Before posting a day post or night post, a host should organize the information using a checklist similar to the OP Checklist, ensuring that all day/night posts always have a similar format:

  • Day / Night number
  • A list of actions - story for the day/night post.
  • Roster - latest copy of the roster including changes by day/night post actions.
  • Next cycle normal ending time (including the timezone).
  • You should also specify if the cycle can end earlier than the normal ending time. E.g. if you accept pleas of "no contest" (ending the day early by lynching the one who pleads "no contest") or finalized actions in red (ending the night early when you receive all actions in red).


Day X (or Night X)

Host: X
1. Y
2. Z
Nights X+1 (or Day X) will end at .....
(optional) Night will end early if all actions are sent in red.