Full Metal Alchemist Mafia: Death of the Undying
FMA main
Game information
Host Prof. Templeton
Link Game thread: Full Metal Alchemist Mafia: Death of the Undying BTSC threads
Size 17 Players (Large)
Start Date 3.2.12
Winning Faction Goodie
Roster #, player
  1. Darth Nox
  2. Plasmid
  3. EDM
  4. Akriti
  5. Mew
  6. Slick
  7. Galois
  8. Marquessa
  9. Aura
  10. MiKi
  11. GMaster479
  12. Roy-Chan
  13. FatTony
  14. Makai
  15. DarthMask
  16. Hirkala
  17. BrandonB
First to Die Nox, Galois
Last Remaining Mew, Marq, GM, DM, Brandon
MVP Miki
Awards -

Full Metal Alchemist Mafia: Death of the Undying was a game designed and hosted by Prof. Templeton based on Fullmetal Alchemist Manga/Anime Series

It began on March 2nd, 2012 and ended in a Goodie win in D4 (March 12, 2012).

Game Mechanics Edit


If a player gets a second action and they are blocked or redirected the second action will go through unless they have more then one negating action against them.

If a player has a “but not 2 in a row” limitation on their actions, receiving the stone will essentially compress 2 nights into 1 and that player will get 1 action the night they have the stone and be able to act again the next night.

If a Homunculi receives the stone they can only perform their individual action twice, not the Night kill twice.

If Lan Fan gets the stone she will give it to Ling

If Alphonse gets the stone after he has used his Lynch save he will get another to use at any time, but only 1 additional.

If Gluttony gets the stone while Lust is still alive and after he has used his ability to gobble a vote, he will get another to use at any time, but only 1 additional.

Ties for both Lynch and Ghost votes will be decided by an unannounced coin toss.

OOP = RID action>Block>Redirect>Reflect>Save>kill


The Philosophers Stone-

The raw material of a philosopher’s stone is human souls. The more souls a stone contains the more power it has. During the day the ghosts of the recently deceased will place a vote for a living player who will receive the Philosopher’s stone the following night. The more votes a living player has the higher their chances of receiving a second action that night.

Ghost voting will be weighted with the use of STP. When a role's STP are gone their vote will have a weight of 1

Double action chance will be:

1-3 Ghosts

  • 1 vote = 25%
  • 2-3 votes = 50%
  • 4-5 votes = 75%
  • 6+ votes = 100%

4-8 Ghosts

  • 2-3 votes = 25%
  • 4-8 votes = 50%
  • 8-11 votes = 75%
  • 12+ votes = 100%

9+ Ghosts

  • 4-6 votes = 25%
  • 6-10 votes = 50%
  • 10-15 votes = 75%
  • 16+ votes = 100%

Role DescriptionEdit

Alchemists, Military, Citizens [Wincon: Eliminate the Homunculi]

