Ghost in the Shell Mafia
Ghost in the shell
Game information
Host Plasmid
Link Game thread: Ghost in the Shell Mafia BTSC threads
Size Players (Large/Small)
Start Date 5.02.12
Winning Faction Section 6 and Indy
Roster player
  1. SparrowHawk
  2. EDM
  3. Lionheart
  4. Kitsune
  5. FatTony
  6. Coolkid
  7. Nana7
  8. Auramyna
  9. Shadow7
  10. GMaster479
  11. Abhisk
First to Die none
Last Remaining -
MVP Kitsune
Awards -

Ghost in the Shell Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Plasmid based on Ghost in the Shell

It began on May 2, 2012 and ended in a Baddie and Indy win in N4 (May 10, 2012).

Game Mechanics Edit


The first major change from standard rules is that players have a ghost (consciousness or "soul") and a shell (cybernetic body). If you're "killed", then your shell dies, but your ghost lives on. You can continue to post in the thread, and your ghost even has a night action (although it's nerfed compared to your shell's action) and a ghost lynch vote (but it only comes into play if there's a tie). The Engineer character can build new shells for a killed player, so you might even be able to get your shell back. Every player with a shell can choose to use their ghost action instead of their shell action on any given night if they wish.

The second major new thing is the ghosthack. Briefly, the Puppet master can put a player under the control of Section Six by hacking them. Chief Aramaki can remove ghosthacks.

If a player gets lynched, their role is NOT revealed. Their ghost may continue to act, and can even be ghosthacked by a Section Six RID to gain control of a lynch vote, so you probably don't want to out yourself if you get killed. Other weirdness and peculiarities of this game are described in the role descriptions, everyone playing should probably give all the RDs a careful read-through at least once to understand how things will work.

OOA (for ghosthacks): Chief Aramaki's ghosthack removal > using a ghosthack to control a player > establishing new ghosthacks. That means that a ghosthack cannot be broken on the same night that it's made, except by Chief Aramaki's uber-action of removing all ghosthacks. An attempt at using a ghosthack to control a player can be stopped by Chief Aramaki removing the ghosthack on that night, except for Chief Aramaki's uber-actions if the command was posted in the main thread on the preceding day.

OOP (for regular actions): block > redirect > spy = communicate > kill > Chief Aramaki's uber-actions. If Chief Aramaki (or a Section Six player using a ghosthack on him) is redirected, then any uber-action targeting multiple players will only affect the player he is redirected to. If Chief Aramaki attempted to use an uber-action and was not blocked or redirected or killed by this OOP, then his action succeeds and all actions are re-evaluated with the uber-action taking precedence over all other actions. Kills are not blocking except for Chief Aramaki's uber-actions (shells are "mortally wounded" and will die at the end of the night unless saved, but can still carry out their action). If Willis' block gets redirected by Togusa and Willis tried to block someone other than Togusa, the block will be redirected; if Willis tried to block Togusa, then Togusa will be blocked. If Nakamura's vote redirect gets redirected by Togusa, then the player who Nakamura gets redirected to will have their vote redirected to whoever Nakamura asked for the vote to be redirected to.

Posts show: kills, completed replacement shells, blocks that actually prevent an action (whether or not the blocked action would appear in the nightpost), successful saves, and public posts from Paz' ghost. They do not mention establishing or breaking ghosthacks, vote redirects, vote mods by Togusa, Batou viewing baddie BTSC, partially built replacement shells, or messages transmitted or received by Paz' shell. They do not show how votes are manipulated by ghosthacks or whether the engineer used a shell vote ability as a ghost, and they do not reveal lynched players' roles.

Vote counting: First, only votes from players with working shells are counted, and if there is no tie then that player is lynched. If there is a tie, then whichever tied player has the most votes from the ghosts is lynched. If there is still a tie, then all tied players are lynched. (Take all the players tied for most shell votes, and take the subset of those that were tied for the most ghost votes within that subset: that's who dies). If all players are tied after shell voting and ghost voting, then all of the players die and the host wins.

