Halloween Mafia VII
It's time to party!
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Halloween Mafia VII BTSC threads
Size Players (Medium)
Start Date 10.22.15
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster #, player
  1. Prince marth85
  2. dee
  3. Averyhairygorilla
  4. Akaslickster
  5. Marquessa
  6. Okosan
  7. Coolkid
  8. Boquise
  9. Aura
  10. Jay Gold
  11. Yuli
  12. Hirkala
  13. Dr.Saab
  14. Barcallica
  15. DarthMask
First to Die Coolkid
Last Remaining Prince marth85, Marquessa, Okosan, Gubbey, Jay Gold, Dr.Saab, DarthMask
MVP Marquessa
Awards -

Halloween Mafia VII was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on his Halloween series mafias, as a sequel to Halloween Mafia 6.

It began on October 22, 2015 and ended in a Goodie win in D4 (October 30).

Game Mechanics Edit


4 Baddies vs 10 Goodies vs 1 Indy. Unknown roles/theme.

Role DescriptionEdit


  • 4 roles - Have BTSC - Know each other's roles and their theme.
  • WINCON: Be in majority


  • 10 roles - No BTSC - only one of them knows the costume theme but not what other characters are going to be.
  • WINCON: Eliminate Baddies


  • 1 role - Doesn't know either theme
  • WINCON: RID all 14 other characters and both themes.

Host's Summary Edit

This was so fun. I got to be an active host and re-hash one of my more successful mafias. Halloween Mafia IV was a good one. It was a bit of scum mafia thrown into my typical MM game with a fun indy twist to keep the themes quiet. I'm quite pleased that a very similar set up led to a goodie victory instead of a baddie victory, especially since I didn't check the balance of that old game before designing this one based off of it. For any people new to this site, check out that game specifically to see what I went with for the themes then.

I was very obvious with the hinting I felt. For Halloween Mafia IV I did the comic book thought bubble for the logo. This one I tried to recreate a campaign sign, which went over fairly well. I decided to use first names only as last names would be a giveaway. That plus the night posts made it fairly obvious what I was doing which is what I wanted. I wanted people to talk about the theme and give the indy a chance. The whole point of the indy was to give people reason to think twice about hinting. The more you hinted the better chance that Jay found out your role.

Jay did a great job this game. He used his spy to aid the goodies this game, giving them Aura N1 on a platter which was a big hinderance for the baddies. That and Gubbey's lucky spy on Barc which led to the RID Kill use made it a tough job for the baddies, leaving the new Gorilla and the inactive Dee to pick up the pieces. Jay did get close, but as I hinted at in the night post, he guessed too soon. Jay was allowed one guess per cycle which, if correct, would end the game with a victory for him. He guessed D1 and D2 with very little success but with his successive spies he got 9 of 14 the next day. He had 3 spies and he had spied 2 of the 3 goodies he got wrong. However, he was scared that either Dee would die N4 and the game would end or worse he would die so he decided to take a stab in the dark and only got 10 of 14. I'm almost certain he would have gotten 14 of 14 today and would've enjoyed candy instead of more popcorn in the final post, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I also decided to put 2 killers in this game. Marth was the slow Night Kill, and Hirk was the even night RID Kill. I gave Marco this role because his was the name that would most giveaway the theme except for Donald, who was the goodie who knew the theme, thus why DM was so vocal from the very beginning. I wanted to make sure that the goodies couldn't figure out their role without a knowledge of politics which some but not all people had. After looking at all of the goodies actions, I determined that the MVP deserves to go to Marquessa. I was torn between Gubbey and Marq as Gubbey took over for Boq very short notice and did Boquise justice by RID Killing to top baddie using the combo of roles he had. But Marq had a lot of things figured out and led the majority of the lynches, which led to a victory despite her only successful save being Jay.

Overall I think it was a good game. I always like having elements of surprise in my game. I want there to be some logic but I also want people to have to think on their feet so to speak. I enjoy people being faced with a problem with their logic and seeing if they can adapt to it. I also enjoyed being able to sneak politics into a mafia. While my liberal self is mad to have to label the slew of Republican nominees as 'goodies', it just happened to fit the mafia style. It was an "informed" minority versus an "uninformed" majorityXD. I hope everyone enjoyed the mafia and I'll see you soon enough.

Winning Faction Edit

MVP: Marquessa


  • DarthMask - Trump
  • Yuli - Carson
  • Hirk - Rubio
  • Slick - Cruz
  • Okosan - Bush
  • Marth - Fiorina
  • Saab - Kasich
  • Marq - Paul
  • Coolkid - Christie
  • Gubbey - Huckabee

Day and Night Posts Edit

Prelude N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Marth - Fiorina
  2. Dee - Sanders - Lynched D4
  3. Gorilla - O'Malley / Martin - Lynched D3
  4. Slick - Cruz - Killed N3 by Carly Fiorina
  5. Marq - Paul
  6. Okosan - Bush
  7. coolkid - Christie - Killed N1 by the Baddies
  8. Gubbey - Huckabee
  9. Aura - Lincoln - Lynched D1
  10. Jay - Johnson
  11. Yuli - Carson - Killed N2 by the Baddies
  12. Hirk - Rubio / Marco - lynched D2
  13. Saab - Kasich
  14. Barc - Clinton - RID Killed N3 by Mike
  15. Darth Mask - Trump

Actions Edit