Halloween Mafia V
Candy Zombies: You are what you eat...
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Game thread: Halloween Mafia V BTSC threads
Size 19 Players (Large)
Start Date 10.24.13
Winning Faction Goodies: Hershey Co.
Roster #, player
  1. Prince marth85
  2. Golfjunkie
  3. Vommack
  4. Harvest Ty
  5. Framm18
  6. Kiwi
  7. Flamebirde
  8. Boquise
  9. Shadow7
  10. Jay Gold
  11. Fat Tony
  12. HappyKiddo
  13. Benjer3
  14. Dee tot
  15. Mewminator
  16. Nana7
  17. Slick
  18. Vine
  19. Barcallica
First to Die Boquise
Last Remaining Marth, Golfjuckie, Flamebirde, Jay Gold, Benjer, Barcallica
MVP Barcallica
Awards -

Halloween Mafia V was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on own design involving a candies and chocolates.

It began on October 24, 2013 and ended in a Goodie win in D6 (November 07).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • OOP: RID Kill -> Trap -> Block -> Redirect -> Kill -> Spy
  • Remember that in GM's games, OOP only comes into play when two people act on each other. This means:
    • If Player A wants to trap Player B and Player B wants to block Player A then Player A's action goes through.
    • If Player A wants to trap Player B and Player C wants to block Player A, then Player A is blocked and Player B is NOT trapped.
  • Shown in NP
    • Kills
    • Successful traps
    • Successful blocks
    • Successful saves
    • Successful redirect

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies: Mars Co. WINCON: Be in majority; Has BTSC and group night kill

  1. 3 Musketeers - Velvety chocolate and a GM favorite! Can triple any vote of their choice BUT must not count their own vote if they choose to do so.
  2. M&M's - So many different colors. Can choose to be immune from night actions, spy a role, or block a person but never the same thing twice in a row.
  3. Milky Way - Chooses a person and has their role "stick" to them (role copy). They then can choose to use that role the following night OR remove that role from them and choose another person to copy. Cannot copy the same player twice in a row. Can only copy night actions.
  4. Snickers - Man...Snickers fills you up so much but when you have too can block someone for the night.
  5. Twix - Left Twix and Right Twix aren't talking. But if they can target the same person twice in a row without fail, they will kill them that night! First attack WILL be shown in the night post.

Goodies: Hersheys Co. WINCON: Eliminate all Indies and Baddies

  1. Hershey's Bar - King chocolate bar! RID Lynch Save!
  2. Reese's Cups - Dynamic Duo. Like Twix can kill if they successfully target the same person in consecutive nights.
  3. Kit Kat - Give me a break of your leg for the night (Block).
  4. 5th Avenue - Stock Market spying per Yuli/MM. Can try and RID 2 people per night. For every two incorrect guesses, they get one additional RID the following night. For every correct guess, they gets one fewer.
  5. Almond Joy - Can joyfully save someone each night!
  6. Milk Duds - Faction spy odd nights. RID Kill Even nights.
  7. Mounds - Traps one person in a mound for the day ONLY (their action goes through at night).
  8. Pay Day - Pays other people to vote their way. Can change up to 7 votes in a game but no more than 2 in a day.
  9. Take 5 - Take 5? 5 actions? That you can choose from but only once? Sounds good Smile. Let's go with block, save, spy, RID Kill and night immunity.
  10. Twizzlers - Red licorice and snake around and spy people.
  11. Whoppers - Bouncing off people's heads they can redirect any person to any other person.

Indies: WONKA WINCON: Be last standing or in majority, have BTSC

  1. Everlasting Gobstopper: Can't be killed at night and can RID Kill every night.
  2. Nerds: So many of them can multiply their vote by up to 4.
  3. Laffy Taffy: Stretches around someone to trap them for the night and day.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit


  • Marth - 5th Avenue
  • Golfjunkie - Kit Kat
  • Flamebirde - Reese's
  • Shad - Milk Duds
  • Jay Gold - Take 5
  • Benjer3 - Pay Day
  • Dee - Almond Joy
  • Mew - Hershey's
  • Nana7 - Mounds
  • Slick - Whoppers
  • Barc - Twizzlers