We'll also have some spectators who can sit back and relax and just enjoy the game. They get access to view the BTSC and a "peanut gallery" thread with a RID list, actions and outcomes, and ability to read and post commentary from me and each other on how the game's going. They can (and probably will) talk smack about the players, and can nominate people for an MVP if they do something spectacular.

Role DescriptionEdit

Section Six

Wincon: Their BTSC must have more working shells than Section Nine. Their BTSC only includes Minister Nakamura and Dr. Willis, it does NOT include the Puppet master. Minister Nakamura and Dr. Willis will be told who each other are, but they will not be informed who the Puppet master is and the Puppet master will not be told who Nakamura and Willis are.

Their BTSC abilities are:

  1. night kill
  2. control ghosthacked players (ghosthacks are described in the Puppet master's RD)
  3. RID one ghost (someone without a shell) per night to ghosthack them without the Puppet master's assistance

Their BTSC thread can be viewed by Batou once in the game. In order to maintain anonymity, there will be a Baddie1 and Baddie2 account that the baddies have access to, and they can post and read in the BTSC using these accounts. Batou will get access to the Baddie3 account when he uses his ability to peek into BTSC, and the Baddie3 password will be changed after the night he spies. Night actions will be submitted by PM, no powerplaying each other's actions. NK targets and ghost RIDs to attempt ghosthacking will be submitted by Minister Nakamura, and ghosthacked player actions will be submitted by Dr Willis, regardless of whether Nakamura and Willis have their shells or are ghosts.

1) The Puppet master

  • He wins if Section Six wins, but he does NOT have access to BTSC and does NOT count toward their wincon of being in the majority.
  • His night action is ghosthack. If he has his shell, he names a player to ghosthack them. If he is a ghost, he must RID a player to ghosthack them. Once a player is ghosthacked, the Section Six BTSC learns which role was hacked and can control that player's action. A ghosthacked player is not informed that they've been ghosthacked, and they remain a member of Section Nine as far as wincon is concerned. If a ghosthack is broken by Chief Aramaki, Section Six is NOT informed that the ghosthack is broken, any attempt to control that role will fail, and Section Six will not be explicitly told that the ghosthack control failed, but they will be informed if a previously ghosthacked player is re-hacked. Members of Section Six cannot be ghosthacked; if the Puppet master attempts to ghosthack another Section Six player or himself, the action will fail.
  • For each ghosthacked player, Section Six may control their actions, may force them to not act, or may let the player's own desired action go through so they have no idea that they've been ghosthacked (default is to not interfere with the player's action). Instead of controlling a ghosthacked player's night action, Section Six can choose at night to specify who that player will vote for during the following day (the player they vote for must be specified at night, not during the following day). There will not be any indication in the day posts of whose vote was hacked; if the hack affects who loses the lynch vote, it will just seem like the wrong player ended up getting lynched. If the ghosthack is used to control a lynch vote, the player's night action will be executed like normal.
  • If a ghost is ghosthacked or if a ghosthacked player's shell dies, Section Six will not be informed that the ghosthacked role's shell is dead. They may still control that role's ghost ability, but if Section Six attempts to use their shell's ability the attempt will fail and the player's own intended action will be executed.

2) Minister Nakamura

  • Shell: RID kill or vote redirect during the following day, may specify the player whose vote is to be redirected and the player to which the vote is redirected during the day of voting.
  • Ghost: vote redirect, but must specify the player whose vote is to be redirected and the player to which the vote is redirected during the night prior to voting.
  • For both the shell and the ghost abilities, a vote redirect will fail if the redirected player abstains from voting.
  • Also, Minister Nakamura submits the NK target and the attempt to RID a ghost in order to hack them each night. Those are BTSC group abilities, so they can be used whether or not Nakamura still has his shell.

3) Dr. Willis

  • Shell: RID kill or block (both night and day actions, does not block voting) or save
  • Ghost: name a RID and receive confirmation on whether the RID combination is correct
  • Also, Dr. Willis submits (by PM to the host) the actions for any ghosthacked players. That's a BTSC group ability, so it can be used whether or not Dr. Willis still has his shell.

