Cut-Throat Mafia
Game information
Host Hirkala
Link Game thread: Cut-Throat Mafia BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 4.25.12
Winning Faction -
Roster player
  1. Golfjunkie
  2. coolkid
  3. Lionheart
  4. Marquessa
  5. Mew
  6. Kitsune
  7. Aaryan
  8. Framm18
  9. Prince marth85
  10. Akriti
  11. Cruelmind
  12. Shadow7
  13. Abhisk
  14. Hidden G
  15. Auramyna
  16. FatTony
First to Die Kitsune
Last Remaining coolkid

Hidden G

MVP Framm18
Awards -

Cut-Throat Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Hirkala based on own design.

It began on April 25th, 2012 and ended in D8 (May 15th, 2012).

Game Mechanics Edit


All players have a choice of action each night.

Actions: Block, Spy, RID Kill, RID Revive, Death Threat, Tip, Mail

Each day, players may choose between Reveal (x0 vote), x2 vote, or RID Lynch Save (x1 vote)

All players begin with BTSC within their faction. All night actions can be used on dead players, though some are kind of pointless to do so.

Role DescriptionEdit


  • Godfather
  • Button Man
  • Wheelman
  • Bag Man


  • Director
  • Field Agent
  • Informant
  • Analyst


  • Grocer
  • Barber
  • Bar Owner
  • Accountant


  • Thief
  • Murderer
  • Crooked Cop
  • Larcenist

Winners Edit

  1. mew - Informant - Killed N8 by Analyst
  2. Framm - Grocer - survived
  3. Abhisk - Barber - Killed N8 by the Barber
  4. Aura - Bar Owner - survived

MVP : Framm

Wincons Edit

Mafia :

Godfather - Aaryan
Outlive: Director, Informant, Accountant, Bag Man
Must be alive: Button Man, Crooked Cop, Grocer

Button Man - Shadow
Outlive: Field Agent, Informant, Grocer, Godfather
Must be Alive: Wheelman, Larcenist, Barber

Wheelman - Akriti
Outlive: Director, Analyst, Barber, Button Man
Must be Alive: Bag Man, Thief, Bar Owner

Bag Man - Fat Tony
Outlive: Field Agent, Analyst, Bar Owner, Wheelman
Must be Alive: Godfather, Murderer, Accountant


Director - Lionheart
Outlive: Thief, Crooked Cop, Bag Man, Analyst
Must be Alive: Field Agent, Bar Owner, Godfather

Field Agent - Coolkid
Outlive: Murderer, Crooked Cop, Godfather, Director
Must be Alive: Informant, Accountant, Button Man

Informant - mewminator
Outlive: Thief, Larcenist, Button Man, Field Agent
Must be Alive: Analyst, Grocer, Wheelman

Analyst - Prince_marth85
Outlive: Murderer, Larcenist, Wheelman, Informant
Must be Alive: Director, Barber, Bag Man


Grocer - Framm18
Outlive: Godfather, Wheelman, Larcenist, Accountant
Must be Alive: Barber, Informant, Thief

Barber - abhisk
Outlive: Button Man, Wheelman, Thief, Grocer
Must be Alive: Bar Owner, Analyst, Murderer

Bar Owner - auramyna
Outlive: Godfather, Bag Man, Murderer, Barber
Must be Alive: Acountant, Director, Crooked Cop

Accountant - darth nox
Outlive: Button Man, Bag Man, Crooked Cop, Bar Owner
Must be Alive: Grocer, Field Agent, Larcenist


Thief - Cruelmind
Outlive: Grocer, Bar Owner, Analyst, Larcenist
Must be Alive: Murderer, Wheelman, Director

Murderer - Marquessa
Outlive: Barber, Bar Owner, Director, Thief
Must be Alive: Crooked Cop, Bag Man, Field Agent

Crooked Cop - Hidden Z
Outlive: Grocer, Accountant, Field Agent, Murderer
Must be Alive: Larcenist, Godfather, Informant

Larcenist - golfjunkie
Outlive: Barber, Accountant, Informant, Crooked Cop
Must be Alive: Thief, Button Man, Analyst

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. golfjunkie - Larcenist - Lynched D6
  2. coolkid - Field Agent - survived
  3. Lionheart87 - Director - survived
  4. Marq - Murderer - Killed N7 by the Murderer and Analyst
  5. mew - Informant - Killed N8 by Analyst
  6. Kitsune - Accountant - Lynched D8
  7. Aaryan - Godfather - Killed N7 by the Bar Owner
  8. Framm - Grocer - survived
  9. Marth - Analyst - Lynched D8
  10. Akriti - Wheelman - Lynched D7
  11. Cruelmind - Thief - Killed N5 by the Barber
  12. Shad - Button man - Killed N5 by the Bar Owner and Informant
  13. Abhisk - Barber - Killed N8 by the Barber
  14. HiddenZ - Crooked Cop - survived
  15. Aura - Bar Owner - survived
  16. FatTony - Bag Man- Killed N8 by the Director

Actions Edit

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