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Era 11: Unnamed is composed of games on MafiaManiac and BrainDen after the conclusion of the Summer of Mafia on MafiaManiac in 2015.

It was split into:

List of Games

Era 11.1 List of Games on MafiaManiac

  1. Amalgamated Video Game Battle 2
  2. Battle of Wits 2
  3. Pirate: Mutiny Mafia
  4. Halloween Mafia VII
  5. Two Rooms and a Boom
  6. Pacific Rim Mafia
  7. Disney's Descendants Mafia
  8. Anime Girl Sleeper Mafia
  9. The Side-Quest Mafia
  10. Fast Food Wars IV
  11. Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4
  12. Toy Soldiers 2
  13. Poltergeist Mafia
  14. The Hateful Eight Mafia
  15. College Football Power 5 Mafia
  16. Mafia Noir II
  17. Star Wars Mafia: Alternate Endings II
  18. Hatoful Mafia
  19. Pokemon GO Mafia
  20. Anti-Theme Mafia II
  21. Duck Mafia
  22. Stranger Things Mafia
  23. Halloween Mafia VIII
  24. Divergent Mafia
  25. Nightmare before Mafia: Director's Cut
  26. Angel Mafia IV
  27. A Mafia Carol 2016/17ed
  28. JourneyQuest Mafia Season 1
  29. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  30. Pirate: Mutiny Mafia II
  31. WWF Battle Royale Mafia
  32. Angel Mafia V
  33. Screwball Mafia
  34. Bag o' Tricks III
  35. Overwatch Mafia
  36. The Mafia Academy of Mystical Arts
  37. The Muppet Show Mafia Season 01
  38. One Night Until Dawn

In signups:

Era 11.2 List of Games on BrainDen

  1. UN Mafia III
  2. Forgotten District II

In signups:

Summary of Era

Still pending.

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