Furball Mafia
  • Zoee
  • Vera
  • Ricky
  • Pepper
  • Peaches
  • Otto
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Dizzy
  • Anubis
These are the furballs of our lives.
Game information
Host Aura & Mew
Link Game thread: Furball Mafia BTSC threads
Size 14 Players (Large)
Start Date July 30, 2012
Winning Faction Baddies & Indies
Roster 1. Thal

2. plasmid
3. MikeD
4. Slick
5. Iawy
6. Fat Tony
7. Nana
8. Brainiac100
9. Andrew
10. Aaryan
11. Clozo
12. benjer3
13. Stardust
14. Vineetrika

First to Die Stardust
Last Remaining Brainiac100
MVP Nana7
Awards -

Furball Mafia was a game designed by Aura and hosted by her and Mew based on our lovable MM pets.

It began on July 30, 2012 and ended in a Baddie & Indy win in N6 (August 15).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • OOP:
    • Trap>Redirect>Block
    • Indy>Baddies>Goodies
    • Kills are non blocking
  • Tie lynch rules
    • Day 1: One dies.
    • Day 2 - 4: All in tie roll individually
    • Day 5 - 6: All in tie die
    • Day 7+: Everyone dies and the host wins! (Jk)
  • Each player has a Once-During-The-Game ability in addition to their usual ability. You don't need to sacrifice your usual ability to use the ODTG ability. If the ODTG ability is in your last set of submitted actions, it is used up regardless of if it was needed/useful. ODTG abilities cannot be redirected or trapped but can be blocked. If a player is trapped, their usual ability is blocked but their ODTG ability goes through. You can target a separate person with the ODTG action compared to who you target with your usual action.
  • ODTG Abilities ~ designed by Plasmid ~ Randomly distributed in secret Role PMs
    • Swim / climb a tree: If you choose to swim: any action used on that player by a **cat will fail (cats hate water), actions used by a dog will still go through (they can doggie paddle). If you choose to climb a tree: actions used by a cat will go through and actions used by a dog will fail
    • Butt sniff: spies whether or not someone is in the secret alliance
    • Collar bell: if the targeted player attempts to act on a baddie that night, the baddies will hear the bell coming and avoid the action. Nightpost will mention that the player was belled only if their action normally appears in the nightpost and if they targeted a baddie, but the nightpost will not say which baddie player was targeted and will only say that the target was nowhere to be found.
    • Pounce: makes your action super stealthy and lightning quick so it's unblockable and unredirectable - even the collar bell won't stop a pounce
    • Guard dog: name a role to guard at the beginning of the game, and that role is automatically saved once from a kill. It doesn't save from lynches
    • Chamelion: name a player, and their role's action for the night will not appear in the nightpost.
    • Guide dog: redirect
    • St Bernard: save
    • Howl at the moon: broadcast a message through the nightpost that appears as coming from your role
    • Bury a bone: makes your vote count x0 that day, but gives you the chance to dig up the bone to make a x2 vote later on
    • Shed: anyone who acts on you that night will appear to be you when spied for the rest of the game
    • Catnip: if you target a cat, their night action for that night becomes "kill" whoever they targeted for their regular action
    • Dog whistle: if you target a dog, blocks their action for the night
    • Purr / wag tail: removes one lynch vote against you
    • Mark the enemy territory: redirect a random baddie's lynch vote towards you
    • Play fetch: name a player, and if that player has used a once-during-the-game action, then they get to use that action again

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies - NK, BTSC Wincon = Gain a majority that cannot be overcome.

  1. Spy - Peaches: a cute beagle but can be vicious, she will charm you into snuggling near you, with just with one look into your eyes
  2. Redirect - Dizzy - She will get what she wants, no matter how. If you are a stranger, she will bark till you do what she wants. But, if she knows you, she will use emotional torture, and her big black eyes.
  3. Block - Otto - blocks you with his blinding cuteness, preventing his target from acting.
  4. Vote Manip (other) x0-x2 - Sweetie: As her name says she's one of the sweetest creatures on earth. She's too sweet to block or kill you so she uses her vote as her power.

Goodies Wincon = Last faction standing

  1. Role Spy - Max: a black and tan daschund, he learns by listening to others talking when no one thinks he understands. He also guilt trips people into giving him what he wants if they don't volunteer it. . . or just barks at you until he gets it!
  2. Kill - Ribby: a beautiful dog, but hates when others get affection and she doesn't she'll get into a fight with anyone to just be petted
  3. Shield Player (protect from spy, trap/block, redirect, kill) - Ricky
  4. Redirect - Bazzie - A happy-go-lucky blue heeler, he uses his doey brown eyes to convince you to take him to the park instead of what you were doing.
  5. Trap - Mario & Luigi - they run around you in circles both blocking and protecting anyone from killing their target.
  6. Role Inherit (choose dead player's role) - Pepper and Tommy: - half cute n friendly, half mischievous.
  7. Curiosity: Odd night - follow spy, Even night - ask host a yes/no question - Vera: Vera, still being a young kitten, wants to know everything and wants to know it now. She'll follow you around like a loyal dog but if she's not allowed to then she'll cry all night till she gets an answer.
  8. Message player - Kelly - so lazy she just sends a telepathic message while relaxing on her back.
  9. Evil Eye - Vote Redirect + ODTG RID Lynch Save - Zoee: A three-legged cat that cries and whines when left alone and doesn't like to leave her room. She will follow you, miaowing, until you vote the way she wants.

