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Era 1: Dawn of Mafia is composed of the first 11 games on BrainDen.


Table of Games from Era 1

List of Games

List of Era 1 Games on BrainDen:

  1. Mafia I
  2. Mafia II
  3. Mafia III
  4. Mafia IV
  5. Mafia V
  6. Miniature LOST Themed Mafia
  7. Mafia VI
  8. M4F14-7
  9. Speed Mafia
  10. Anime Battle Royale
  11. Anime Battle Royale: Reloaded!

Summary of Era

I, completely and shamelessly ripping the intriguing forum game of mafia from another website, was somewhat of a Prometheus figure: those before me (the Zeus figure haha) had done the _real_ work and I just brought the "torch" so to speak to a new territory. That torch ("Mafia", now referred to as "Mafia 1" due to the raging flood of mafias that followed it) came to's "Others" section on June 20th, 2008, at 6:13 pm. KOP (kingofpain) became the first to sign up, about an hour later. Another hour and Thuhchris signed up, followed by Frost, Itachi-san, Brandonb, grey cells, pieman. IMLRG (I remember him as the first Grim Reaper) joined. Then dnae. Then pw0nzd joined to make 10, and I started the game. Akaslickster joined right after this. And then it began...

I had no idea at that moment that mafia would grow to become such a huge deal, spawnig first the creation of a "Games" forum on Brainden (for both mafia and a few other random games I and others had been starting) and eventually over four additional sites in the brainden mafia "nebula", a network of interconnected member-sharing forums dedicated to one thing and one thing only: a vicious game of deception & elimination known as… mafia…

People look back at the first few games with what I think is a bit of a rosy gloss - the truth is that I was a weak host. Letting players join late, being too nice about when the times ended such that controveries erupted like volcanoes about whether certain votes counted etc. There was a lot of arguing that went on. Things got personal, quite often. We were a heated bunch. Since then, after the mafia mentality has more or less set in, people have been able to better "distance" themselves from their ruthless innocent-sniping goodie-burning enemy-lynching friend-stabbing alter egoes. But it wasn't always so, and I think people forget that.

One thing that hasn't been forgotten is the thrill of victory, and the crushing fall of defeat. And all the conniving and double-crossing that happens in between. Those are things that made mafia special and continue to make it so. I think the specific format of mafia isn't the only possible game framework that succeeds in this, because over the couple years of progress we've had all kinds of wacky games, twists and turns - but much of it based on the original idea and the spirit that prevails. Hosts get too much credit; if it weren't for the intelligence and dedication of players, mafia would be nothing but a story. Stories are fun yes but through media like the internet we can get interactive stories, linking people of all ages, genders, nationalities, viewpoints, attitudes, and time zones. These are the things that make mafia great and I know that MafiaManiac continues this tradition. I regret not being a bigger part of it than I have been, though I've been exponentially busy with life in general since the dwindling down of Mafiosphere and the long lull of activity on Brainden… but MafiaManiac is bringing it all back to life.

Despite this glorious present it's important too to remember the past, which is why this History project is such a good idea. If time can ease the loss of a loved one in real life it can certainly ease the cybernetic loss of your avatar, so it's always fun to look back and relive. That's why I hope anyone reading this will enjoy the History Of Mafia, and experience the highs and lows of mafia on a journey through time.