Duck Mafia
DuckTales - Multilanguage - Extended

DuckTales - Multilanguage - Extended

Game information
Host Boquise
Link Duck Mafia BTSC threads
Size 15 Players (Medium)
Start Date 2016-09-11
Winning Faction Indy
Roster #, player
  1. Darth Nox
  2. Dr.Saab
  3. BabyCee
  4. Curr3nt
  5. Araver (rsmall998)
  6. dee
  7. Nana7
  8. Maurice
  9. Auramyna
  10. Jay Gold
  11. Teaser303
  12. Yuiop
  13. Marquessa
  14. Okosan
  15. Plasmid
First to Die dee
Last Remaining Darth Nox, Dr.Saab, BabyCee, Araver, Auramyna, Teaser303, Yuiop, Marquessa & Plasmid
MVP Plasmid
Awards -

Duck Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Boquise based on Boquise's own idea.

It began on September 11th, 2016 and ended in an Indy win in D3 (September 17th).

Game Mechanics

Classic 9 Goodies vs 4 Baddies vs 1 Indy vs 1 Indy


  • Baddie block > Goodie block
  • Redirect > Block > Kill
  • Kills are not blocking
  • What appears in the NP: Successful saves, kills, kill attempts, follow spy, trap
  • What appears in the DP: Lynch Save
  • If an immune player gets killed/lynched, it will look like they were saved by the goodie save/lynch save
  • Blocks can self-block
  • Redirect can't self-redirect
  • Trap can self-trap
  • Trap cannot target the same player twice in a row.
  • Tie rule: Everyone in the tie will individually flip a coin. If heads, death.
  • If the game is at a 1v1 at Day (goodie vs baddie) situation, baddies will win if both players cast their votes on their opponent, unless the remaining goodie is the vote redirect.
  • Immunity can't be used on yourself or on a player twice.
  • Baddie save can decide whether it wants to look like the goodie save or the baddie save

Role Description

Goodies - WINCON: Kill all the baddies; not kill the indy

  • 1. Uncle Duck McSock - a gentleman and uncle for everyone. (Vote redirect)
  • 2. Duckina Ballerina - she dances balette. (Block)
  • 3. Ace Ducktura - adventurer and animal friend. (Save)
  • 4. Buck Duckling - wonders if his surname will change when he grows up, or if he is stuck with it. Hates the colour yellow. (Kill)
  • 5. Duckordian - The super star pop star artist of Duckmania. (Trap (block + unlynchable + silenced))
  • 6. Ducksandra - Local "oracle" girl. (Immunity)
  • 7. Goober mah Duck - Local goofball. (3-shot Lynch Save)
  • 8. Sheriff McDucking - Claims he hatched from a hard boiled egg. (Faction Spy)
  • 9. Duck - duck. McDucking's apprentice. (Follow Spy)

Baddies - WINCON: Gain majority; not kill the indy NK needs no carrier. Can trade out NK for 2 RID Kills that pierce through save, trap and immunity. If one fails, so does both even if the other was correct. Won't be told that they had one right though.

  • 10. Professor Duckiarty von Duckburgh - Englishman and evil. Has a monocle. (self-vote multiplier (0x, 2x). Spied as good.)
  • 11. And Andersson - bitter over being categorised as a duck. Speaks with German accent. (Block)
  • 12. Ducklietta Tagliatelle - Isn't really sure how she ended up on the baddie team, but now she just rolls with it. Tries to mimic the "evil sexy female henchman" schtick. Isn't going well. (Redirect)
  • 13. Monsieur Canard - has a very evil twirling moustache. Rumour says that the moustache is the individual and the duck is just a host for its evilness. (Choose between Save and Follow Spy every night.)

Indy. WINCON: Get killed or lynched. Game ends if The Rubber Ducky wins.

  • 14. The Rubber Ducky - Here to destroy the universe. The juggernut who brings doom. Adversary of the Void. Sacred Treasure of Legend. Psychopath. Actions: Night Post manipulator. RID copy (will be able to use the copied action next night. Can't manipulate the NP if they choose to use the role they copied last night.
    • The Indy cannot use the goodie Kill action to Kill itself.
    • The Indy cannot redirect a player to itself (the Indy)
    • The Indy cannot successfully RID role copy the same player two Nights in a row
    • If the indy gets offed at N1 or D1, the Indy will not receive ghosties but stay in his/her BTSC and get a correct RID list of the goodies and the baddies before the game ends. If the Indy is successful, the game will end.
    • The Indy will be told how many correct RIDs they have on the list, but not specified which ones. The Indy need to RID the correct baddie roles as well.

Indy. Secret Indy because 15-9-4-1=1.

  • 15. The Swan - secret faction, secret wincon, secret abilities.

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Host's Summary

Btw you guys know what to do when you notice, after randomising the roles, that you made one spot too many on the roster? Suck it up and explain the mistake in public?

Oh no, you make up a new role on the spot!!!!!!

Now when I have a bit more time I will write some stuff.

Baddies, y u always NK immunity so early? That ability has yet to get a chance to prove if it is op or good for a game

Goodies, stahp successfully spying a baddie each N1 in my games!! The redirects didn't even stop you! Geez!

This is the first time goodies have lost one of my games (I think). I want to add, especially on my motivation for why Plas is the MVP, that I was at the start of D3 unsure of who would've be MVP, especially if teaser got lynched and goodies'd win. Now, Plasmid played beautifully; he even maniped me! Goodies shouldn't feel bad about this one; Plasmid looked perfectly bad, mimicking how Nana got out and made it a big success. Greatly played and exactly how I wanted the Indy to be used.

Also, Marq's role, The Swan, was an accident. I noticed after I had randomised the role that it was one spot too much. I had to either kick out a player or make up a role asap. Secret Indy with not too much of an op wincon was nice. Regretted to not make it against the rubber ducky.

That's all folks

Winning Faction


  • Plasmid – The Rubber Ducky

MVP: Plasmid

Day and Night Posts

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3

End of Game Roster

Ornithologist: Boquise

  1. Darth Nox - Buck Duckling
  2. Dr.Saab - Sheriff McDucking
  3. BabyCee - Duckordian
  4. Curr3nt – Monsieur Canard - RID killed at N2 by Secret Swan
  5. Araver (rsmall998) - Duck
  6. Dee - Ducksandra - Killed N1 by Baddies
  7. Nana – Professor Duckiarty von Duckburgh - Lynched D2
  8. Maurice - And Andersson - Lynched D1
  9. Auramyna - Ace Ducktura
  10. Jay Gold - Uncle Duck McSock - Killed N3 by Baddies
  11. Teaser303 - Ducklietta Tagliatelle
  12. Yuiop – Goober mah Duck
  13. Marquessa - The Swan
  14. Okosan - Duckina Ballerina - Killed N2 by Baddies
  15. Plasmid - The Rubber Ducky - Lynched D3 - Game Stop with Indy win.