  • Edward Elric- The Fullmetal Alchemist – After losing his right arm and left leg due to a failed Human Transmutation attempt, Ed became the youngest State Alchemist in history. Ed is determined to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone, an item with which he hopes to restore his younger brother Alphonse to his real body. Cannot be killed the first night. May choose one of the following actions every night, Spy on a player to learn their role, block a player from acting, or save a player from death. All three must be used once before using them again, after which any may be chosen, but not twice in a row.
  • Alphonse Elric- An Alchemist - Edward’s younger brother whose soul is bound to an empty suit of armor. He knows the identity of Edward. Only once he can choose to hide someone inside his armor to save them from the lynch.
  • Colonel Roy Mustang- The Flame Alchemist - A State Alchemist and officer in the Military, he is Edward Elric's superior officer. He is adept at political calculation and often is one step ahead of his opponents. He will stop at nothing to shape a better future for the country. Every night he can choose a target to incinerate. If he targets Scar he will be unable kill him while Riza is still alive. He will be told why the attempt failed.
  • Major Alex Louis Armstrong- The Strong Arm Alchemist - A State Alchemist and officer in the Military, Alex is the scion of the Armstrong family and a remarkable physical specimen. He will use his impressive muscle to trap a player at night and prevent them from acting.
  • Dr. Tim Marcoh- The Crystal Alchemist – Formerly a researcher for the Military, he now puts his knowledge of Alchemy and medicine to use as a healer. He can choose a player to save from death every night.
  • Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes- State Military – Roy Mustang’s best friend and an officer in the military’s investigations department, he can pick a player to spy on and will learn their role. However, if he targets Envy he will instead be killed
  • Lt. Riza Hawkeye- State Military – Roy Mustang’s bodyguard and accomplished sharp-shooter, she is devoted to Mustang and will sacrifice herself if he is targeted for death, either at night or by lynch. She will gain the identity of any Homunculi that successfully targets Mustang.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Heymans Breda- State Military Intelligence Officer – Despite his meat-headed appearance, 2nd Lt. Breda possesses a remarkably keen intellect and strategic aptitude. He may follow a player at night and learn the identity of any others that successfully targeted them.
  • Master Sergeant Kain Fuery- State Military Communications Expert – A master of electronics, every day he may select a sender and receiver for a message to be sent the following night. On night 1 he may send a message from himself if he chooses. His communications can only be redirected. They cannot be blocked or reflected.
  • Winry Rockbell- Automail engineer and childhood friend of the Elric brothers. Winry is a skilled mechanic who helps Edward maintain his automail prosthetics. One of her favorite pass-times is baking delicious apple pies. During the day she may bake a player a pie and influence their vote (she PM’s the host who a player will actually vote for). Her faction will show as Citizen.
  • Ling Yao / Greed- Ling is a prince from the Eastern lands and excellent swordsman. In an attempt to bring power back to his people, he freely gave his body over to the Homunculus named Greed and now he and Greed share control. He can choose a target at night and Greed’s “ultimate shield will reflect that players actions back upon them. His faction is Citizen.
  • Lan Fan- She is one of Prince Ling's assigned protectors and is very devoted to him. She can obtain BTSC with him if she can successfully RID him. Before she has BTSC, she will stay in the shadows and learn the faction of anyone that targets Ling / Greed. Any night she can not follow him and instead try to obtain BTSC, but she will not gain any role information that night. If BTSC is established between the two, she can choose to scout for the prince and detect the faction of the player of her choosing. The factions are Alchemist, Military, Citizen, Homunculus. Her faction is Citizen.

Each member of this faction will have 2 Soul Transmutation Points (STP) to use upon their death.

The Homunculi (Have BTSC) They may select a kill target every night for their group kill. One of them must be assigned to perform the kill in addition to their normal action. Any targeting actions will first apply to their normal action. [Wincon: Eliminate the Good guys]

Fma baddie
  • Wrath- Formerly a human named King Bradley that was injected with a Philosopher’s stone made from corrupt souls; he is the Fuehrer and leader of the State Military. He is incredibly fast and deadly with a sword. He can employ his “ultimate eye” to see through an enemy’s defenses during battle. On odd nights he can use this ability to spy on other players and on even nights he can choose to kill a player if he can correctly guess their identity (RID). His faction will show as Military
  • Lust- Due to her enticing looks and high intelligence, Lust easily and effectively plays the role of manipulator within the Homunculus ranks. She also gives motherly guidance to Gluttony. She can use her womanly charms to prevent a player from acting at night.
  • Envy- A shape shifter and possibly the cruelest Homunculi, Envy’s true form is that of a massive dragon-like monster, but he may assume any form he can imagine. Every night he may choose one of these two options: To protect a player from being blocked, reflected or spied upon, or to redirect one player’s actions to another.
  • Gluttony- Once, he may gobble up someone’s vote. If Lust is lynched he will sacrifice himself for her. If Lust dies at night he goes berserk and will swallow players who will be trapped inside the “gate of truth” in his stomach and be unable to perform any actions (including posting) for 1 Night/Day cycle. He will give the name during the Day and it will be included in the Day post. The trapped player may still be killed by the Homunculi that night, but only if Envy performs the kill.

Because of their previous exposure to a philosopher's stone and other souls each member of this faction will have 5 Soul Transmutation Points (STP) to use upon their death.

The Independent- [Wincon: Eliminate the Alchemists and King Bradley]

Fma scar
  • Scar– An Ishvalian warrior whose people were massacred by the State Military’s Alchemists. His goal is to see the elimination of all Alchemists and the Fuehrer King Bradley before he dies. He can choose to kill every night, but if he kills a player that is not an alchemist or a homunculi, he will be so ashamed he will not be able to act the next night. His faction will show as Citizen.

Scar's connection to his deceased brother gives him a powerful link to the dead. He will have 12 Soul Transmutation Points (STP) to use upon his death.

