Halloween Mafia III
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Game thread: Halloween Mafia III BTSC threads
Size Players 12 (Small)
Start Date 11.17.11
Winning Faction Humans
Roster #, player
  1. sparrowhawk
  2. EDM
  3. MiKi
  4. Danté
  5. tolecnal
  6. Aura
  7. Nana7
  8. slick
  9. Shadow7
  10. nox
  11. Andrew
  12. FatTony
First to Die SH first turned to zombie, Fat Tony first zombie to die
Last Remaining Tolecnal, Shadow7, Nana7
MVP Nana7
Awards -

Halloween Mafia III was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on college campus game of Humans vs. Zombies

It began on November 17th, 2011 and ended in a Humans win in N4 (November 28th).

Game Mechanics Edit


So this won't be like a traditional mafia. It will be based off a college campus game of Humans vs. Zombies. The idea is the game begins with one ZOMBIE and a whole bunch of HUMANS (probably 12-13 person game.


Each night the zombie (eventaully zombies) will try and zombify (recruit) ONE human. Each human will choose a place to hang out at night. Their options are the PARK, the SCHOOL, or JUICE'S CORNER STORE. At the end of each night a post will go up over at GM's porch signifying the events of the previous night and list who was zombified.



The remaining HUMANS and ZOMBIES will be given a challenge (called MISSIONS) based on where the humans chose to stay the previous night. There will be one challenge for each existing zombie (2 zombies = 2 challenges). If the humans fail the challenge one of the humans in the group will be zombified. If the humans complete the challenge they will gain knowledge/ways to stop zombie night attacks. Posts will summarize the results of the challenges and list those who were zombified


The game will end when everyone is a zombie or all the zombies STARVE. A zombie must zombify a human once every 2 sessions (Night and Day) or they will starve and die. The humans will win if all of the zombies starve. As far as rep points are concerned, if the zombie apocalypse succeeds, you will gain rep points based on the number of humans you zombified. If the humans outlive the zombies, the remaining humans will get 3 rep points each and the now starved zombies 1.

Role DescriptionEdit

ZOMBIES - WINCON - Zombify all the humans

  • Framm costume: Can recruit/zombify one human per night/day and make them a zombie. Recruited Zombies gain the ability to recruit and gain BTSC with the other zombies. Starve if they don't zombify someone during a cycle (night and day).

HUMANS - WINCON - Outlive all the zombies

  • The Hunter - the one lucky soul who actually knows how to stop the zombies. Using his "weapon" has a 50% chance of stunning a zombie at night so long as he has ammo
  • The Lookout - his highly tuned senses make it so if a zombie attacks at night and there is more than once person with him he won't get zombified
  • The Driver - The driver can pick up certain weapons and supplies during the day using his amazing zombie proof car. This is very helpful for missions.
  • Jack, Larry, Suzy, Jane, Brian, Gary, Olivia, Daisy - Vanilla neighborhood kids. Still have to choose place to go at night and participate in missions where they can gain certain advantages

12 roles total

Host's Summary Edit

This game was an experiment for me. I had never hosted something so outside the fabric of Mafia before so balancing and dealing with questions and roles were much more difficult for me this time around. I knew the way the game would work out that I had the ability to balance the game through the chances of things working out, but at the same time I hated the fact that so much of the game was left up to chance when the players should have had more input as to what to do. I probably could have thought this through much better in that sense but despite that we seemed to have a good game that came down to the very end.

What made this game more difficult was the timing. I was really hoping to host this right after Halloween. It would have matched up perfectly with the HvZ games across multiple college campuses, including my own, and I would have been able to draw story lines from that. However the game got put off and ran into my hectic Thanksgiving break schedule. I got through it the best I could but I don't think I have ever been so late on so many posts including this one. I thank everyone playing for their patience with me and the game itself

MVP honors go to Nana7 in this game for really leading the humans and actually taking the ammo info (nerf guns are zombie paralyzers fyi) she got from Slick and seeking out the driver to get herself some ammo. The remaining humans were able to rally around this and save themselves long enough to hold off the zombies. If the coin flip had favored the zombies then tolecnal and Slick/Andrew would be alive and there would have to be a final showdown between the 2 zombies and 2 humans it goes.

Winning Faction Edit

  • Tolecnal
  • Shadow7
  • Nana7

MVP - Nana7

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. sparrowhawk - ZOMBIE starved to death D3
  2. EDM - ZOMBIE - starved to death N3
  3. MiKi - ZOMBIE - starved to death D3
  4. Danté - ZOMBIE - starved to death N4
  5. tolecnal- David the Lookout
  6. Aura - ZOMBIE - starved to death N4
  7. Nana7
  8. slick - Hunter the Hunter - ZOMBIE - starved to death N4
  9. Shadow7- Daniel the Driver
  10. nox - ZOMBIE - starved to death N3
  11. Andrew - ZOMBIE - starved to death N4
  12. FatTony - ORIGINAL ZOMBIE - starved to death N2

Actions Edit

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