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Era 10: Unnamed is composed of games on MafiaManiac and BrainDen after the conclusion of the Summer of Mafia on MafiaManiac in 2014.

It was split into:

List of GamesEdit

Era 10.1 List of Games on MafiaManiac

  1. Mirai Nikki Mafia
  2. Slick's Kitchen Mafia 2
  3. Legend of Zelda Mafia
  4. Halloween Mafia 6
  5. Super Crazy Mixed Up Anime 3
  6. Death Takes a Holiday Mafia
  7. Homestuck Mafia
  8. Sesame Street Mafia 2
  9. Post Restriction 2 Mafia
  10. Amalgamated Video Game Battle
  11. Frozen Mafia
  12. Ultimate Marvel Mayhem VII
  13. Dune Wars
  14. Superheroes Mafia
  15. Grand Magic Games Battle
  16. Gintama Mafia
  17. Frozen 2 Mafia
  18. Patriots Mafia
  19. Spring Break Mafia
  20. Battle of the Immortals Mafia
  21. Toy Soldiers
  22. Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Arc
  23. Arrow Mafia
  24. Corporate Battle
  25. Period Classic Mafia
  26. Ultimate Marvel Mayhem VIII
  27. RWBY Mafia
  28. Fairy Tail Mafia: Phantom Lord Arc
  29. Dungeons & Mafia: War of Succession
  30. Dying of the light 3: Ragnarok
  31. Bag o' Tricks II
  32. Slick's Kitchen Mafia 3
  33. How I Met Your Mafia
  34. Hannibal Mafia Season 1
  35. Hannibal Mafia Season 1.5

Waiting in queue: -

Delayed by Host:

  1. Minesweeper Mafia
  2. Students vs Teachers Mafia
  3. Talk Show Mafia
  4. Rogue Elements Mafia
  5. Fandom Mafia
  6. Battle of the Bands Mafia

Era 9.2 List of Games on BrainDen

In Sign Ups:

  1. The Coup of Rhotus Mafia
  2. Witch Hunt Mafia


Summary of EraEdit

Still pending.

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