Great Escape Mafia
V-E Day is Coming!
Game information
Host Hirkala
Link Great Escape Mafia
Size 17 Players (Large)
Start Date 17.05.2011
Winning Faction None. Game stopped.
Roster 1) Glycereine

2) EDM
3) Vineetrika
4) Akriti
5) maurice
6) darth nox
7) Shadow7
8) Q-Cumber
9) Yuli
10) Marquessa
11) GMaster479
12) onetruth
13) Phaze
14) Auramyna
15) DarthMask
16) solman
17) Framm18(Segul)

First to Die No one dies
Last Remaining No one died
MVP Game stopped.
Awards -

Great Escape Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Hirkala based on the Great Escape movie.

It began on May 17th, 2011 and was stopped by host during Night 3.

Game Mechanics


Role Description

GoodiesWinCon: At least 7 (out of 13) POWs must escape before Liberation Day. Prisoners can escape any night they wish, but escape is based on percentage gained.

  • Goodie Leadership - Win with Escapees/1 Leader must escape. Each leader has 1 RID per night to find the other leaders; When found, Leaders gain BTSC with each other. At least one leader must escape before Liberation Day. If the leaders out themselves, the percentage they give is dropped to 5%
    • Bartlett (Big X) - Has escape plans - Adds 30% to escape chance
    • Hendley - Has escape equipment - Adds 30% to escape chance
    • Blythe - Has escape documents - Adds 30% to escape chance
  • Goodie Escapees. Each escapee has 2 RIDs per night to try and find each of the leaders; Gather Plans, Equipment & Documents to increase chance of escaping; Each POW begins with 0% chance; If lynched, will decrease chance of escape by 25%
    • Hilts
    • Ives
    • Ashley-Pitt
    • MacDonald
    • Velinski
    • Sedgwick
    • Cavendish
    • Dickes
    • Haynes
    • Goff

Baddies - BTSC/ Must have 7 Goodies within the camp come Liberation Day. The Baddies goal is to keep at least 7 (out of 13) Goodies in the camp come Liberation Day; Aside from the Camp Guard's RID, the Baddies are also allowed a RID of the player in the Cooler - the result will be given; If a Baddie is lynched, their role is outed on the roster.

  • Kommandant von Luger - Can throw one POW in the "Cooler" each night
  • Camp Guard - Has 1 RID guess per night to cut escapees chance in half; Does not know result
  • Werner "The Ferret" - If lynched, will unintentionally ADD 10% to escape chance

Baddie 2 - No BTSC/Wins with Baddies

  • SS Officer Steinach - Can spy one player each night

Host's Summary

I hate to say this, but I am going to have to kill this game. Throughout the course of the last few nights, I am realizing that this game is flawed to the core. The balance is leaning heavily on the Goodies and it is because of the mechanics. This needs to be adjusted before it can be properly played.

I didn't foresee a lot of the problems that have cropped up before this started and from the beginning it was not fair to the Baddies. There was really no way for them to win.

I am very sorry for wasting everyone's time. I am massively disappointed in myself for this failure, but I can not continue to run a game that is unfair to some players. I will work on this some time and tweak it so that it can be run effectively and fairly.

I apologize again. Don't lynch me..

Winning Faction

None - game stopped.

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Game stopped during Night 3.

Goodies (Roles and current chance of escape)

  1. solman - Big X - (gives 30%) - 40%
  2. onetruth - Hendley - (gives 5% because of outing) - 70%
  3. maurice - Blythe - (gives 30%) - 35%
  4. Shadow7 - Hilts - 38%
  5. DarthMask - Ives - 60%
  6. Auramyna - Ashley-Pitt - 70%
  7. Marquessa - MacDonald - 35%
  8. Akriti - Velinski - 40%
  9. darth nox - Sedgewick - 70%
  10. Framm - Cavendish - 15%
  11. Vineetrika - Dickes - 70%
  12. Q-Cumber - Haynes - 70%
  13. Yuli - Goff - 45%


  1. Phaze - KDT von Luger
  2. EDM - Camp Guard
  3. Glycereine - Werner
  4. GMaster479 - SS Officer Steinach


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