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Marth - 5th Avenue
  2. Golfjunkie - Kit Kat
  3. Vommack - Snickers - Lynched D2
  4. Hachi - M&M's - Lynched D5
  5. Framm - Nerds - RID Killed N4 by Milk Duds
  6. Kiwifruit - Twix - RID Killed N5 by Take 5
  7. Flamebirde - Reese's
  8. Boquise - Everlasting Gobstoppers - Lynched D1
  9. Shad - Milk Duds - killed N4
  10. Jay Gold - Take 5
  11. Fat Tony - Milky Way - Lynched D4
  12. HappyKiddo - 3 Musketeers - Lynched D6
  13. Benjer3 - Pay Day
  14. Dee - Almond Joy - killed N2
  15. Mew - Hershey's - killed N5
  16. Nana7 - Mounds - killed N3 by Twix
  17. Slick - Whoppers - killed N6
  18. Vineetrika - Laffy Taffy - Lynched D3
  19. Barc - Twizzlers

Actions Edit

HM V Role Power Cycle 1 Result Cycle 2 Result Cycle 3 Result Cycle 4 Result Cycle 5 Result Cycle 6 Result
Baddies NK Nana Fail;saved by dee NK dee Success NK Jay Failed NK Shad Success NK Mew Success NK Slick Success
HappyKiddo 3 Musketeers x3 any vote/x0 theirs x3 Boq's Success No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A
Hachi M & M's Immune,spy,block,not same twice in a row Spy Nana Trapped; Fail Block Jay Success Spy Flame Success Block Jay succcess Immunity Self Success
Fat Tony Milky Way Role Copy Copy GJ Fail;no action Copy Nana Fail;no action Copy Slick Fail;no action Copy Shad Copied a Copy Lynched
Vommack Snickers Block Block GJ Redirected to Shad Block dee Success Lynched
Kiwifruit Twix Target same twice for kill Twix FT Success Twix Nana Success Twix Nana Killed Twix Jay Success Twix Jay Redirected to Hachi
Mew Hershey's RID Lynch Save Boq as Reese's Fail N/A Blocked N/A N/A N/A RID Lynch Save Self Not Needed Killed
Flamebirde Reese's Target same twice for kill Target Slick Success Target Hachi Redirected to Vomm No Action N/A Target Framm Success Target Hachi Success Blocked
Golfjunkie Kit Kat Block No Action N/A Block Mew Success Block Vine Success Block Happy Success Block Hachi Fail;immunity No Action N/A
Marth 5th Avenue Stock Market Spy Vomm-M&M's Jay-Snickers Both wrong add spy Jay=M&M's Jay-Twizzlers Nana-Nerds Fail; trapped Nana/Hachi-Laffy Taffy Slick-Twizzlers Jay-Take 5 1 right 3 wrong; 4 RID next HK-Twizzlers; Mew-M&M; Mew/Ben-Twix All wrong 6 RID next Kiwi/Flame/Hachi-3 Musketeers Flame/Hachi-M&M GJ-Twix Hachi is M&M, 7 RID next Flame-3 Musketeers Wrong
Dee Almond Joy Save Save Nana Success Save Self Blocked; Killed
Shadow Milk Duds Faction Spy Odd; RID Kill Even Spy Ben Blocked Mew as Laffy Fail Spy Jay Jay is Goodie RID Kill Framm as Nerds Success; Killed
Nana Mounds Day Trap No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A; Killed
Benjer Pay Day Vote x7 not more than 2 day No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A No Action N/A
Jay Gold Take 5 5 actions 1 use each Spy Boq Success No Action Blocked Night Immunity Success Save Slick Blocked RID Kill Kiwi as Twix Success Block Flame Success
Barcallica Twizzlers Spy Spy Ben Success Spy GJ Success Spy Mew Success Spy Hachi Success Spy Kiwi Success No Action N/A
Slick Whoppers Active Redirect Redirect Vomm to Shad Success Redirect Flame to Vomm Success Redirect Mew to Mew Fail no action redirect FT to FT Success Redirect Kiwi To Hachi Success Redirect GJ to GJ Success
Boquise Everlasting Gobstoppers Can't be Killed & RID Kill RID Kill Flame as Kit Kat Fail; Lynched
Framm Nerds Own vote x4 No Action N/A No Action N/A x4 self Success No Action N/A; Lynched
Vinee Laffy Taffy Trap for Night & Day Trap Hachi Success Trap Marth Success Trap Barc Fail; Lynched

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