Game of Detectives
Game information
Host Aaryan and MiKi
Link Game thread: Game of Detectives BTSC threads
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date Jan 4th, 2012
Winning Faction Team Hardy
Roster #, player
  1. Nana7
  2. EDM
  3. Akaslickster
  4. Tolecnal
  5. Auramyna
  6. Thalia
  7. FatTony
  8. Hidden G
  9. Clozo
  10. Shadow7
  11. Darth nox
First to Die None
Last Remaining None
MVP Nana7
Awards -

Game of Detectives was a game designed and hosted by Aaryan and MiKi based on some of the famous fictional detectives in history. Going with the detective theme, the game is about observations, deductions, and using "the little grey cells". The main difference is that there are no deaths.

It began on January 4th, 2012 and ended in a Team Hardy win in N5 (Jan 20th).

Game Mechanics Edit


Lynch = faction revealed. Tie means no lynch. Everybody's WinCon: Get the correct roles of every player in the game (can submit a list of players and roles every night, and if there are some correct will be told how many guesses are right, but not which ones). If WinCon is achieved, winning faction is removed from the game. Night Posts show that ROLE targeted somebody.

OOP: Redirect > Block > Action Spy > Faction Spy

Role DescriptionEdit

Team Elementary: Has BTSC

  • Sherlock Holmes – A master of observation, and king of detection, Holmes observes minute details to figure out where his target has gone - Action Spy
  • Dr. John Watson - The powerful narrator of Holmes' adventures, has the medical power to hold somebody up for the night- Block

Team Little Gray Cells: Has BTSC

  • M. Hercule Poirot – The short, round detective with OCD, Poirot doesnt need to move from his chair to figure out where his target has gone -Action Spy
  • Captain Arthur Hastings - Impatient, and doesnt have the mental power of Poirot. However, he takes action into his own hands every night -Block

Team Marple: Has BTSC

  • Miss Marple – The old lady who remembers an event that happened a long time ago whenever she learns of her target's movements -Action Spy
  • Mr. Raymond West - The well-known author and Miss Marple's nephew, he has the influence over people to change their target -Redirect (targeted spies knows who they were redire and their new target's actionsactions)

Team Quin: Has BTSC

  • Mr. Harley Quin – The mysterious and seemingly supernatural man, knows things that others don't -Faction Spy (gets results in his own private thread)
  • Mr. Satterthwaite: Mr. Quin's old friend, needs his friend's little tip-offs to do anything- Vanilla
    • ADDITIONAL NOTE: Mr. Quin has a limit on how much he can say at a time. Limit5 words per post, 3 posts per cycle.

Team Hardy: Has BTSC

  • Frank Hardy – The more subtle of the boys, he can follow his opponents quietly -Action spy on odd nights
  • Joe Hardy – The more headstrong brother can know a guy out for the nigh-tBlock on even nights
  • Fenton Hardy -The father of the boys- Protected by Frank and Joe. Any correct guess on him will be wrong unless either Frank or Joe is correctly guessed by the offending team.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

Truly, the expectation was that teams would use NP results, actions, and words in the game thread to piece things together. It was to make them use logic of piecing things together and using actions to verify things.


The game went differently as I had planned. First off there was Nana using the game thread to make alliances, and not much else was happening there. In the BTSCs teams used different methods to figure out roles. Team Hardy were using permutations and probabilities, Team Marple was utilizing their ability combination to narrow down a person's ability. Team Elementary was also using a logical way of going about things. Team Quin had a disadvantage in communication, but it balanced perfectly with the Faction Spy. The roles for Team Hardy tripped people up, but funnily enough it was not the restriction of guessing Fenton.

Special commendations

I was really very happy when Fat Tony used the redirect-spy ability to narrow down a person's ability. Even if there may have been some external factors affecting it, it was useful. They would have actually won but of two or three role guess options possible, they chose the wrong one. Nana also used pure mathematics to approach things. I was impressed. Honestly, Nana7 blew my mind with the math she did. Using permutations, she had role guesses and results down to a science. She prodded her team to do simulations on the best way to guess (full roster or small roster) and led her team to victory. I still would have preferred a more "logical" win, but it was a very clever way of going about in nonetheless.

Host disappointments

My main problem was the lynch. Instead of being used to coerce information, it was used more blindly. It was like a sacrifice - you just had to hope that you weren't chosen, and if you were you had to accept your fate. My other problem was that the pure logic approach was not used anywhere. And then, to top it off, Nana had half the roles right N1.

Winning Faction Edit

Team Hardy:

  • Frank Hardy - Shadow7
  • Joe Hardy - Nox
  • Fenton Hardy - Nana7

MVP : Nana7

Player Comments Edit

Okay, I know I'm not a player, but I wanted to say one thing: I glanced at Nana's roster N1 and thought to myself, "WTF??? Did I somehow accidentally send her all the roles? How the hell does she have everybody in the right faction???" Nice job, Nana!
By MiKi
Sorry, but no, I only had the 3 correct roles in the correct factions, the other 5 were all wrong factions for n1. N2 I had all in the right faction except for Aura and Hidz. And n1 was totally I gave it 8 names and asked it to sort them for me, and used that for the first guess. seams surprisingly good at getting lucky guesses.
im very happy that my faction won this game but i feel i didnt really do anything, i basically tried to get alliances while nana racked up the correct guesses. over all i think this was a great game, a little short but fun to be part of

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Team Elementary:

  • Sherlock Holmes - Thalia
  • Dr. John Watson - Hidden Z

Team Little Gray Cells:

  • M. Hercule Poirot - EDM
  • Captain Arthur Hastings - Slick

Team Marple:

  • Miss Marple - Tolecnal
  • Mr. Raymond West - Fat Tony

Team Quin:

  • Mr. Harley Quin - Aura
  • Mr. Satterthwaite - Clozo

Team Hardy:

  • Frank Hardy - Shadow7
  • Joe Hardy - Nox
  • Fenton Hardy - Nana7

Actions Edit

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