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Era 2: Mafia gets Commercial (aka Franchise Mafia) is composed of 29 games on BrainDen.

It was chronologically split into Era 2.1 and Era 2.2


Table of Games from Era 2

List of Games

List of Games on BrainDen

Era 2.1

  1. Cruise Ship Mafia
  2. Pirate Mafia
  3. Anime Battle Royale: Bleached
  4. Heroes: Season 1
  5. Cruise Ship Mafia II
  6. Anime Battle Royale: Naruto
  7. Death Note Mafia
  8. Final Fantasy Battle
  9. Jumper Mafia
  10. Heroes Hybrid
  11. Fox Network Fight
  12. Princess Bride Mafia
  13. Anime Battle Royale: Akatsuki Resurrection
  14. Death Note Mafia: Rematch

Era 2.2

  1. Red vs. Blue
  2. Heroes: Season 1.1
  3. James Bond Mafia
  4. Mythological Mafia
  5. Star Wars Mafia
  6. X-Men Mafia
  7. Heroes Hybrid II
  8. Kingdom Hearts Mafia
  9. Battle for Mt Olympus
  10. X2: Rematch
  11. Star Wars Mafia II
  12. Mafia Olde Style
  13. Lord of the Rings Mafia
  14. Matrix Thrill-ogy
  15. Supernatural

Summary of Era

We can definitely concur that Mafia was in full swing, with many Braindenizen's taking much interest. They also tended to get involved with hosting even more than Era 1 as Era 2 consisted of 29 exciting games. Hosts such as Mekal, Sinistral, Itachi San and Brandonb were getting into the act, almost trying to out-do eachother on compositions and intriguing/complex games.

Most of the time in Brainden, there would be 2 games in progress at a time if not only just 1. Every now and then a new action or rule was introduced, in order to set the game apart from the others and to bring on new challenges to overcome. These games also seemed to be based on the hosts favorite movies, tv shows or particular interest as in "Mafia Olde Style". Many of these games were including any where from 11 to 18 players. They were a lot of fun to play despite any quarrels among the players. There was no doubt that Mafia was here to stay and expand into individual sites in the future. The best way to understand the changes of these games since Era 1 is to click on each game above. by akaslickster