Player bio

Name(s): Boquise, Bo, Que, Quise, Quiz, Sir Boquise <- I love that one!

First Mafia Game: Disney Movie Mafia 2 (Era 8)

On MafiaManiac: Boquise

Favorite Games: One of my first Mafia games ever. It was a very long time ago when I was a young chap and we played it at a camp. I saw in my best friend's eyes and gestures that he was a baddie, I however was a regular goodie with no abilities. I decided to help him and clean him off suspicion. It ended with that the other townies lynched me in the final round, making the mafia gain majority. Their faces was hilarious. Now when I have matured I see how extremely lame this was to my fellow townies. But in my defense; I was 11 and we had played like 5 rounds of Mafia that evening. I wanted to make some mischief.

Other notes:


Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen (BD)


On MafiaManiac (MM)

Mafia Record

Overall 55-51

Goodie 34-22

Baddie 7-8

Indy 3-7

Other Faction 11-14

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