Section Nine

Wincon: destroy both Section Six BTSC shells (Minister Nakamura and Dr. Willis)

1) Major Kusanagi

  • Shell: kill OR lynch save, must name the person to be saved from lynching during the preceding night (not during the day of voting)
  • Ghost: RID vote redirect, must name the player to be manipulated and must RID the target of the vote in order for this to work. This action is performed during the day of voting if no night action was used on the night before.

2) Batou

  • Shell: Block (both night and day [blocks vote manips], does not block regular lynch voting), or get to view Section Six BTSC (once in the game). When he views the Section Six BTSC, he will be given the password to the Baddie3 account that can view that BTSC, and the password to the account will be changed after the spy night.
  • Ghost: Block (both night and day [blocks vote manips], does not block regular lynch voting), but must name both the player whose action is to be blocked and which player they intended to act on for the block to work. Ghost cannot block Ishikawa or Chief Arakami.

3) Ishikawa

  • Shell: Submit a list of players, and find out how many Section Six players are on the list. The Puppet master counts as a member of Section Six
  • Ghost: RID a player and receive confirmation if the role-ID combo is correct
  • If ghosthacked: Section Six may specify the list of players and Ishikawa will receive the number of Section Six members on the list that Section Six submitted. If the Ghost RID confirmation is controlled by a ghosthack, he will receive a yes/no answer on whether the RID submitted by Section Six is correct but will not be told what RID combination was tested.

4) Togusa

  • Shell: Redirect (works on both night and day actions) OR vote mod x0 or x2 during the following day, specifies who to vote mod and how to weight their vote during the day of voting
  • Ghost: Vote mod x0, must specify the person whose vote gets modded during the preceding night
  • If ghosthacked: Section Six must specify at night if they plan to use the vote mod ability on the following day, if so it will block Togusa's ability to redirect at night.

5) Paz

  • Shell: Either send a message to a role (sent to that player by the host at the beginning of the following day), or name a role to allow that player to send him a message (at the beginning of the following day, the player gets a message from the host saying that he can send Paz a message, and Paz will receive it at the beginning of the following night. Paz can still receive the message whether or not his shell is still intact.)
  • Ghost: Specify a message to appear in the night post. The message must be alphanumeric and no more than three characters.
  • If ghosthacked: If Section Six uses his shell ability, they may either write a message to a role that will appear as if it were sent by Paz, or they may specify a role to invite to send a message to Paz. If they have someone send a message to Paz, the message will go to Paz (without mention of which player or role sent the message unless it's included in the message) and Section Six will NOT see the message.

6) Engineer

  • Shell: Save, or build a replacement shell for any dead player. The engineer must spend two nights building a shell before it is available; it does not have to be two consecutive nights. Cannot start building replacement shells for anyone who still has a shell.
  • Ghost: Build a replacement shell for yourself (it takes two nights to build and may not be started while your original shell is still intact) OR shell vote: your vote the next day will count as if you have an intact shell instead of as a ghost vote.

7) Chief Aramaki

  • Shell: May choose any of the following uber-night actions. He gets things done by giving orders instead of doing things himself. So in order to pull off a night action, he must post the order for it IN THE MAIN THREAD, IN RED in the day prior to the night that it's to take effect. If any other players post orders in the main thread to act as a decoy, they get eliminated as an imposter by Section Nine security forces (mod-killed), and the real Chief's order might or might not go through as the host sees fit.
  • Available night actions: learn all RIDs, remove all ghost hacks, submit a list of up to five players to be killed, submit a list of any number of players to be blocked, redirect all players (specified as EITHER player X acts on player Y OR role X acts on player Y, and FORCES the player to act as he wishes even if they did not submit a night action). OOP is that if the chief gets blocked or killed then his actions fail (even if he used redirect all players), if he gets redirected then he only executes the action on the one player he was redirected to, if the chief does not get blocked or killed or redirected then his uber-action takes precedence over all other actions.
  • Ghost: submit a list of players suspected to be ghosthacked. If everyone on the list has been ghosthacked then all of those ghosthacks are broken, but if anyone on the list has not been ghosthacked then his action fails. He may still use this action even if Section Six ghosthacks him and tries to make him do something else.
  • If ghosthacked: either of the Section Six BTSC players with a working shell may post an order IN THE MAIN THREAD, IN RED as if he were Chief Aramaki. This will count as that Section Six player's next night action, so the Section Six player will not be able to act on the following night. The command will be executed if both the Section Six player who posted in the main thread AND the player with the role of Chief Aramaki survive through the following night and are not blocked or redirected on the following night. (It is not blocked by Chief Aramaki removing the ghosthack on the night of the action's execution.) If either the Chief or the Section Six player are redirected, the uber-action will only affect the player they are redirected to. If the Chief had been ghosthacked earlier in the game and the ghosthack has been broken, the Section Six player will NOT be mod-killed, but the attempted manipulation will fail.
  • Special note: if Chief Aramaki issues a command in the main thread while he is ghosthacked, then the command he issues will be executed regardless of the fact that he's ghosthacked. In other words, for all practical purposes, a ghosthack will not prevent Chief Aramaki from being able to act.