Indy - Anubis Wincon = Kill/lead lynch on 2/3 targets and outlive 2 of 4 (separate) targets. Indy leaves game on winning. If impossible ~~> last standing

  • Choice of RID Kill, spy or trap
    • RID Kill: A born hunter, let's just say she has had her share of killing.
    • Spy: Has a habit of observing things while hiding in the shadow of night(her color helps with camouflage).
    • Trap: She could be playing cute, or she could just be leading you straight into a trap.

Host's Summary Edit

Okay, so what I expected to happen was Andrew and Brain to kill each other, thus creating a tie win. If neither had acted last night, it would not form a tie, but it would go to day where they would then need to vote for each other to cause a tie win. Basically, as long as both parties had a way to eliminate the other, the game would continue. So, following from my answers to Nana in the Animal Avenger BTSC re what would cause a tie, I totally did not expect this to happen!

Congratulations must go to Nana, Andrew, Vine and Aaryan. They were all very clued in and active, and got as much out of the game as they could, deserving the win. However, I must include Brainy and MikeD in that. They worked extremely well, navigating the game mechanics, and coming up with all kinds of explanations and strategies etc. Not only that, but Vine was the perfect mentor, and I think they got a lot out of being in BTSC with her. Stardust was the other newbie, who unfortunately was eliminated early and then framed by the baddies to boot! If given a bit longer, Stardust would have been of great use to the goodies.

I was also really impressed with the Animal Avenger BTSC. It, too, was highly active, and Andrew and Nana worked very well together and asked about a million questions to get to the bottom of all the loopholes. Not only that, they managed to stay alive after being outed reasonably early in the game. That is a nice achievement in itself!

To the goodies - a couple of things lead to your downfall. One was the AA and baddies teaming up, and the other was Vine being saved from death. Without Vine, the baddies would have lost their leader and logic queen, and the Animal Avengers would have not had as much backup. There were many good moves, too. Fat Tony saving Plasmid on N1; benjer choosing the right person (Nana) to use his ODTG 'spy the animal avengers' ability on, and then letting the information out in a strategic way. And Plasmid - the same night he died, he also asked a yes/no question that outed Aaryan as the Indy. Thalia also pinned MikeD down pretty early on, without any real evidence to condemn him. She changed actions between kill MikeD and kill Clozo about 5 times! But eventually settled on kill MikeD.

In the end, the MVP had to be either Nana or Vine. Both put so much effort into analysing all the possibilities and coming up with the best strategies possible. I would love to take the easy way out and give them both an MVP but I'm forced to pick one. So in this case, I have to give it to Nana. Basically because Vine and Nana equally deserve it, but I owe Nana an MVP from Rock n Roll mafia, when her and Plasmid were neck and neck, but he received it. Not only that but she was responsible for pulling Vine into her BTSC at the last minute.

So, congratulations Nana! And congratulations to all winners. And to the goodies, um.... I'm sorry for your loss. (?) :P

Winning Faction Edit


  1. Aaryan - Anubis - Won N4 and left the game


  1. Brainiac100 - Otto
  2. MikeD - Sweetie - Killed N3 by Ribby
  3. Stardust - Bazzie - Sweetie - Lynched D1

MVP : Nana7

Day and Night Posts Edit

Game Start

Night 1

Day 1

Night 2

Day 2

Night 3

Day 3

Night 4

Day 4

Night 5: Things are about to get crazy... again.

Day 5



End of Game Roster Edit

Hosts: Aura and Mew --- IGM: Aki

  1. Thal - Ribby - Lynched D3
  2. plasmid - Vera - Killed N2 by Peaches (Baddies)
  3. MikeD - Sweetie - Killed N3 by Ribby
  4. Slick - Ricky - Lynched D4
  5. Iawy - Pepper and Tommy - Lynched D2
  6. Fat Tony - Mario and Luigi - Killed N4 by Anubis
  7. Nana - Kelly - Killed N5 by Peaches (Baddies)
  8. Brainiac100 - Otto
  9. Andrew - Dizzy - Killed N6
  10. Aaryan - Anubis - Won N4 and left the game
  11. Clozo - Max - Killed N4 by Otto (Baddies)
  12. benjer3 - Zoee - Killed N3 by Dizzy (Baddies)
  13. Stardust - Bazzie - Sweetie - Lynched D1
  14. Vineetrika - Peaches - Lynched D4

Actions Edit

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