Era 7: The Fall of BD and Rise of the Hybrids is composed of games on MafiaManiac and BrainDen after the conclusion of the Summer of Mafia on MafiaManiac in 2011, and finished after the end of the 2012 Summer of Mafia.

This era saw activity plummet on Brainden as a result of the Fall of BrainDen, a crash which lasted for several months. This era also saw many more Hybrid games developed and played on MafiaManiac.

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It was split into:

List of GamesEdit

Era 7.1 List of Games on MafiaManiac

  1. Game Show Mafia
  2. Smiley Mafia
  3. Alpha to Omega Mafia
  4. Manga Mafia
  5. Magic: the Gathering Mafia
  6. The Lost Case of Sherlock Holmes
  7. A Mafia of Ice and Fire
  8. Chemistry Mafia
  9. Halloween Mafia III
  10. Mafia Noir
  11. Sin City
  12. Super Crazy Mixed Up Anime
  13. Al Pacino Mafia
  14. Game of Detectives
  15. Angels and Demons
  16. Monster Buster Club
  17. Rock & Roll Mafia
  18. Full Metal Alchemist Mafia: Death of the Undying
  20. Manga Mafia 2
  21. UMM 5.1
  22. Star Wars Mafia: Alternate Endings
  23. Choose Your Own Wincon Mafia
  24. Angel Mafia III: Season 2
  25. Country Club Mafia
  26. Anti-Theme Mafia
  27. Cut-Throat Mafia
  28. Ghost in the Shell Mafia
  29. Bleach Mafia: Season One
  30. Disgaea II Mafia
  31. Exam Mania Mafia
  32. Disney Movie Mafia
  33. TimeKeeper's Hell
  34. Redwall Mafia II: Redwall
  35. Battle of Wits
  36. Ultimate Marvel Mayhem VI
  37. Exam Mania Mafia 2
  38. Colors Mafia
  39. Smiley Mafia II
  40. Furball Mafia

Era 7.2 List of Games on BrainDen

  1. Easter Egg Mafia
  2. Klueless Mafia
  3. Trainer's Manual Mafia VII
  4. Rat Hunt Mafia
  5. Trainer's Manual Mafia VIII
  6. Klueless Mafia 2
  7. Trainer's Manual Mafia IX
  8. Trainer's Manual Mafia X
  9. Villager, Villager, Mafia
  10. Trainer's Manual Mafia XI
  11. Board Game Mafia
  12. Justice League UNLEASHED

Summary of EraEdit

Era 7. A time of novelty and experiments. But also, of loss and other sad...emotional...stuff.

MafiaManiac was thriving, right on the heels of the successful Glitch Mafia. This era saw several different games that were unusual. Who could forget plasmid's hilariously chatoic KaTSWiLM, or my failure Game of Detectives? As Maniacs got comfortable with the game, we began to innovate new ideas. Then disaster struck. I, like many other faithful Denizens, automatically opened up BrainDen. But something was wrong - the forum was down! rookie1ja, the admin of BrainDen, later explained that the site servers had experienced a disk problem, and a lot of files were lost. It took several months to recover some data, and even then some of BrainDen's history was lost forever. What did that mean for Mafia? Well, BrainDen was always MafiaManiac's main source of fresh blood. With our parent site down. MafiaManiac newbie traffic slowed down considerably. This affected the speed and overall interest in Mafia. While hybrids still did well, there was a significant increase in the amount of time it took for a game's signups to last. The Fall of Brainden affected both sites considerably, even after the former had once again opened for business. Hundreds of accounts were lost, and as the site fell into obscurity general traffic decreased as well.

However, when I look back on it, halfway through an Era later, I see Era 7 as a dry spell - a spot of depression in the site's history. And I don't resent that; every civilization, cyber or otherwise, has its ups and downs. The period before the fall has definitely become a memory - the population of wonderful people just won't be the same again; but as a new Era spawns, so does a new community. New friends, new rivals, it's like Pokemon every few seasons. Now we can only hope to attract some of the original crowd, but if they don't return, it's all right. I enjoyed their company, their wisdom, and I hope that they did too. Now, a new generation comes in to restore us to our glory.