Halloween Mafia VIII
Anti-Candy Moms
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link Halloween Mafia VIII BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 2016-10-27
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster #, player
  1. Araver
  2. Marquessa
  3. maurice
  4. Boquise
  5. aura
  6. Okosan
  7. yuiop
  8. dee
  9. BabyCee
  10. Jay
  11. curr3nt
  12. sparrowhawk
  13. Slick
First to Die BabyCee
Last Remaining yuiop, Marq, Maurice, Boquise, araver, aura, sparrowhawk, Jay Gold
MVP Araver
Awards -

Halloween Mafia VIII was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on his own series.

It began on October 27th, 2016 and ended in a Goodie win in N3 (November 2nd, 2016).

Game Mechanics


So every kid is going to have a bag of this old but powerful candy. The list of powers each candy gives is listed, but the contents of the bag are random and the choices of the actions to be up to the owners of the bag. Some bags will have more, others less, but all kids will have enough to make sure actions are available.

Role Description

Baddies - Anti-Candy Moms. Have BTSC and a Night Kill carried out by one of the moms. WINCON: To be in the majority

  • Alexis: Leader of the anti-candy moms. Block each night
  • Barbara: Can RID Steal a piece of candy from one of the children.
  • Christine: Can spy one child per night.
  • Daphne: Can buy an extra vote each day if she chooses to

Goodies - Cul-de-sac kids. Powers determined by the candy they choose to eat that night. WINCON: Remove all baddies. Names of the Cul-de-sac kids:

  • Greg
  • Rebecca
  • Kristen
  • Jessica
  • Tyler
  • Timothy
  • Sarah
  • Peter
  • Eric

Candy Powers

Hershey Bar

  • 1 Hershey Bar - RID Lynch Save
  • 2 Hershey Bars - RID Kill

Reese's Cups

  • 2 pack of Reeses - Passive Redirect (Player A goes to random target)
  • 4 pack of Reeses OR King Size Reeses - Active Redirect (Player A goes to Player B)


  • 1 Kit Kat - Block
  • 2 Kit Kats - Trap

Almond Joy

  • 1 Almond Joy - Save one person
  • 2 Almond Joy - Save one person and get the RID of the person who attempted the kill

Milk Duds

  • 1 pack of Milk Duds - Faction Spy
  • 2 packs of Milk Duds - Role Spy

Pay Day

  • 1 Pay Day - Can add one vote
  • 2 Pay Day - Can add two votes
  • 3-5 Pay Day - Can add as many votes as you have candies


  • 1 Twizzler - 1 action spy
  • 2 Twizzlers - 2 action spies

Host's Summary

Lesson learned...don't give out so much candy. The goodies played this so well that the baddies had very little chance and despite the 4-9 baddie to goodie ratio they had. I feel as though I'd need more baddies in this setup now or just a large enough game where not everyone can use the candies like they did. I also bad it ended as quickly as it did and feel worse because I was hoping it would be so much more epic. Though having 4 successful RID kills is amazing, I hope I can redo this game better next time around. I like the concept but I hope everyone learns their lesson from this one, especially me. A lot of goodies were smart, either saving themselves or spying then using the RID kills when they were ready.

Thank you to everyone for playing, your reps will be out shortly. MVP goes to...araver for pulling off the Almond Joy candy power perfectly.

Winning Faction


  • Araver - Timothy
  • Marquessa - Rebecca
  • maurice - Jessica
  • Boquise - Tyler
  • aura - Sarah
  • yuiop - Greg
  • BabyCee - Kristen
  • Jay - Eric
  • sparrowhawk - Peter

MVP: araver

Day and Night Posts

Prelude N1 D1 N2 D2 N3

End of Game Roster


  1. Araver - Timothy
  2. Marquessa - Rebecca
  3. maurice - Jessica
  4. Boquise - Tyler
  5. aura - Sarah
  6. Okosan - Mom Daphne - RID Killed N3 by Jessica & Rebecca
  7. yuiop - Greg
  8. dee - Mom Barbara - RID Killed N3 by Greg & Sarah
  9. BabyCee - Kristen - Killed N1 by Mom Daphne
  10. Jay - Eric
  11. curr3nt - Mom Christine - Lynched D1
  12. sparrowhawk - Peter
  13. Slick - Mom Alexis - Lynched D2