Blackout Mafia
Game information
Host Andrew
Link Game thread: Blackout Mafia BTSC threads
Size Players (Large/Small)
Start Date 5.14.13
Winning Faction Goodie
Roster #, player
  1. Mewminator
  2. EDM
  3. Curr3nt
  4. Gnanforu
  5. Iawy
  6. Boquise
  7. Vommack
  8. Brainiac100
  9. Auramyna
  10. Marquessa
  11. Segul
  12. Marksmanjay
  13. FatTony
First to Die mew
Last Remaining EDM, Gnan, IAWY, Boquise, Vommack, Marq, Segul, Fat Tony
MVP nobody
Awards -

Blackout Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Andrew based on own design.

It began on May 14y, 2013 and ended in a Goodie win in D3 (May 23).

Game Mechanics Edit


Blackout is a standard mafia game with a relatively basic role set up. Roles are completely unknown.

  • 3 Baddies - Wincon: Majority.
  • 10 Goodies - Wincon: Kill Baddies.
  • Day posts: reveal who was lynched, their faction, and their role.
  • Night posts: reveal who was killed, no role given, and other basic information pertaining only to any kill (see below).
  • Kills are blocking.
  • Kills come first in any loops.
  • All roles may act on themselves.

Some necessary role clarification points for this game set up.

  • IF blocks exist: they CAN block kills, in which case the NP WILL show this.
  • IF saves exist: successful saves WILL appear.
  • IF redirects exist: redirects give clear results, the affected player being notified of being redirected. Redirects DO NOT effect kills.
  • IF traps exist: traps are night traps only. That is, a save+block, no lynch-save or silence.

Note: In the result of no NK the NP will NOT show WHO was acted on, only that the specified action occurred, resulting in no NK.

Feel free to out your role. No one will believe you.

Role DescriptionEdit

Note, this was not revealed until the end of the game. Before that point, roles were unknown except upon being revealed in the lynch or by spy actions.


  1. Role Spy - _Auramyna
  2. Block - Brainiac100
  3. Vote Manip (x0-x2 on anyone) - mewminator


  1. Role Spy - Marquessa
  2. Faction Spy - curr3nt
  3. Follow Spy - EDM
  4. Block - Fat Tony
  5. Save - Vommack
  6. Ask host y/n - Boquise
  7. Vote Manip(x0-2 on self) - marksmanjay
  8. Messenger - Inawordyes
  9. Kill - Segul
  10. Role Master (defined below) - gnanforu

Role Master (Gnan's role): can EITHER

  1. submit up to 3 roles and receive number that exist in the game.
  2. submit 3 to 4 players and roles and receive number that match.

Note: if the role master wishes, they may attach a faction to the roles submitted.

  • For example in a game that had 2 redirects, one good, one bad.
  • If “redirect” was submitted the player would receive back 2.
  • If “goodie redirect” was submitted the player would receive back 1.
  • The player may not submit a role of the same type, one attached to a faction, and one not, on the same night. Example “redirect, goodie redirect”’ is not allowed.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


I don't want to waffle on too much so I'll keep it short and sweet.

What I liked

  • The format - so far it seems everyone enjoyed playing the Blackout format. (i.e secret roles).
  • The day discussion overall was very good.

What I would improve

  • The goodies had too much faction spy ability -->contributing to such a short game. In any future games of this format the faction spy ability would be highly reduced and I would add more roles to contribute to paranoia. (lynch frame for example). Even more secrets could be developed to truly leave the players guessing.

Points of interest

  • Goodie actions N1 were very good, hitting 2 of 3 baddies straight away. That really set the baddies back.
  • I also liked that many players started to feel like Brainy was a baddie based on her posting behavior rather then info they'd received. THAT was a large part of this game - to rely on more then information given to you.

Trust me, in any future games of this format I will not make the same mistakes. This was an experiment afterall. And it has proved to provide a lot of great information for future games and any hosts who wish to try this format to take from.

About the MVP

  • I have chosen not to give an MVP for BLACKOUT MAFIA. THe reasoning behind this is the game was quite short (as we know) so it was hard for any player to truly stand out above the rest. That being said however I would like to special mention Current because he did do a great job at leading the goodies whilst alive.
By Andrew

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • Role Spy - Marquessa
  • Faction Spy - curr3nt
  • Follow Spy - EDM
  • Block - Fat Tony
  • Save - Vommack
  • Ask host y/n - Boquise
  • Vote Manip(x0-2 on self) - marksmanjay
  • Messenger - Inawordyes
  • Kill - Segul
  • Role Master - gnanforu

Day and Night Posts Edit

OP N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Role Spy - _Auramyna - Killed N2
  2. Block - Brainiac100 - Lynched D3
  3. Vote Manip (x0-x2 on anyone) - mewminator - Lynched D1
  4. Role Spy - Marquessa
  5. Faction Spy - curr3nt - Killed N3
  6. Follow Spy - EDM
  7. Block - Fat Tony
  8. Save - Vommack
  9. Ask host y/n - Boquise
  10. Vote Manip(x0-2 on self) - marksmanjay - Lynched D2
  11. Messenger - Inawordyes
  12. Kill - Segul
  13. Role Master - gnanforu

Actions Edit

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