Glitch Mafia
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Game thread: Glitch Mafia BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 24.01.2011
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster 1) Izzy

2) Vineetrika
3) Framm18
4) Fox
5) Phaze
6) Araver
7) Glycereine
8) GolfJunkie
9) SparrowHawk
10) Hirkala
11) Firno
12) Segul
13) Marquessa
14) Not24_65_34_83_361
15) Newzero
16) Maurice

First to Die Glycereine
Last Remaining 6) Araver
MVP Araver
Awards -

Glitch Mafia was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on an original idea.

It began on January 24th, 2011 and ended in a Baddie win in D6 (February 5th, 2011).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • Random person in the tie gets lynched for every tie
  • Order of actions: Night Kill can't be blocked/redirected, but it has to carried out by someome. After that its Redirect > Trap > Block > Spies, etc.
  • There is a secret called "Glitch" - Players could guess about the Glitch as much as they wanted, however the host never acknowledged it as correct or incorrect

Role DescriptionEdit

CMC Hackers (Baddies) - Night Kill and BTSC
WINCON: Be in majority

  • cam0: Will trap one person per night
  • c0mrade: Will leave a 12 hour bug on one other worker (action spy)
  • C0nd0r: Can't be killed at night
  • C00li0: Can implant one of two viruses in a cpu system per night (chooses a role not a person). If the virus is not found before the end of the 2nd night after it was planted, it will kill the person and his/her part of the cpu
  • Curat0r: Can alter the voting algorithm to make his vote count double if he so chooses

MCM Workers (Goodies)
WINCON: Eliminate Baddies

  • CEO: Can pardon someone from the Lynch if he can RID them. Role will be revealed but the lynchee will not die.
  • RAM Specialist: Can choose to redirect one person to another person
  • Virus Specialist: Odd Nights: Can check one part of the computer for viruses and destroy the virus if found. Even Nights: Can choose a subset of players and is told how many viruses are present in that subset
  • Motherboard Specialist: Is ever present and can learn the action of one person per night.
  • CPU Specialist #1: Has BTSC with CPU Specialist #2, can kill on alternating nights from CPU Specialist #2's action.
  • CPU Specialist #2: Has BTSC with CPU Specialist #1. Can spy on alternating nights from CPU Specialist #1's action
  • Hard Drive Specialist: Can learn the role of a dead player
  • Graphics Card Specialist: Can send out the same 30-character message to 2 players per night.
  • Sound Card Specialist: Can deafen (block) one person per night
  • Monitor Specialist: Can PM the host to change one person's vote to someone else.
  • CPU Chip Specialist: Chooses someone to save. If that person is targeted for a kill, CPU Chip Specialist gets killed and takes their killer with them

Secret FactionsEdit

There were two secret factions (unknown to the players which were not part of them) known as "The Glitch". Each of the glitch players could powerplay their own actions in each Faction's secret BTSC and also powerplay the Night-kill if it was agreed to be carried by one of them. This effectively overrode their normal goodie or baddie BTSC actions.

Goodie Glitch Faction

  • Monitor Specialist - vote changer
  • Graphics Card Specialist - send messages to 2 players per night
  • Motherboard Specialist - action spy
  • CPU Specialist 1 - Kill on alternate nights

Baddie Glitch Faction

  • C0nd0r - Cannot be killed at night
  • C00li0 - Virus implanter

Fake GlitchEdit

As a fake Glitch, the dead people in the omniscient Ghost thread were allowed, ONLY once per day, to clear the lynch votes (reseting the day vote). This allowed dead players to help their former team (...or not) and provided a fake Glitch to fool the rest of the alive players which had no idea of the secret Glitch factions.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

So we have a typical 5 on 11 Mafia except...

  • The Baddies and Goodies each have their own hindrance. 2 of the Baddies will have their own secret wincon of getting the other 3 baddies before they get eliminated themselves along with eliminating the goodies. They will have BTSC.
  • The Goodies will have 4 traitor roles. Their goal will be to have at least 3 of them be the last ones standing along with eliminating the baddies. They will act like goodies but have BTSC. They want to get rid of the goodies while looking like goodies themselves.

Yeah...that will do nicely.


This game was epic. Never had one single word been thrown around the forum so much and end up with so many different connotations. It was absolutely hilarious. But the glitches didn't fare too well. On Night 2 the baddie glitch was taken out by the goodie glitch and vice versa. The difference was that one death to the baddie glitch left them unable to win while the Goodie Glitch still had a chance. Unfortunately Fox wasn't active early enough to compensate for the confuse Not24_ and the semi-inactive Segul. Though she did give a good push towards the end, all it really did confuse the heck out of the goodies enough for them to shoot themselves in the foot and leave room for Araver and the other baddies to comeback and win the game.

Winning Faction Edit

Baddies (without Glitch)

  • Framm - Curat0r
  • Araver - c0mrade
  • Marquessa - cam0

MVP: Araver

Day and Night Posts Edit

Links to the game posts:

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Zaphod - Sound Card Specialist - Lynched in D4
  2. Vineetrika - CPU Specialist 2 - Killed in N4
  3. Framm - Curat0r - Lynched in D2
  4. Fox - Monitor Specialist - Killed in N5
  5. Phaze - Virus Specialist - Killed in N6
  6. Araver - c0mrade - WON
  7. Glycereine - CEO - Killed in N1
  8. Golfjunkie - Hard Drive Specialist - Killed end of game
  9. Sparrowhawk - CPU Chip Specialist - Lynched in D1
  10. Hirkala - RAM Specialist - Killed in N3
  11. Firno - C0nd0r - Killed end of game
  12. segul - Graphics Card Specialist - Lynched in D5
  13. Marquessa - cam0 - Lynched in D3
  14. Not24_65_34_83_361 - Motherboard Specialist - Lynched in D6
  15. Newzero (Mentored by Molly) - CPU Specialist 1 - Killed in N2
  16. Maurice - C00li0 - Killed in N2

Actions Edit