Wincon: secret. Not incompatible with either a Section Six or Section Nine win.

  • Character's name: secret
  • Shell ability: secret
  • Ghost ability: secret
  • If ghosthacked: secret

Host's Summary Edit

The first thing I've got to say is that as fun as the main game was, there was a whole second game going on behind the scenes that at least from my perspective was just as entertaining. I'll ask a mod to make the BTSCs viewable by everyone; check out the Indy BTSC when you get a chance, and the Peanut Gallery to find out how the "spectators" actually had as much of a role as anyone.

The biggest turning point in the game was undoubtedly the day 3 lynch, which was largely determined by vote manips before the day even started.

and it ended up being shells: EDM vs Abhisk, and ghosts: Sparrowhawk and Nana vs Coolkid. Part of this was because of the baddies' vote manip abilities, they also had a lot of luck from the indy's inherent x0 vote and the nullified Aura vote both working to their advantage, as well as some ghost non-voting likely because it appeared to already be a landslide.

Kitsune was tossed into a role with apparently no abilities, but with what seemed like an unprecedented advantage until the truth behind his real secret ability was revealed. While I was expecting the indy to try to lay low and simply not get killed, he actually took charge and ended up being the most dynamic player in the game. He ended up initially siding with Section Nine which I wasn't expecting; whether that's from boldness to stand against the faction with a nightkill and two RIDs or not totally thinking though which approach would be best, I'll never know, but I bet I can tell you which one he'll claim it was . Part of his success might have been because the most active spectator was Hidzy, who was on his side - I was counting on a mix of truth and lies to make it tough for him, and actually made more spectators Evil than Good. Had I known that the most active spectator would be on his side, I wouldn't have given them permission to reveal any RIDs, but in the end it turned out ok.

But the main reason I'm picking Kitsune for MVP is that he totally BSed! It's amazing how many mafias have had very little BS aside from the baddies saying they're not baddies, but he laid it on nice and heavy, at times doing it for what seemed to be no apparent reason when the truth would have worked just as well. For that, he gets MVP.

Aura was 1 for 2 in kills against Section Six, which ain't bad by any mafia standards and was good particularly in this mafia where there was so little info for most of the game. Nana made an unexpected move of posting through the Baddie1 account in the main thread, which added a chuckle from my perspective and is therefore brilliant, regardless of the fact that it probably contributed to her getting killed by Kusanagi. Still, even without knowing that the indy's vote counts x0 she made a flash vote day 3 that actually made the difference between EDM dying alone and giving the game to the baddies, versus both EDM and Abhisk dying simultaneously to leave Fat Tony as the last goodie/baddie standing for a Section Nine win. Sparrowhawk asked some insightful questions about the mechanics of Chief Aramaki's role that convinced me he could have foiled the baddies if they tried to use the ghosthack for an uber-action.

I feel like I've accomplished one of my missions of preventing the goodies from outing themselves too much or hinting too heavily by having two baddie RID kills. It might have backfired since it not only led to no goodie outing, but practically no goodie talking at all in the main thread until endgame. I'm not sure if it's because two baddie RIDs and a RID ghosthack on ghosts is just too much, or if it's because people just aren't used to baddie RIDs as a mechanic to prevent outing and were overly cautious. Regardless, for future mafias, it might be better to have one baddie RID kill or a BTSC baddie RID ability or the option of trading the night kill for two RID kill attempts or something that wouldn't be quite so much of a disincentive for goodie talking.

