BrainDen (BD) is a Forum mainly dedicated to brain teasers, riddles and logic puzzles where Mafia is played only in the Games section. Status: ACTIVE

Current address: Games Section

Official acronym: BD.

Brief History

BrainDen is a Forum dedicated to brain teasers for kids and adults, riddles, logic puzzles, paradoxes, optical illusions, and other challenges for the mind. Separate sections were created to cover miscellaneous topics: Games, Homework Help, Jokes, Comments and Suggestions, Others.

  • Era 1: Dawn of Mafia - In June 2008, a modified forum-Mafia Game was introduced by Unreality to the Games section which started Era 1 in History of Mafia. The game became very popular and a Mafia-playing community grew in the Games section.
  • Era 2: Mafia gets commercial - From September 2008 till January 2009, new hosts started more themed Mafia games on BD.
  • Era 3: Branching out - In December 2008, a new Mafia-dedicated forum Incognito has been started by Unreality.
  • Era 3: Branching out(cont.) - In February 2009 the whole community from Incognito along with other newcomers from BD moved to a new Mafia forum Mafiosphere (mOs).
  • Era 4: A New Crop of Players - From February 2009 till March 2010, new waves of players on BrainDen have kept the fire burning.
  • Era 5: MafiaManiac - In January 2010, following a several month break in mOs games, a new Mafia-dedicated forum was created by GMaster479, see MafiaManiac. BrainDen Mafias are still played in parallel to Mafias on MM
  • Era 6: Double Trouble - In March 2011, The Trainer's Manual Mafias program is introduced, allowing new Mafia players to play against other new players, with experienced mentors helping along the way.
  • Era 7: Unnamed - Late January, BrainDen is shut down after the forum hosting providers had disk damage problems. This incident, the Fall of BrainDen, put the forums completely out of action until late April and early May.