Player bio

Name(s): Clozo

First Mafia Game: Lord of the Rings Mafia (Era 2)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favorite Games: Silent Hill Mafia

Other notes:

  • Moderator of MafiaManiac (Head of IGMs)
  • Has been playing Mafia since February 2009
  • Prefers playing as ???
  • Favourite part of Mafia: ???
  • Known flaws: Clo's time is consumed by school, her boyfriend and her kitten!
    Doesn't speak much in main threads.


Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen (BD)


On MafiaManiac (MM)

Mafia Record

Overall 14-20

Goodie 10-12

Baddie 0-6

Indy 0-0

Other Faction 4-2