Brainden Murder Club Mafia
Brainden Murder
Game information
Host Magic_luver101 & GMaster479
Link Brainden Murder Club Mafia
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date July 31st, 2009
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Derrai

2) Underground Dan
3) Slick
4) CrazyPainter
5) Frozen_in_Fire (TwinBro)
6) MrsP
7) SomeGuy
8) Social Darwin
9) Tpaxatb
10) Clozo
11) scsw
12) Riranor
13) music_luvr95

First to Die tpaxatb
Last Remaining 1) Derrai

2) Underground Dan
4) CrazyPainter
5) Frozen_in_Fire
10) Clozo
12) Riranor

MVP CrazyPainter
Awards -

Brainden Murder Club Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Magic_luver101 & GMaster479 based on original design.

It began on July 31st, 2009 and ended in a Goodie win in D5 (August 11th, 2009).

Game Mechanics


  • Tie = No lynch

Role Description

Baddies: Wins by being the majority

  • Killer: Commits murder every night.
  • Peeping Tom: Odd # nights: Spying role, Even # nights: Blocking role
  • Shadow: Old school thief; 1/4 chance to steal a night action away from anyone of their choice

Goodies: Win when all Baddies are dead

  • CSI: Receives clues and evidence based on questions asked to host. (Can ask 3 questions yes or no questions/action questions per night and have them answered) Has BTSC with cop
  • Cop: Interrogates suspects and questions witnesses (kidnapes them and has a 1/3 chance at finding out som thing useful). Has BTSC with CSI.
  • Murder Club President: Gets upset at anything that interrupts her meeting. Can end a lynch early if she wants on odd nights. Even nights: RID Kill
  • Hippy: Crazy, but can get a person high and kidnap them for the night.
  • Seer: Can see into the past and can figure out what a persons role was once they are dead. Has BTSC with Ms. Flower.
  • Ms. Flower: Town Gossiper; can influence the lynching by making any vote count for triple or not count at all. Has BTSC with Seer
  • Magic Player: Believes that the cards hold real creatures, and uses anyone of the cards abilities every other night (48 hours)
  1. Hellspark Elemental - Unearth(player comes back to life)
  2. Traumatic Visions - Counter (can stop a kill/kidnapping/action and do the same thing back to the attacker)
  3. Winged Coatle - Deathtouch (if chosen player is targeted by some one else then the person who targeted the chosen player gets an extra vote in the next lynch)
  4. Jhessian Zombies - Fear (Can Not be targed by baddies)
  5. Puppet Conjurer - token ( target player gets a doppler ganger made of them for 48 hour and that takes every thing)
  • Geek: Really smart, can protect someone from all actions against them for one day and night (including lynching, killing, spying etc.). (not shown in post)

Independents: (Have BTSC) Win when they are the equal to or are the majority in the house (Goodies + Baddies < Indies)

  • Reporter: Can make a post in the night post once per night
  • Neighborhood watch: Odd # nights: can annoy player with a 1/3 chance of redirecting there ability to a random player. Even # Days can choose any player and have their vote incremented (x2) vote or absolved (x0) vote (does not have to be the person voted for by them)

Host's Summary

The Prelude. SG pointed this really bad screw-up out and im surprised no one caught it. Yep, I wrote "some guy and his 2 cronies". Writing the name of the killer in the first post was pretty stupid of me *facepalm*, but no one caught it.

Also, I want to bring up Night 3. If music hadn't protected CP that night, then... Rir would have spied on the Peeping Tom using the counter move of the cards abilities, and just as CP was about to come in and arrest Riranor as she had planned, Riranor couldn't have stopped her becasue of the coin flip on his ability, but, she would've been taken over by Shadow and then her action would be randomly re-directed and that person would have been SD. So she would've kidnapped SD, stopping the kill of the Murder Club President! (because he'd be locked up and the Shadow would have messed up his kill). Hope you get that cuz i was mad i didn't get to write that post thanks to music. But whatever, your move was right, and the chances of that happening were like 1 in a 1,000. It's okay. Rir wasn't even supposed to use his power that night, but it was just such a unlikely series of events that it would've been fun to write. That's why I love hosting.

Winning Faction


  • Underground Dan - Hippy
  • CrazyPainter - Cop
  • MrsP - CSI
  • Social Darwin - Murder Club President
  • Tpaxatb - Seer
  • Clozo - Ms Flower
  • Riranor - Magic Player
  • music_luvr95 - Geek

MVP: - CrazyPainter

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: Magic_luver101 & GMaster479

  1. Derrai - Neighborhood watch
  2. Underground Dan - Hippy
  3. Slick - Shadow - Killed N3 by Murder Club Prez
  4. CrazyPainter - Cop
  5. Frozen_in_Fire (TwinBro) - Reporter
  6. MrsP - CSI - Killed N4 by Killer
  7. SomeGuy - Killer - Lynched D5
  8. Social Darwin - Murder Club President - Killed N3 by Killer
  9. Tpaxatb - Seer - Killed N2 by Killer
  10. Clozo - Ms Flower
  11. scsw - Peeping Tom - Lynched D4
  12. Riranor - Magic Player
  13. music_luvr95 - Geek - Killed N5 by Killer