Player bio

Name(s): Brandonb, Bb, Surge

First Mafia Game: Mafia I (Era 1)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favorite Played Games:

  • Mafia II (The first game that I really played, and I deduced every role by the end of day 2)
  • Mafia VI (Just such a great game!)
  • Jumper Mafia (The ending was incredible! Sorry again Fox!)
  • Pirate Mafia II (The best Indy role I have ever played. It was the inspiration to my UMM1-5 Indy).

Favorite Hosted Games: = UMM IV

Other notes:

  • Has been playing Mafia since: June '08
  • Prefers playing as: I'm really damned either way.
  • Favorite part of Mafia: IDing the Roster
  • Known flaws: Always under suspicion. Chronic N1 target. Can be extremely aggressive.
  • Member of: The Bullseye Club(apparently?), Died N1 Club, BrainDen, mOs, and MM.


Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen (BD)

On MafiOSphere (mOs)

On MafiaManiac (MM)

Mafia Record

Overall 34-27-4

Goodie 18-10
Mafia III - Win as Vigilante
Mafia V - Win as Janitor
Anime Battle Royale - Loss as Spike
Cruise Ship Mafia - Win as Minor Thief
Anime Battle Royale: Bleached - Win as The Major
Heroes: Season 1 - Win as Isaac
Death Note Mafia - Loss as L
Princess Bride Mafia - Win as The Narrator
Heroes: Season 1.1 - Win as Peter
Matrix Thrill-ogy - Win as Trinity (replacement)
Medieval Mafia Prequel - Win as Master Scry
VNA Mafia - Loss as Guzzler
Alchemic Anarchy - Loss as The Collector
Soul Eater Mafia - Win as Maka
Mafia II: Redux - Win as The Illusionist/Delusionist
Open Ended Mafia - Win as Inspector Gadget
Halloween Mafia - Win as Headless Zombie
Secret of Mana Mafia - Loss as Popoie
Glitch Mafia II - Loss as Mark Zuckerburg (replacement N3)
Al Pacino Mafia - Loss as Carlito - Lynched D7 (replacement N4)
Full Metal Alchemist Mafia: Death of the Undying - Win - Survived
Bleach Mafia: Season One - Win as Rukia Kuchiki
Redwall Mafia II: Redwall - Win as Captain Snow - Killed N2
Colors Mafia - Loss as Ultramarine - Killed N3
Multicultural Murder at Midnight Mafia - Win - Killed N1
Ye Olde Mafia III - Loss as Knight Captain - Game Ended D2

Baddie 7-5
Mafia II - Loss as Mafioso
Mafia VI - Loss as Godfather
Anime Battle Royale: Reloaded! - Win as C.C.
Death Note Mafia: Rematch - Win as Light
Jumper Mafia - Win as Mercenary
Penguin Mafia - Loss as Emperor
TV Mafia - Loss as Tonight Show
Camelot - Win as Mordrid
Multimafia - Win as Musclehead
When the Mafia Cry - Win as Takano
Ye Olde Mafia 3.5 - Win as Dark Knight
Customer is Always Wrong Mafia II - Lost - Killed N4

Indy 3-5
Mafia IV - Win as Master of Subterfuge (Q-Agent)
M4F14-7 - Loss as The Mimic
Classic Mafia - Loss as Grim Reaper
Matrix Thrill-ogy II - Loss as Twin#2
Pirate Mafia II - Loss as The Kraken - MVP
Dungeons and Dragons - Loss as Father
Disney Movie Mafia - Win as Sully
Meme Mafia 2 - Win

Other Faction 6-7
Anime Battle Royale: Naruto - Loss as Hidan (Akatsuki)
Anime Battle Royale: Akatsuki Resurrection - Loss as Kakuzu (H&K)
The Battle for Mt Olympus - Win as Nestor (Achaean)
The Battle for Mt Olympus II - Win as Odysseus (Achaean)
The Battle for Mt Olympus III - Win as Hades (Indy) - MVP
Chess of the Three Kingdoms - Win as Dian Wei (Wei) - MVP
Three Sailors - Loss as Killer - Lynched D1
Rome - Loss as Octavian
Dreamweavers - Loss as Puppet Master (Hellion)
Chronomafia I - Win as Master Timekeeper
4 Player Speed Mafia - Loss as Vampire
Vortex Mafia - Loss as Zaphod
Star Trek Mafia III - Win as Seven of Nine