Glitch Mafia IV
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Game thread: Glitch Mafia IV BTSC threads
Size 15 Players (Large)
Start Date July 24, 2013
Winning Faction Goodies:Smartphone Games & Indies:Utilities
Roster #, player
  1. Prince marth85
  2. _Clozo
  3. Marquessa
  4. Akaslickster
  5. Inawordyes
  6. Krystal
  7. Vommack
  8. Hirkala
  9. Kira (Akriti)
  10. Jay Gold
  11. dee_tot
  12. Segul
  13. Fat Tony
  14. Aaryan
  15. Golfjunkie
First to Die _Clozo
Last Remaining Prince marth85 Inawordyes Jay Gold Dee FatTony Aaryan Golfjunkie
MVP FatTony
Awards -

Glitch Mafia IV was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on original concept and was the fourth in the Glitch Mafia series.

It began on July 24, 2013 and ended in a joint Goodie/Indy win in N4 (July 31, 2013).

Game Mechanics Edit


Role DescriptionEdit


Instagram: The hipster camera app. Traps you in a photograph for night/day.

Pinterest: The ultimate distractor for females. Can redirect any app developer to any other app developer. Tumblr: Teen Haven. Can blackmail another app into changing their vote. Once per game, can RID Lynch Frame one of their own as a goodie (They must know the goodie's RID who they are framing and say it BEFORE the lynch for this to work.)


Angry Birds: These birds rule the App Store. Can RID Lynch Save anyone during the day cycle, though not two days successively.

Plants Versus Zombies: Those plants can band together block someone each night.

Fruit Ninja: Much like a ninja, can swoop in and save n/6 players each night where n is the number of players alive, rounded down.

Paper Toss: Awesomely addicting office game. Can toss an extra vote or two each day (x2 or x3 multiplier on self)

Cut the Rope: All about some timing. Can redirect any person to any other person. Letterpress: Unique word game that can determine a app developers faction each night.

Words with Friends: The infamous app that can spell out someone's role each night.

Infinity Blade II: The deadliest game out there. Can kill every even night.


QR Reader: Can scan the app and find out their action for the night.

Calculator+: Can RID control the action of one person per night. Can't control the same person for consecutive nights. Flashlight: RID Kill.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


FT was absolutely freakin' brilliant. He ruined my Glitch by being skeptic of my anonymous smiley creating glitches and between him and GJ perfectly figuring out the Glitch. The Glitch was an extra player who had an RID Recruit AND could spy anyone who only used Emoji/smilies in their posts (minus quotes and rosters). They were supposed to get in the majority. I had hoped that the Glitches would either go crazy with smilies and drive everyone insane OR hide out and then reveal themselves when their numbers were big enough. Unfortunately with Kira being inactive and FT being suspicious of their hiding strategy this didn't end well. Congrats FT for your MVP and your Indy Win.

I feel bad for Jay Gold because his action on N3 did NOT work because of Fat Tony RID controling Hirk to trap GJ even though Hirk purposely didn't act to try and fool everyone. His action also didn't work tonight as Segul didn't submit an RID Kill. It really confused him which is to be expected in his first Glitch game. It's nice to know I can still fool some people .

I also feel bad for the baddies, who for some reason just couldn't get a Night Kill off. I think that has only happened one other time in Mafia history (some one wiki check that for me). That really messed them up on top of Krystal's spying so they were in trouble from the start. If I had to do this again I would've made the Night Kill unblockable like I normally do, make the goodies have to eliminate baddies and indies and glitch AND made a 15th role for the Glitch to hide under a la Glitch Mafia II.

The thing is I think this will be the end of Glitch Mafia. I love doing tech themed mafias and will probably find a new way to do it without the idea of a Glitch because I need to find some new ways to twist this amazing and classic Mafia game. I think that this might be my most successful series overall with Halloween Mafia coming in a close second for now. Overall congratulations to Goodies AND Indies on a job well done. Reps will come out at some point eventually maybe...

By GMaster

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit



Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Marth - Paper Toss
  2. Clozo - Pinterest- lynched D1 and found to be Letterpress
  3. Marquessa - QR Reader - killed by Infinity Blade II
  4. Akaslickster - Words with Friends - RID Killed by Flashlight
  5. Inawordyes - Infinity Blade II
  6. Krystal - Letterpress (recruited by Glitch N2) - RID Killed by Flashlight
  7. Vommack - Tumblr - lynched D2
  8. Hirkala - Instagram - killed N4
  9. Akriti - Emoji - lynched D3
  10. Jay Gold - Cut the Rope
  11. Dee tot - Angry Birds
  12. Segul - Flashlight (recruited by Glitch N3) - RID Killed N4 by Flashlight
  13. Fat Tony - Calculator+
  14. Aaryan - Fruit Ninja
  15. GolfJunkie - Plants vs Zombies

Actions Edit

Glitch 4 Role Power Cycle 1 Result Cycle 2 Result Cycle 3 Result Cycle 4 Result
Baddies RID frame Clozo as Letterpress Success
Hirk Instagram Trap Trap FT Success Trap Hirk Success No trap/kill Trap gj/no kill Trap self/kill FT Blocked
Clozo Pinterest Redirect Redirect Marth to Marth Fail, no night action Lynched
Vomm Tumblr Vote Change Kill Aaryan Fail(Aaryan self save) Kill Slick (fail, blocked) Lynched
dee_tot Angry Birds RID lynch save No action N/A No action N/A No action N/A No action N/A
golfjunkie Plants v Zombies Block Block Slick Success Block Vomm Success Block Aki Trapped Block Hirk Success
Aaryan Fruit Ninha Save Save self/Segul Success No action N/A Save gj failed(gj trapped) Save FT Not needed
Prince_Marth Paper Toss Vote 2x/3x No action N/A No action N/A No action N/A No action N/A
Jay Gold Cut the Rope Redirect Redirect Segul to gj Success Redirect Krystal to Segul Success Redirect gj to gj Failed (gj trapped) Redirect Segul to Segul Failed
Slick Words with Friends Role spy spy gj Blocked Spy FT Success(NK'd)
IAWY Infinity Blade 2 Kill even nights No action N/A Kill Marq Success No action N/A Kill Hirk Success
Krystal Letterpress Faction spy spy Clozo Success spy Vomm (recruited by Glitch) Redirected to Segul Spy FT Success RID killed
Marq QR Reader Action spy spy Slick Success Spy Akriti Success(killed by IB2)
Fat Tony Calculator+ RID control No action Trapped Vomm as Tumblr Success Hirk as Instagram(trap gj) Success Segul as Flashlight(suicide) Success
Segul Flashlight RID kill Clozo as IB2 redirected to gj(fail) Slick as WWF Success Krystal as Letterpress Success(recruited by Glitch) No action suicide
Kira(Akriti) Emoji RID recruit No action N/A Krystal as Letterpress Success Segul as Flashlight Success lynched

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