The Doctor is a standard role in Mafia typically aligned with the Goodies. His focus is to determine who the Baddies are going to attempt to Nightkill in order to keep that player from harm.


His night action is a save targeting a player name. If the save is not prevented and the player is targeted for the Nightkill (or other kill), the player is saved and the kill against him fails.


There is no single set of assumptions, but most hosts use the following restrictions (usually shown in the Role Descriptions before the game starts):

  1. The Doctor cannot save self more than once (or none at all)
  2. The Doctor cannot save the same person twice in a row (back-to-back / two consecutive nights) unless fewer than X players are alive (usually X=5).

In rare cases, these restrictions are revealed only to the Doctor, but usually hosts make the restrictions public or answer about the existence of such restrictions both in the game thread and in BTSC or via PM.

Alternate names

Saving role, protecting role, defending role, guarding role, Doctor, Healer, Medic, Paramedic, Herbalist, Apothecarist, Bodyguard, Defender.