Exam Mania Mafia 2
Exam today..
The exams are back to haunt you
Game information
Host Akriti
Link Game thread: Exam Mania Mafia 2 BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large, Hybrid)
Start Date July 31, 2012
Winning Faction Math & Physics
Roster 1. Thalia (Tolecnal)

2. Phaze (Kitsune)
3. MikeD
4. Slick
5. KlueMaster
6. Fat Tony
7. Nana
8. plasmid
9. Brainiac100
10. Aaryan
11. benjer3
12. EDM
13. _Aura
14. Hidden G (Viper SirBlayzalot)
15. Inawordyes
16. Vineetrika

First to Die Viper (SirBlayzalot)
Last Remaining Aura & Slick
MVP Nana
Awards -

Exam Mania Mafia 2 was a game designed and hosted by Akriti based on her own idea

It began onJuly 31, 2012 and ended in aMath & Physics win in N8 (September 6). This game is noteworthy for spanning 3 months, July, August, and September.

Game Mechanics


  • There are 4 factions, all having wincon, last standing.
  • Day will have Borda voting.
  • Abilities in one faction are - resurrect or spy (choice each night), RID kill, redirect, Block
  • Abilities will be randomly assigned to any role in a faction.
  • Redirects can divert actions towards dead roles, since we have resurrect.
  • RID kill can't be redirected.
  • In case of a loop of block or redirect, all actions will fail.
  • Kills are not blocking (people finish their stuff and then go to die)
  • There's no BTSC.
  • Each person has a vote that he can use any time in the game. This vote is meant for the game to reverse 2 cycles. It can use used only after day 2 ends. If during any cycle, I receive 6 votes, the game will reverse 2 cycles, and start again. This vote can be used only once. (please use it) Ghosts can also use their vote.

Role Description

Physics : one of the terrifying subjects for a student

  • Kinematics - part of physics concerned with moving bodies
  • Thermodynamics - Section regarding transfer of heat energy, and its conversion into other energies, that will make you lose all your energy trying to understand it.
  • Gravitation - Based on Newton's Law of Gravitation, gives details of importance of gravitation at macroscopic as well as microscopic level.
  • Waves - Oscillations and waves, find the time period of a simple pendulum, find where the wave awill be at t=T, and all such tricky, and yes, useless questions.

Chemistry : another terrifying subject, or rather more terrifying subject, for a student

  • Chemical Equilibrium - A bad chapter, considering the equilibrium conditions for reversible reactions, and how physical conditions affect it.
  • Redox reaction - balance this reaction, find the equivalent weight for this compound
  • Atomic structure - atom is very small, but then too, it won't leave without you know useless things abut it, like if light of X wavelength is given to an electron, to which orbital will the electron jump ?
  • Nomenclature - love to keep names for others ? Yeah, come and name some beautifully complex compounds in nomenclature.

Maths : Worst fear of most students, pray to the Lord of Maths

  • Logarithm - If you can understand logarithm, you are truly awesome
  • Permutation-combination - (my fav topic ) truly nice topic, if you could understand where to use permutation, and where combination.
  • Complex numbers - an iota here, another iota there............and there's your complex number ready !
  • Co-ordinate geometry - You think you know all formulas ? Here's another question to break your confidence. One of the worst chapters in Maths history

Biology : The most feared nightmare of most of students

  • Biotechnology - mainly deals with technological advances in biology, like preparing insulin for diabetics & studying DNA mutations......It even sounds so dangerous
  • Biochemistry - deals with biomolecules like lipids, proteins, amino acids, fats...
  • Microbiology - deals with study of microbes & their usefulness in our daily life, i.e. for medecines, dairy products, alcohol, etc...
  • Zoology - deals with animal life & study of kingdom Animalia..

Host's Summary

I think, this game deserves an mvp. I am very happy, to say that mvp of emm 2 is nana7. She remained active for the whole game, and gathered her info even though her action was not the one to give a lot of info (till n4 ability came into power). With a lot of inactivity in her team, she successfully created a pact with the then strongest team. Maths was the luckiest team from the start, but the inactivity from everybody ruined the chances.

Another thanx to all those who played.... Biggrin
By Akriti

Winning Faction

  • Nana - Kinematics
  • Slick - Gravity
  • Aaryan - Thermodynamics
  • Hidz (Viper, SirBlayzalot) - Waves
  • Aura - Logarithm
  • KlueMaster - Permutation-Combination
  • MikeD - Complex Nmbers
  • Benjer3 - Co-ordinate Geometry

Day and Night Posts

Game Start

Night 1

Day 1

Night 2

Day 2

Night 3

Day 3

Day 1'

Night 2'

Day 2'

Night 3'

Day 3'

Night 4'

Day 4'

Day 2

Day 0

Night 1

Day 1

Night 2

Day 2

Night 3

Day 3

Night 4

Day 4

Night 5

Day 5

Night 6

Day 6

Night 7

Day 7

The End

End of Game Roster

Host : Aki <3

  1. Thalia (Tolecnal) - Chemical Equillibrium - Killed N3 by Permutation-Combination
  2. Phaze (Kitsune) - Microbiology - Lynched D7
  3. MikeD - Complex Nmbers - Lynched D1
  4. Slick - Gravity
  5. KlueMaster - Permutation-Combination - Lynched D6
  6. Fat Tony - Atomic Structure - Lynched D2 & D3
  7. Nana - Kinematics - Killed N7 by Kinematics
  8. Plasmid - Redox Reaction - Killed N2 by Kinematics
  9. Brainiac100 - Biotechnology - Lynched D4
  10. Aaryan - Thermodynamics - Killed N6 by Kinematics
  11. Benjer3 - Co-ordinate Geometry - Lynched D5
  12. EDM - Nomenclature - Killed N3 by Kinematics
  13. Aura - Logarithm
  14. Hidz (Viper, SirBlayzalot) - Waves - Killed N1 by Atomic Structure
  15. Inawordyes - Biochemistry - Killed N4 by Kinematics & Permutation-Combination
  16. Vineetrika - Zoology - Killed N2 by Atomic Structure


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