Dungeons & Mafia
Game information
Host plasmid
Link Dungeons & Mafia BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 2013-12-15
Winning Faction Red Faction
Roster #, player
  1. Kiwifruit
  2. Flamebirde
  3. mew
  4. Hachi
  5. Barc
  6. Benjer
  7. Shadow
  8. Gubbey
  9. Araver
  10. Segul
  11. Boquise
  12. Nana
First to Die Boquise
Last Remaining Benjer, Shadow, Hachi, Barc
MVP Benjer
Awards -

Dungeons & Mafia was a 3-Faction hybrid game designed and hosted by plasmid based on Dungeon & Dragons characters.

It began on December 15th, 2013 and ended in a Red Faction win in D5 (December 25th, 2013).

Game Mechanics


  • There are three factions: Red, Green, and Blue.
  • Each faction has four players with BTSC and the roles of Fighter, Thief, Holy mage, and Evil mage. Powerplay is allowed.
  • Wincons: Red eliminate green. Green eliminate blue. Blue eliminate red.
  • Game ends when the first faction is eliminated.
  • If two factions are eliminated simultaneously, only the last faction standing wins.


  • Each night, players get to use their strike (once per night) and however many abilities they want for however many times they want as long as they have enough MP. There are no spy abilities, but night posts show everything that happens (ie red holy mage heals IAWY and strikes Gub) with some exceptions listed in the role descriptions, and day posts show vote redirects.
  • For day phases, the vote leader is not killed outright. Instead, every vote deals 1 HP damage to whoever you vote for. Think of it more as publicly saying "I'm gonna smack so-and-so" instead of a typical lynch, similar to the lolcats games. Unlike in the lolcats games, you may abstain if you wish.
  • OOP: Pummel > beguile. Players are not considered dead until they reach the end of a phase with 0 or less HP (kills are not blocking), and players can still be syphoned to give an Evil mage HP even if the target's HP is dropping below zero on that night.
  • Every death, whether day or night, leads to role reveal. HP and MP are not shown publicly, just in BTSC or PMs. HP can never exceed the starting amount; there is no limit on MP. Players gain the amount of MP shown in their role description at the end of each day phase.

Role Description


  • HP: 10
  • MP: 2, +1 per cycle
  • Strike: 2 damage
  • Ironhide (2 MP): target takes no damage from strikes this night
  • Pummel (4 MP): block and deal 1 damage to target

The blocked player's actions will still appear in the night post so their role won't be outed, they just won't have any effect. For example, if Phaze is the Red Evil mage it might say "Blue Fighter pummels Phaze" and "Red Evil mage syphons Boquise" but the syphon will actually fail.

  • Persuade (5 MP): vote redirect
  • Potion (ODTG): restore 4 HP to target, cannot exceed base HP


  • HP: 8
  • MP: 4, +2 per cycle
  • Strike: 1 damage
  • Cloak (2 MP): target's actions do not appear in the posts for this cycle (including vote redirect). Must be used on a faction-mate. Night post will show for example "Red Thief cloaks Red Evil mage" and will not show any of the Red Evil mage's actions. You may cloak yourself, in which case no actions will be shown except for the cloak.
  • Beguile (3 MP): redirect. If your target uses multiple actions, it will affect whichever action appears last on their role description. The night post will show your target acting on whoever they originally targeted, not on who they were redirected to. ie if GM is the Blue Fighter the nightpost might show "Green Thief beguiles GM" and "GM strikes Mew", but Mew will not take damage and whoever GM was redirected to will take damage from the strike.
  • Quicken (4 MP): target gets to strike twice on the next night. The target's extra strike will not be shown in the nightpost.
  • Pickpocket (6 MP): steal all MP from target, cannot steal MP that the target is using this night

Holy mage

  • HP: 7
  • MP: 7, +3 per cycle
  • Strike: 1 damage
  • Heal (2 MP): restore 1 HP to target (target cannot exceed their base HP)
  • Sanctuary (3 MP): target becomes immune from all (other) actions that use MP for this cycle, but not immune from strikes. Actions attempted on the target still appear in the NP, they just fail.
  • Guardian angel (4 MP): if target's HP would have fallen to zero (or less) this night then target takes no damage, otherwise has no effect
  • Smite (6 MP): target takes 4 damage

Evil mage

  • HP: 6
  • MP: 8, +3 per cycle
  • Strike: 1 damage
  • Blind (2 MP): target's strike will fail for this cycle
  • Poison (3 MP): the target will start losing 1 HP per night on the next night. The poison action will appear in the night post but the target will not be told explicitly that they were poisoned (to avoid outing the Evil mage if the poison was redirected). Poison is nullified by a Heal or Potion action and will not cause HP loss on the night that a Heal or Potion is used.
  • Syphon (4 MP): transfers 1 HP from target to caster (you cannot exceed your base 6 HP)
  • Forsake (7 MP): target loses BTSC with their faction permanently

Host's Summary

With N5's actions Kiwi is down to 1 HP, and rather than have the game run over Christmas I'll call it a foregone conclusion at this point that Shadow and Benjer will lynch her D5 to win for the Red faction.

MVP of the game goes to Benjer, who used Sanctuary as an offensive ability to keep Kiwi from being protected by Hachi's ironhide in the endgame. Had he not done that, it was possible that Kiwi, Hachi, and Barc could have killed off Benjer if they focused their fire N5, and then taken out Shadow by the time Kiwi would run out of HP to give the Blue faction the win.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the game went. It called for a good dose of strategy, and had an odd situation where two factions were cooperating even though one's wincon was to wipe out the other. I'll probably do another one sometime, with a few changes. First, to keep factions from being figured out too quickly, I'll either A) make it have four factions, or if I feel really plasmid maybe B) not tell people who their faction-mates are and make them decide who they want to trust, with PM allowed directly between players. Second, I might eliminate day phases since they don't really seem to add much beyond helping people figure out factions early in the game, and just make every phase be actions. Third, Greek letter accounts.

Phase-by-phase host's comments in the Actions section

Winning Faction

Red Faction:

  • mew - Red Evil Mage
  • Benjer - Red Holy Mage
  • Shadow - Red Thief
  • Segul - Red Fighter

MVP: benjer

Day and Night Posts

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5

End of Game Roster

Dungeon master: plasmid

  1. Kiwifruit - Green Fighter - Lynched D5 (by host)
  2. Flamebirde - Blue Holy Mage - Killed N3
  3. mew - Red Evil Mage - Lynched D2
  4. Hachi - Blue Fighter
  5. Barc - Blue Evil Mage
  6. Benjer - Red Holy Mage
  7. Shadow - Red Thief
  8. Gubbey - Green Thief - Killed N2
  9. Araver - Blue Thief - Killed N3
  10. Segul - Red Fighter - Lynched D4
  11. Boquise - Green Evil Mage - Killed N1
  12. Nana - Green Holy Mage - Lynched D2


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