I also think the threat of a goodie spying on the baddie BTSC had a great effect on the dynamic of the game. The baddies had to be very careful about what they said early on, having to weigh the benefit they'd get from revealing more to thier teammate and how that stacks up against the risk of revealing info to an enemy. It was clearly making them work less efficiently as a group until they had Batou hacked and knew they could talk freely. As for splitting up the baddies with the Puppet master outside of the BTSC, I was likewise trying to set up a situation where people had to weigh the risks of being picked up as a baddie versus the benefits of being able to communicate with their teammate (the Puppet master telling Section Six which players they ghosthacked each night so the Section Six members can figure out RIDs based on the roles they gained control of, and Section Six telling the Puppet master not to waste ghosthack attempts on Section Six members or someone who's going to get killed) and decide whether or not they want to take the risk of burying a message in the game thread. (I had to make an inpromptu rule against passing ghosthack info through the Baddie accounts once they started to be used in the main thread and could have been a way to transmit that info safely.) But such communication wasn't attempted, and Shadow was stuck firing on her own without seeing any results of her actions, which must have made for a sort of unsatisfying game on the player's side.

The ghost abilities ended up I think being less useful than I was aiming for, and not enough to keep people very involved in the game after they were killed. As for the uber-action that needs to be posted in the main thread on the preceding day, that will have to await another mafia to get field-tested. The indy's real ability of being able to communicate with spectators ended up being more of an advantage than I intended since he didn't have the evil spectators messing with him very much; had I known that would have happened I might have made a rule against naming specific RIDs since they wouldn't be clouded by the Evil spectators' BS, but it seemed to have worked out ok.

I'm also happy to have pulled off a super complex mafia as my first attempt with absolutely no hosting errors. Of course, that's entirely because I had the foresight to make the indy's secret ability be that anything that might on the face of it appear to be a hosting error is actually an effect of "the indy's secret ability" . Paz had the ability of sending/requesting messages to/from any ROLE in the game, but when I got an action requesting a message from Nana (the PLAYER) she was like "o.O they're asking for a message from Minister Nakamura (the ROLE)? No way!" Completely the fault of the indy It might also have been imprudent to let the baddies post to the main thread through the Baddie accounts since they ended up using it to communicate with the indy anonymously, but I was curious how the baddies would use the ability and curiosity is well known to kill lolcats, and some imprudence should be expected because I like to think I'm not a prude.

In the game behind the game, Hidzy was definitely the most active. Prof Templeton also deserves mention – day 1 he got Kitsune to hint that Fat Tony is Ishikawa. Since there aren't any other goodie spies in the game, and particularly no goodie spies that can find out a player's exact role, that should have been a dead giveaway that he's either baddie or indy. The baddies tried to NK him right after that, but didn't RID him throughout the game, and the goodies trusted him leading the day 2 lynch. Fat Tony at least knew the indy was alive late in the game, but I'm not sure if everyone else picked up on that clue that Prof T essentially planted by suggesting that strategy to Kitsune.

And I will finally shut up now.

Winning Faction Edit

  1. Kitsune - Garbage man
  2. Nana - Minister Nakamura/ Baddie 1 - Ghosted N2 by Major Kusanagi
  3. Shad - Puppet Master - Lynched D2
  4. Abhisk - Dr. Willis/ Baddie 2

MVP - Kitsune

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Host : Plasmid

  1. sparrowhawk - Chief Aramaki - Ghosted N3 by Section 6
  2. EDM - Paz
  3. Lionheart87 - Engineer - Ghosted N3 by Major Kusanagi
  4. Kitsune - Garbage man
  5. Fat Tony - Ishikawa
  6. coolkid - Togusa - Lynched D1
  7. Nana - Minister Nakamura/ Baddie 1 - Ghosted N2 by Major Kusanagi
  8. Aura - Major Kusanagi - Ghosted N3 by Dr. Willis
  9. Shad - Puppet Master - Lynched D2
  10. GMaster479 - Batou - Ghosted N1 by Section 6
  11. Abhisk - Dr. Willis/ Baddie 2

Actions Edit

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