Choose Your Own Wincon Mafia
Game information
Host Auramyna
Link Game thread: Choose Your Own Wincon Mafia BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 4.4.12
Winning Faction Usual Suspects
Roster #, player
  1. FatTony
  2. Thalia (Cruelmind)
  3. Darth nox
  4. Dante
  5. MissKitten (Yuli)
  6. Aaryan
  7. Nana7
  8. SMV
  9. Prof. Templeton
  10. Slick
  11. Zweefer
  12. Hidden G
  13. Shadow7
  14. Vineetrika
  15. DarthMask
  16. Golfjunkie
First to Die Aaryan
Last Remaining Fat Tony, Thalia, Nox, Dante, Miki, Aar, SMB, Prof, Slick, Zweefer, Shadow, Vine, DM, Golfjunkie
MVP Prof
Awards -

Choose Your Own Wincon Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Aura based on her own idea.

It began on April 4th, 2012 and ended in a Usual Suspects win in N3 (April 11th).

Game Mechanics Edit


OOP - Redirect>trap>block ~~ Kills are non-blocking

No Faction OOP - Loop with only blocks = all blocked Loop of only traps = all trapped Loop of only redirects = all fail

Redirects: Cannot redirect FID Kill, RID Kill, ask host yes/no qu or a player who didn't act for any reason (e.g- blocked, didn't enter an action). Sucess/fail results will be returned. If spy redirected, spy receives correct result of new target (B is [B's role/action] not A is [B's role/action])

FID Kill can be blocked but not redirected. If correct FID blocked, FID Killer will be notified their ID was correct. Target can be trapped/protected.

RID Kill cannot be blocked or redirected but target can be trapped/protected.

ODTG Abilities cannot be acted upon as there is no action carrier. Each BTSC holds one set of actions and if a ODTG ability is included in the last post of submitted actions, it will be put through.

Resurrect, prevent reveal and lynch save are not used up unless needed. Hence, if the target isn't lynched/dead, the BTSC retains the action

Voting: Borda voting used whereby you vote for up to 3 players.

  • If vote for 3 players, 1st choice = 3 points, 2nd choice = 2 points, 3rd choice = 1 point.
  • If vote for 2 players, 1st choice = 2 points, 2nd choice = 1 point.
  • If vote for 1 player, 1st choice = 1 point.

Strengthen your vote - Twice during the game, each player can add one extra vote to their own vote on a player. The extra vote can be added to your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices (Borda voting). The catch is it must be added publicly as follows:

 Aura - voting for [Bob, Anna, Lily] +1 Anna

The vote is used up if it appears on the final roster, regardless of who gets lynched.

Role DescriptionEdit

Wincon - Last Alliance Standing OR RID Guess all factions. BTSC, no group kill

Last Alliance Standing - Around N2, all teams secretly nominate which other team they want to win with. When players from only two teams are alive, if either team allied with the other, they win. If not, it goes to last faction standing.

Example: Team A allies with Team B, B allies with C, C allies with A, D allies with C. At a certain point in the game, there are 2 As and 3 Bs remaining. The last of the Cs and Ds have died. In this case, A wins as C and D are eliminated. If B had allied with A, they too would win but as they allied with C, they cannot win until factions A and D are eliminated.

During N1/D1, all teams may send one message to another team and reply to all messages received. This is for the purposes of deciding their wincon alliance which will be submitted to the host on N2.

RID Guess all factions - Optionally, the factions can concurrently RID Guess the other factions each night cycle. As they have BTSC and 4 actions to help them ascertain roles, the only result they will receive in reply to their guesses are:

  • 0-3 roles correct
  • 4-7 roles correct
  • 8-11 roles correct
  • All roles correct

The first team to eliminate their competition, OR correctly RID Guess the other factions, wins. More than one faction can win if they reach their wincon during the same cycle.


  • Each faction has the same make-up of roles:
  1. Action spy (discloses targets action not role or target)
  2. Trap (block/save at night; cannot vote/be voted for in day; is not silenced)
  3. Odd nights: Redirect, Even nights: Faction ID Kill
  4. Die roll
    1. Role Spy
    2. Ask host a yes/no question
    3. Protect a player from being acted upon, (allows player to act)
    4. Block
    5. RID Kill
    6. Choice

Team A - PowerPuff Girls

  1. Blossom - action spy
  2. Buttercup - Odd nights: Redirect, Even nights: FID Kill
  3. Bubbles - trap
  4. Professor - die roll

Team B - Usual Suspects

  1. Kevin Spacey - action spy
  2. Nicolas Cage - trap
  3. Robert De Niro - Odd nights: Redirect, Even nights: FID Kill
  4. Gabriel Byrne - die roll

Team C - Half-shell Heroes

  1. Leonardo - action spy
  2. Raphael - Odd nights: Redirect, Even nights: FID Kill
  3. Donatello - trap
  4. Michaelangelo - die roll

Team D - The Powerplayers

  1. Akriti - action spy - Aki lies low and watches the players with her ever-logical mind.
  2. Sparrowhawk - Odd nights: Redirect, Even nights: FID Kill - SH will redirect the attention of those who suspect him then attack them when they least expect it.
  3. Nana - trap - Once Nana has you in her sights, she doesn't let go.
  4. Plasmid - die roll - Plasmid is difficult to read and has several tricks up his sleeve.

ODTG Abilities (Once During The Game) Each faction has all ODTGs

  1. Resurrect (night) OR Prevent reveal of a lynched players role (day) - Can only use one of these
  2. Resurrect a player not of your faction
  3. Spy dead player
  4. Make a player's action unblockable and unredirectable for one night.
  5. Lynch save someone from another faction. No RID needed.

