Bidding Wars
Game information
Host Auramyna
Link Bidding Wars BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date July 17, 2014
Winning Faction Ballistics Logistics and Psychotic Robotics
Roster # players
  1. Barcallica
  2. Alexeyy86
  3. Boquise(mtamburini)
  4. Coolkid (benjer3)
  5. plasmid
  6. Jay Gold
  7. Nana7
  8. Framm18
  9. Clozo
  10. TheMafiaCube
  11. GMaster479
  12. Aoi Kunie
  13. Araver
  14. Marquessa
  15. Mewminator
  16. Kiwifruit (Dee, (L))
First to Die Marq
Last Remaining Coolkid, Barc
MVP Coolkid
Awards Winner in 2014 Best Mafia Game Non Traditional

Bidding Wars was a game designed and hosted by Auramyna based on her own idea.

It was co-hosted by Akriti

It began on July 17, 2014 and ended in a Ballistics Logistics and Psychotic Robotics win in D9 (August 6).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • Roll Spy
    • Faction spy
    • Position spy (e.g - CEO, Accountant etc.)
    • Follow spy (who your target acted on)
    • Target spy (players who acted on your target, ...besides you)
    • Faction-mate spy (returns one random faction mate of your target)
    • Choice
  • If a sole player remains in a faction, their action defaults to 'each night choose one of roll spy, rid kill, block, trap or redirect.' Not same action twice in a row unless it was your original base action.
  • Each faction has an ODTG (Once during the game) action - nominate one player to be immune to all actions for one cycle (two phases e.g - N2 and D2, N3 and D3 etc.) Immunity is unblockable and unredirectable.
  • Tie rules
    • D1: No death, D2-4: One dies, D5 -> all flip individually
    • Ties, vote manips and lynch saves all look the same. I.e - DP says who lived or died not why. Lynch saves are assessed after the manips and flips.
  • Order of Precedence
    • Redirect>Trap>Block
    • If loop is comprised of all same actions (e.g - 2 blocks or 2 traps act on one another) both/all looped actions succeed.

Role DescriptionEdit

Assassination Corporation ~ BTSC. No group kill. WINCON: Last faction standing.

  • CEO - RID Kill
  • Lawyer - Trap
  • Accountant - Block or Redirect (choice each night)
  • Marketing guy - Roll spy (Die roll)

Ballistic Logistics ~ BTSC. No group kill. WINCON: Last faction standing.

  • CEO - RID Kill
  • Lawyer - Trap
  • Accountant - Block or Redirect (choice each night)
  • Marketing guy - Roll spy (Die roll)

Terrorize Enterprise Intensifies ~ BTSC. No group kill. WINCON: Last faction standing.

  • CEO - RID Kill
  • Lawyer - Trap
  • Accountant - Block or Redirect (choice each night)
  • Marketing guy - Roll spy (Die roll)

Psychotic Robotics ~ BTSC. No group kill. WINCON: Last faction standing.

  • CEO - RID Kill
  • Lawyer - Trap
  • Accountant - Block or Redirect (choice each night)
  • Marketing guy - Roll spy (Die roll)

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Wow! What a game. Note to self - having 4 block/redirects, 4 traps, 4 rid kills plus one of each biddable action is a recipe for confusion with NPs. What with the bids as well, (and monitoring 4 BTSCs for all the questions in such a complex game), this was a very host intensive exercise!

This game turned out almost diametrically opposed to how I thought it would. We started out with quite a lot of inactivity. Some were replaced at the start, some requested replacement. Two threw their marbles down and demanded replacement! A few should have been replaced but weren't. Another was replaced then returned to the game because I'm a sap. Tongue

But what was a sure thing was Nana's faction - Terrorize Enterprise Intensifies - was so active that they had more pages within the first couple of cycles than some BTSCs had in the whole game! Possibly even more pages than game thread and BTSCs put together at one point.

They were right on top of the game and the only thing left was to work out was which of them would get MVP but the momentum didn't last. In the end Terrorize Enterprise ran out of money first, which put them out of the game. This was a sad moment for me. Any host wants the players to get involved in the game and strategize their way through all the rules so with all their activity, questions and strategies, I was hoping they would make it to the end.

Boq and Barc's faction missed one or two bidding cycles so their factions benefited from that inactivity later on. I think who ran out of money first really decided this game. While all factions were still in the game, I had considered putting forward a vote where all could vote for all to get a top-up of $300 or so. (I.e - if there was a majority of yes votes, all get a top-up). This would pose a dilemma for those with more money. Voting for a top up gives more benefit to those with less money and not voting for it outs that you are less worried about cash so therefore may be best to block. I decided not to interfere. In a future revision of this design, I would want to ensure the money lasts longer. I wanted it to be about guessing how far to outbid and estimating how long the money needs to last but not for it to be decided by who runs out of money quickest.

MVP has changed throughout the game. I said I would not give MVP based on who won the game but based on who played and strategized the best. However, MVP goes to coolkid for untangling the game from the moment he stepped into the BTSC. He never missed a scenario when logicking out his night actions to the optimal set, and his level of strategy and attention to detail was obvious.

Most entertaining player goes to Alexey. By far he entertained the most with his references to businessmen and attempts to make deals with people. There was a lot of entertainment from Boq, Nana, Jay, even Araver (probably others, too. Stop And cube; he is always funny to watch Tongue ) but Alexey just slayed them with the character he took on. It is sad the way he was eliminated and also sad that he had to accuse me of stacking the game when I may as well quit hosting if I was going to cheat like that. However that doesn't cancel out the fact that he was Most Entertaining Player. XD

I would like to thank everyone for playing this experiment and sticking with it through such a long game! It was most definitely a pleasure watching you all play and you are all free to use the money idea in any of your designs. I will tweak this idea and come back with a Bidding Wars 2 later on, however I had the idea of allowing people to pay each other for all kinds of deals. It might not be a 4x4 faction game, in that case.

Yay! Rep points for all!

By Aura

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • coolkid - CEO
  • Cube - Lawyer
  • Araver - Accountant
  • Clozo - Marketing guy
  • Framm - CEO
  • Marq - Lawyer
  • Barc - Accountant
  • Mew - Marketing guy

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7/D7 N8/D6 N9/D9

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Aoi - CEO - lynched D6
  2. Plasmid - Lawyer - killed N3 by CEO
  3. GMaster - Accountant - lynched D2
  4. Boq - Marketing guy - killed N8 by Accountant
  5. coolkid - CEO
  6. Cube - Lawyer - killed N4 by Marketing Guy
  7. Araver - Accountant - lynched D4
  8. Clozo - Marketing guy - killed N5 by Marketing Guy
  9. Jay - CEO - killed N4 by Marketing Guy
  10. Nana - Lawyer - killed N5 by CEO
  11. Alexeyy - Accountant - killed N7 by Accountant
  12. Kiwi - Marketing guy - killed N5 by CEO
  13. Framm - CEO - lynched D5
  14. Marq - Lawyer - killed N1 by CEO
  15. Barc - Accountant
  16. Mew - Marketing guy - killed N6 by Marketing guy

Actions Edit

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