Choose Your Own Wincon 2
Game information
Host Auramyna
Link Game thread: Choose Your Own Wincon 2 BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 10.23.12
Winning Faction Talk Show Hosts & Man's Best Friend
Roster #, player
  1. Kitsune
  2. EDM
  3. Framm18
  4. Slick
  5. FatTony
  6. Akriti
  7. Nana7
  8. Brainiac100
  9. Andrew
  10. Hirkala
  11. Mew
  12. Prince marth85
  13. Plasmid (Shadow7)
  14. Clozo
  15. Inawordyes
  16. Vineetrika
First to Die Shadow
Last Remaining Framm, Slick, Akriti, Brainy, Hirk, Mew, Marth
MVP Nana & Clozo
Awards -

Choose Your Own Wincon 2 was a game designed and hosted by Auramyna based on own design.

It began on October 23, 2012 and ended in a Talk Show Hosts & Man's Best Friend win in N7 (November 7).

Game Mechanics Edit


Kills are not blocking.

OOP: Protect>Redirect>Steal>Trap>Block

Tie lynch:-

  • Day 1: none die
  • Day 2-4: each tosses a coin
  • Day 5~>: all in tie die

RID Kill, resurrect and redirect may not be redirected.

A spy redirected from A to B receives B is B's faction.

Appears in NP: Block, trap, successful RID Kill (including if saved from), successful (needed) protects and resurrects. Steals appear (as the target is blocked and stolen from).

When stolen actions are used, they follow the same redirect/appear in NP guidelines that otherwise apply to the action.

If a person is blocked (block/trap/steal) while using a stolen action/action choice/resurrect, it is not counted as being used up.

If all remaining players simultaneously die during a cycle, it forces a tie win. Maximum 3 players/2 factions involved.

Please notify me if you might be inactive as work arounds may be possible.

Addition: RID Kills with correct ID, appearing in NP (saved or otherwise) will not include the target's ID.

Another clarification: The block/protect role gains a choice AFTER N3, meaning from N4 onwards. At this point, they still only carry one action per night however just have a larger action pool to choose from. They can choose block or protect as many nights as they want, but the other actions once only.

A few more clarifications

  • A protect is like a bubble - nothing can come in but everything can go out.
  • If a loop of blocking actions (steal/trap/block) occurs that cannot be broken by the OOP without going around in circles, all actions appear in the NP. The loop may involve more than one type of action.
  • Each night you may RID Guess one full faction and will get no result except how many tasks overall you have completed.

Role DescriptionEdit

4 factions with 4 players each. BTSC, no group kill. Each night a player can use either of his actions.

Faction A - Reality TV Judges

  • Judge Gloria Allred (We The People) - Steal Action (block and copy) OR Use stolen action
  • Judge Marilyn Milian (People's Court) - Trap OR Redirect
  • Judgemental Judy (Judge Judy) - Faction Spy OR RID Kill
  • Judge Joseph Wapner (People's Court) - Protect OR Block

Faction B - Serial Killers

  • Ivan Milat (Backpacker Murderer) - Steal Action (block and copy) OR Use stolen action
  • Dexter Morgan (Dexter) - Trap OR Redirect
  • Richard Kuklinski (The Ice Man) - Faction Spy OR RID Kill
  • Aileen Wuornos - Protect OR Block

Faction C - Mans Best Friend... on TV

  • Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo) - Steal Action (block and copy) OR Use stolen action
  • Red Dog (Red Dog - The Movie) - Trap OR Redirect
  • Brian Griffin (Family Guy) - Faction Spy OR RID Kill
  • Marmaduke (Marmaduke) - Protect OR Block

Faction D - Talk Show Hosts

  • Jerry Springer - Steal Action (block and copy) OR Use stolen action
  • Oprah Winfrey - Trap OR Redirect
  • Maury Povic - Faction Spy OR RID Kill
  • Dr. Phil - Protect OR Block

After N3, each Protect/Block role gains the option of: choice - may only use each action (RID Kill, F. Spy, Trap, redirect, steal, use stolen action) once. No limit on block/protect.

Any player may resurrect in lieu of that night's action. Each faction has 3 resurrects - 1 for use on faction-mates, 2 for use on other factions only. Maximum of 1 resurrect per night, per faction.

