Era 8: A Game a Week is composed of games on MafiaManiac and BrainDen after the conclusion of the Summer of Mafia on MafiaManiac in 2012 and finished after the summer of 2013. There were 52 games on MafiaManiac over a year's time, hence a game a week. It also had many popular sequels with some appearing twice in this one era. The end of Era 8 saw the start of a series of Champion games on another site composed of the best players from several mafia sites.

It was split into:

List of GamesEdit

Era 8.1 List of Games on MafiaManiac

  1. Drag me to Hell Mafia
  2. Mafia All Stars II
  3. Mean Girls Mafia
  4. Halloween Mafia IV
  5. Choose Your Own Wincon 2
  6. Kamikaze Thief Secret Wizard Lolcat Mafia (KaTSWiLM)
  7. Case Closed Mafia
  8. Social Network Mafia
  9. Multicultural Murder at Midnight Mafia
  10. Ye Olde Mafia III
  11. Ye Olde Mafia 3.5
  12. Glitch Mafia III
  13. Furball 2 Mafia - The fur flies again
  14. Customer is Always Wrong Mafia II
  15. Spy Mafia Redirectors Cut
  16. Super Crazy Mixed Up Anime 2
  17. Fast Food Wars
  18. Propaganda Mafia
  19. Literary Mafia
  20. Fast Food Wars 2 - The Leftovers
  21. Dual Personality Mafia
  22. Disney Movie Mafia 2
  23. Final Fantasy Battle II
  24. Retro Mafia
  25. Princess Ida Mafia
  26. Slender: The Mafia
  27. Zodiac Mafia
  28. Blackout Mafia
  29. Kingdom Hearts Mafia 2
  30. Lolcats the 2th
  31. Fringe Mafia : War of the Worlds
  32. Mafia - World War 3
  33. Dying of the Light Mafia
  34. Mafia vs Mafia
  35. Pokemon Mafia
  36. Monk Mafia
  37. Mafia of Swordsmen
  38. Harry Potter Mafia 4
  39. Dying of the Light Mafia 2
  40. Sesame Street Mafia
  41. Supernatural Investigation Department Mafia
  42. Mafia:The Musical!
  43. Code Geass Mafia
  44. Nyan Cat Mafia
  45. Harry Potter Mafia 5
  46. Glitch Mafia IV
  47. Dual Personality Mafia 2
  48. Languages Mafia
  49. Digimon Adventures Mafia
  50. Trust
  51. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1
  52. Paper Mario Mafia

Era 8.2 List of Games on BrainDen

  1. Trainer's Manual Mafia XII
  2. Young Justice

Summary of EraEdit

Still pending.

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