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Player bio

Name(s): EDM

First Mafia Game: Brush Up: Manicomio (BrainDen Era 4.2)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favorite Game(s): Likes All Equally!!! :D

Other notes:

  • Has been playing Mafia since 9th September, 2009
  • Usergroup Creator of 'Trix'...
  • Known as " Smiley Queen", prefers playing as a Goodie
  • Favourite part of Mafia: The Challenge...and The Craziness!!! :D
  • Has an Unusual Love of Smileys....Has a MafiaManiac unofficial record of posting most smileys at one time!!! :D
  • Member of Died N1 Club, First to Die Club


Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen(BD)

On MafiaManiac

Mafia Record

Overall 28-66

Goodie 19-33

Baddie 5-12

Indy 2-6

Other Faction 2-15

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