Action steal - names an alive player and gains whichever action that player is using that night (not including resurrects). May use that action once on any future night. If target is blocked/trapped/redirected, action copier receives action that was submitted. If target is inactive/submits no action, action copy receives a random action belonging to the target. If targets Player 4 after N3, receives block or protect, not any of the choice actions.

Protect - Protects target from being killed, blocked, spied, trapped, redirected or action stolen. Protected player can act but cannot be acted upon.


Eliminate all other factions


Complete 4 tasks from the following and have 2 out of 4 given roles (not of your faction) alive to win and exit the game early.

Tasks - (check your BTSC for your faction's specific tasks)

  1. Trap an x role
  2. Redirect Faction x to a y role
  3. Kill or lead the lynch on a z role
  4. Steal an x action and use it on faction y
  5. Block/trap a RID Killer or save/protect the target. (Does not have to be an otherwise successful RID but it does have to be on a night the RID kill acts, and can't be your own RID killer.)
  6. Identify one full faction, other than your own.

Tasks may not be targeted to your own faction.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Special commendationsEdit

MVP has been given to Clozo and Nana!

Nana - As much as it pains me to give her an award after I just caught up to her ( tongue.gif ) , she gave the most consistent input of her faction. Fat Tony made a few strategic changes to the actions that saved himself from death and fixed their RID guesses and tasks, putting Nana on the right track to IDing everyone as she left the game. However, while FT made some srategic moves, Nana consistently inputted (?) strategy throughout the game, moving on from her original mixed up hypotheses to IDing all factions except for Marth and Aki whose IDs she allowed may be swapped. Thanks for your high level of participation, Nana!

Clozo - Clozo tried really hard to make head or tail out of this crazy game, and I could see her brain verging on the edge of exploding. (Sorry, Clo Sad I didn't mean to do it. Hiding ) Due to semi-inactivity from her team, Clo took on responsibility for untangling the knotted web that was CYOW2! and she must have done something right because her faction completed their tasks well ahead of the other two teams. Thanks, Clo, for giving up your sanity for my lowly game. Smile Console

Thanks to plasmid and golfjunkie for replacing at short notice halfway through a complicated game/standing by as replacement.

To everyone else - thanks for playing this experiment of a game! A special thanks to all who were active and set your minds to untangling the tasks/IDs/strategy.

If I could change anything, I would have converted it to last standing after Faction D left the game. Reason partly being because Faction D was a part of other team's tasks (which I had to later), but mainly because I could tell people were getting frustrated with the tasks and it would have been simpler for all, including me, if it went to last standing.

If anyone has any suggestions for Choose Your Wincon 3, please PM me or post here in the thread. Some random thoughts:

  • Typical baddie/goodie game with regular wincons but if you complete a (secret) task, you get an extra rep point. Possibly even allow players to choose their own "second wincon", approved by the host.
  • Choose your own role - baddie/goodie game with set roles and players submit the roles in order of preference. Roles would then be distributed either by
    • random.orging players and distributing their top undistributed preference or
    • distributing roles through a "patented process" that means more people get a role closer to the top of their list. (e.g - Look at the role that less people want and give it to the guy who has it highest on his list).

Thanks for playing and congrats to Nana and Clozo!

By Aura

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

Won N4

  • Fat Tony - Oprah Winfrey
  • Nana7 - Jerry Springer
  • Andrew - Maury Povic
  • Inawordyes - Dr. Phil

Won N7

  • Kits - Scooby Doo
  • Li - Marmaduke
  • Framm - Red Dog
  • Clozo - Brian Griffin

Day and Night Posts Edit

OP N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Kits - Scooby Doo - lynched D2
  2. Li - Marmaduke - RID Killed N7 by Judge Judy & Richard Kuklinski
  3. Framm - Red Dog
  4. Slick - Richard Kuklinski
  5. Fat Tony - Oprah Winfrey - won and left the game on N4
  6. Akriti - Judgemental Judy
  7. Nana7 - Jerry Springer - won and left the game on N4
  8. Brainy - Judge Marilyn Milian
  9. Andrew - Maury Povic - won and left the game on N4
  10. Hirk - Judge Gloria Allred
  11. Mew - Dexter Morgan
  12. Marth - Judge Joseph Wapner
  13. Plasmid - Ivan Milat - lynched D6
  14. Clozo - Brian Griffin - RID Killed N6 by Richard Kuklinski
  15. Inawordyes - Dr. Phil - won and left the game on N4
  16. Vine - Aileen Wuornos - RID Killed N6 by Judge Judy

Actions Edit

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