Host's Summary Edit

Thank you to everyone that played. I enjoyed my first foray into mafia hosting. The Homunculi had very little in the way of luck this game. Night one they were going to redirect Ling's reflect onto Akriti, who was Scar, which would have killed her. At the last minute Galois changed it to a redirect of Fuery's message and that essentially caused his death.

I'm disappointed that the ghost voting was not used. The baddies had two opportunities to give themselves a double actions that they didn't take. That part of the game was intended to not only give the people that died a continued stake in the game, but also to add balance if one faction was suffering loses.

Another thing I've noticed in the few games I've played recently; the members here seem well tuned to the slight differences in how the other players post depending on what faction they are. It's quite uncanny and it's not something you can quantify when designing a game. The baddies had a distinct advantage on paper, yet most assumed Aura, EDM, and Slick were in the Homunculus camp by Day 2. Miki was so sure Aura was bad she killed her Night 2.

Which was another interesting twist, Miki and Aura killing each other Night 2. I had to write the post so it didn't seem that way while trying to keep a believable story-line. It you go back and read it, you can see how it could be the same fight from two different perspectives and they both might have perished in the end.

I don't think I can pick one player that should get the MVP. All the goodies did a great job. I did respect Slick's never surrender attitude. It is unfortunate that the bad guys were left with possibly the weakest role and one that a double action didn't really help all that much (although double traps is OK). If I was pressed I might have to go with Miki's correctly killing Envy on Night 2 because that really was a hard blow for the baddies. I think she may have gone on to other kills if Riza hadn't been eliminated already (poor Nox). Akriti would be a good choice also, just because she managed to stay under the radar for awhile and probably would have done so longer if the bad guys weren't taken down so soon. Even so, she managed to out-live 4 of her 6 targets before being put out and caused a nice diversion by not acting Night 2.

I think my next game will not be a typical mafia type game, but will be a team based game. I'm still kicking that idea around and I'll let you know.

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I was given an MVP in Magna Mafia 2 so I felt I should definitely hand one out for this one. All the goodies did very well. It seems like FT and plasmid contributed to the conversation most, Brandonb's message, although redirected, was well thought out and met the intent perfectly and he contributed good posts too. Miki sure hit the mark with her kill on Aura. Roy-Chan did very well for a first showing and was able to RID guess DM as Ling for all the good it did them.

Even though the baddies didn't win they too had their stand-outs. Aura pegged Miki as Mustang on Day 1, she offered the most advice and tried the hardest to appear good, even though it didn't work. And slick was committed right until the end.

Akriti did a fine job as Scar, laying low and causing confusion for the goodies. If the baddies had lasted one more day, she probably would have achieved her wincon.

I found it amazing that Aura and Miki had figured the other out and then targeted and ultimately eliminated each other.

I'm going to award the MVP to MiKi (Miss Killer) because in the end the goodies won and maybe, just a little, because she was Mustang and did what Mustang should have done.

Winning Faction Edit

  • Darth Nox - Riza Hawkeye
  • Plasmid - Winry
  • Mew - Colonel Hughes
  • Marquessa - Alphonse Elric
  • MiKi - Roy Mustang
  • GMaster479 - Edward Elric
  • Roy-Chan - Lan Fan
  • Fat Tony - Major Armstrong
  • Makai - 2nd Lt. Breda
  • DarthMask - Ling / Greed
  • Hirkala - Dr. Marcoh
  • Brandonb - Sargeant Fuery

MVP - MiKi

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Darth Nox - Riza Hawkeye - Killed N1 by Wrath
  2. Plasmid - Winry - Killed N2 by Wrath
  3. EDM - Wrath - Lynched D2
  4. Akriti - Scar - Lynched D3
  5. Mew - Colonel Hughes
  6. Slick - Gluttony - Lynched D4
  7. Galois - Lust - Killed N1 by Scar
  8. Marquessa - Alphonse Elric
  9. Auramyna - Envy - Killed N2 by Colonel Mustang
  10. MiKi - Roy Mustang - Killed N2 by Envy
  11. GMaster479 - Edward Elric
  12. Roy-Chan - Lan Fany-chan - Killed N4 by Gluttony
  13. Fat Tony - Major Armstrong - Killed N2 by Gluttony
  14. Makai - 2nd Lt. Breda - Killed N3 by Scar
  15. DarthMask - Ling / Greed
  16. Hirkala - Dr. Marcoh - Lynched D1
  17. Brandonb - Sargeant Fuery

Actions Edit

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