Name(s): Fox, Kat, Kathleen

First Mafia Game: Mafia III (Era 1)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favorite Game(s): Mafioaholics Anonymous

Other Notes

  • Moderator of MafiaManiac (Head of Member Relations)
  • Fox has been playing mafia since the origins itself.
  • Known as "The Baddie Queen", she excells playing the Mafia faction, working in a group and generally being devious. * * She's fond of hints, secrecy and her favourite part of mafia is figuring out who someone is.
  • Known flaws: ??
  • Member of ??


  • Brandos (1 nomination / 1 won)
    1. Nominated for Best Signature 2010, won

Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen(BD)

On MafiaManiac (MM)


Mafia Record

Overall 36-45 (MM 12-11)

Goodie 17-19 (MM 7-5)

Baddie 8-14 (MM 1-2)

Indy 3-6 (MM 2-2)

Other Faction 8-6(MM 2-2)