Chemistry Mafia
Game information
Host DarthMask
Link Game thread: Chemistry Mafia BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 11.1.11
Winning Faction Neutrals
Roster player
  1. Thalia
  2. Benjer3
  3. Auramyna
  4. Maurice
  5. Inawordyes
  6. Akriti
  7. Darth nox
  8. Hidden G
  9. Vineetrika
  10. Andrew
  11. Akaslickster
  12. Curr3nt
  13. Nana7
First to Die Thalia
Last Remaining benjer3, Hidden Z, Vineetrika, Andrew, akaslickster
MVP Maurice
Awards -

Chemistry Mafia was a game designed and hosted by DarthMask based on his own design.

It began on November 1st, 2011 and ended in a Indie win in D4 (November 15th).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • Order of Priority: Neutrals>Corrosives>Reagents
  • RID Kills, RID Recruits, and NK cannot be blocked or redirected
  • NK is blocking EXCEPT for RID roles
  • Tie Lynch D1 = No Lynch, Tie Lynch any other day = Random among tie.
  • All players that submit no vote are considered to be voting for themselves. If a player states that he/she is abstaining then they are abstaining, DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOU ARE ABSTAINING IF YOU PLACE NO VOTE. You have to actually state that you are abstaining in the roster for the vote to be removed from you.
  • Nightpost will NOT include: Unsuccessful actions, Spy actions, or redirects. Any successful action other than these will be mentioned in the NP.
  • State Spy is a spy action that returns what state the target is in: (aq) = liquid, (s) = solid, (g) = gaseous
  • All redirects are passive (meaning that the target will not explicitly be told that they were redirected)

Role DescriptionEdit

Corrosives (Wincon: Majority. NK, BTSC)

  • HCl (aq): Forms a salt with nearly any alkaline substance. (Shows as NaCl if spied) (Vote Manip 0x-2x)
  • NH3 (g): A.K.A. Ammonia. Smells terrible and can cause confusion if inhaled. (Redirect)
  • Na2S (s): Strong dehydrating agent. Extremely irritating to the eyes. (Block) (Cannot be recruited by HOH)

Reagents (Wincon: Destroy Corrosives)

  • NaCl (s): Neutral salt. Always on the sidelines...watching (Role Spy)
  • Ne (g): Noble Gas. Extrememly stable, will not react. (Cannot be lynched) (Save) (Can’t save self or same person twice in row) (Cannot be recruited by HOH)
  • CO2 (g): When it forms, there’s sure to be a reaction around. (Follow Spy)
  • NaOH (aq): Easily neutralizes many corrosive acids, but can be quite corrosive itself. (RID Kill)
  • C2H6O (aq): A.K.A. Ethanol. Can influence the mind of nearly anyone who drinks too much. (Vote Manip 0x-2x)
  • O2 (g): Necessary for life. Also fuels fiery death. (Roll of dice) 1. Block, 2. Save, 3. Redirect, 4. Kill, 5. Nothing, 6. Choice
  • CHM 101 student (s): Is trying his best to make heads or tails of all these guys, but can only see their physical properties (State Spy)
  • Organic Chem student (s): Understands much more about chemistry and is usually able to isolate any chemical and keep it bottled up quite effectively. (Trap)

Neutrals (Wincon: Majority, BTSC)

  • HOH (aq): Basis for life. Also easily neutralizes many substances if enough is used. (RID Recruit)
  • NaHCO3 (s): A.K.A. Baking Soda. Can change it’s acidity to fit the situation. (Vote Redirect) If HOH dies, NaHCO3 inherits the RID Recruit ability.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

MVP will be announced tomorrow as I'm too tired to give it any serious thought right now...Rep will be given out tomorrow as well.

Thanks for playing everyone. I really enjoyed hosting this mafia and I am seriously considering making it a recurring theme. Thanks a bunch to Framm18 for being our IGM and I look forward to seeing you all in my next mafia!

DarthMask is locking the lab for the semester!

Winning Faction Edit

  1. benjer3 - C2H6O (aq)
  2. _maurice - HOH (aq) - Killed N4 by HCl
  3. Hidden Z - NaHCO3 (s)
  4. Vineetrika - Organic Chem Student (s)
  5. Nana7 - O2 (g) - Killed N3 by HCl

MVP - Maurice

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Host: DarthMask

  1. Thalia - NaOH (aq) - Killed N1 by HCl
  2. benjer3 - C2H6O (aq)
  3. Auramyna - NH3 (g) - Lynched D4
  4. _maurice - HOH (aq) - Killed N4 by HCl
  5. Inawordyes - Chem 101 Student (s) - Lynched D1
  6. Akriti - Na2S (s) - Lynched D3
  7. darth nox - CO2 (g) - Lynched D2
  8. Hidden Z - NaHCO3 (s)
  9. Vineetrika - Organic Chem Student (s)
  10. Andrew - HCl (aq)
  11. akaslickster - NaCl (s)
  12. curr3nt - Ne (g) - Killed N2 by HCl
  13. Nana7 - O2 (g) - Killed N3 by HCl

Actions Edit

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