies lose) since it will be two with kill ability at night.
  • If Shadow is lynched (flash votes?), the baddies win.
  • If Araver is lynched (flash votes), the indy wins.
  • LH sent a message to Shadow last night: "I vote you w/ Araver, or flash vote against him after you vote. I PROMISE."

He's trying to get a tie vote between Araver and Shadow--the goodies only hope of winning

By Yuli

Winning Faction


  • araver - Triplet 1
  • maurice - Triplet 2
  • Slick - Triplet 3

MVP: Araver

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

The Great Wizard Thembis: Yuli

  1. Hirkala - The Transmuter - RID Killed N3 by the Assassin
  2. Lionheart - The Necromancer - Lynched D4 while having the Power Word: Stun spell
  3. DarthMask - The Sorceror - Lynched D3 while having the True Seeing spell
  4. Darth Nox - the Invoker - Lynched D2 while having the Find Familiar spell
  5. Slick - Triplet 3 - Lynched D1 while having the Hold Person spell
  6. Auramyna - The Arcanist - Killed N1 by the Triplets
  7. Glycereine - The Diviner - Killed N2 by the Triplets
  8. Q-Cumber - The Summoner - RID Killed N4 by the Assassin
  9. Shadow7 - The Assasin - Lynched D4
  10. maurice - Triplet 2 - Lynched D2 while having the Invisibility spell
  11. araver - Triplet 1


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