Host's Summary Edit

I wasn't going to do the same voting thing I did for Rock n Roll mafia, due to most of the play happening in the BTSCs. However, I would like player's input into the MVP choice. Give Framm a chance to give you all access to read the BTSCs and then please PM me PRIVATELY on your vote.

The options are Prof T and Vine. Both led their BTSCs and contributed most of the strategy.

Prof T - Throughout most of the game, I was originally planning on giving the MVP to Prof. He got in quickly with dissecting the rules and planning strategies. He also came up with a creative yes/no question which guaranteed IDing Vine to one faction, whereas your average question would narrow her down to e.g - either [A, B] or [D]. He also came up with a great code that would be unseen by the opposition although in the end, they went with Vine's code. He took the initiative with the strategy of speaking to Vine in the thread, IDing her faction and then sending their message to that team. He was responsible for forming a 2-way alliance that ended up very co-operative for both teams. He also did well with the RIDs and probably would have had them correct by the following night (or at the latest, the night after.)

Vine - Vine moves more quietly. She, too, led her BTSC but in a more low-key manner. Vine made the decision to trust Team C by telling them which players were on team B, which meant Prof mutually disclosed his team mates. This engendered further trust without which Teams B and C would not have prospered as much. Vine came up with the idea of using an external website to encrypt/decrypt which allowed Team B and C to co-ordinate their night actions. (Although this seemed a little overpowered, I allowed it as it also put a huge target on Prof and Vine's backs.) Vine also identified all the roles much quicker than the other teams. Throughout the game, she used a very logical eye on all info provided.

This is a really difficult decision and both, by far, deserve it, so please give me your input through PM and I will give the decision in 2 days time.

By Aura

Special commendationsEdit

After much thought, the MVP of Choose Your Own Wincon Mafia is Prof. T. Both Prof and Vine deserved it however with the amount of strategic input and creativity Prof put into the game, it was difficult not to give it to him. As mentioned, the yes/no question and codes were areas with many options and Prof put a lot of thought into these along with the overall strategy.

It was interesting to see that the alliances formed mutually between A & D and B & C, although people weren't 100% sure whether it was mutual. On N2, Nana's action was to ask if Team A had allied with her team, but she had Shadow trap her which would block the answer. However, the trap didn't go through on Nana, and her team received the answer, opening them up to freely trust Team A. Even so, there were a few situations where the teams could have resurrected or lynch saved one another's players but didn't.

The inactivity or semi-activity was a little disappointing in this game. One thing is people didn't take advantage of everything available to them. For example - only Vine's team used the ability to spy a dead player. Also, some teams forfeited their right to send a message/reply to a message, which could have strengthened the info exchange within the alliances.

There were also a number of RID Guesses entered that didn't list a full 12 players. Listing less players gave a result that was easier to immediately analyse, whereas the result from listing 12 would be almost impossible to dissect. However after a few sets of guesses and bringing in knowledge from actions, NPs and lynches, things would quickly fall into place and the previous guesses would bring a wealth of info. So in the short term, less guesses were best, but in the long term, more guesses was the best strategy. Not only that but there was no chance to win without a full roster of guesses.

Re RID guesses, the set that Slick entered for his team was the best on Night 1. However, due to the semi-inactivity in his group, Slick lost confidence and was relying on his team to help with decisions when he could have trusted his instincts. Props go to Zweefer as although he was busy irl, flying here and there for work, he made time to get the actions, role guesses and inter-team messages in, without which his team would have been way behind. Zweefer also got into character which was entertaining, although it posed some momentary confusion when Nana misinterpreted Professor Utonium as Professor Templeton, and thought Team A had allied with Prof. She even pulled out the Contract emote, which scared the bejeezus out of the Powerpuff girls! Laugh

Honorable mention also goes to SMV for being a very promising newbie with great strategy. Once she gets a few more games in, she'll be one to contend with, for sure.

A special thanks to every one of you who participated fully, putting time and effort into reading the rules and forming different strategies. It was fun watching you all.

Thanks also to those who stepped up to replace players and also to those who were time-poor but managed to stay active until the end of the game.

I'd like to do a CYOW 2 with a few modifications. If anyone has any ideas of rule changes for the sequel, either to make it more fun to play, more balanced or whatever other reason, please PM me or reply here.

My main two concerns are keeping options open for a range of strategies and making it so the two wincons are more likely to end around the same time. One thing I might change is not allowing external decrpytion codes, but only for the reason of encouraging creativity. Using the encrypt/decrypt websites could be seen as a viable technique (when initiated through in-game channels) as it paints a huge target on those who use it, which might somewhat balance the advantages of increased info exchange Shrug

Thanks all and see you in the next game Devil ....... Er, I mean: Angel

By Aura

Winning Faction Edit

Team B - Usual Suspects

  • Kevin Spacey - Cruelmind/Thalia
  • Nicolas Cage - golfjunkie
  • Robert De Niro - Vine
  • Gabriel Byrne - nox

MVP - Prof. Templeton

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. FatTony - Raphael
  2. Thalia - Kevin Spacey - Killed N2 by Professor, Res N3
  3. Darth nox - Gabriel Byrne
  4. Dante - Professor
  5. Miki - Buttercup - Lynched D2, Res N3
  6. Aaryan - SparrowHawk - Lynched D1, Res N2
  7. Nana7 - Plasmid - Killed N2 by Robert De Niro
  8. SMV - Leonardo
  9. Prof. Templeton - Michaelangelo
  10. Slick - Blossom
  11. Zweefer - Bubbles
  12. Hidden G - Akriti - Killed N2 by Raphael
  13. Shadow7 - Nana
  14. Vineetrika - Robert De Niro
  15. DarthMask - Donatello
  16. Golfjunkie - Nicolas Cage

Actions Edit

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