Harry Potter Mafia III
Game information
Host Shadow7 & TheCube
Link Harry Potter Mafia III
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 13.07.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1. MissKitten

2. Zweefer
3. Thalia
4. Nana7
5. KlueMaster
6. Auramyna (Akriti)
7. Medji
8. kaniac
9. Anon26
10. yoDell
11. curr3nt

First to Die curr3nt
Last Remaining 3. Thalia

7. Medji

MVP Thalia
Awards -

Harry Potter Mafia III was a game designed and hosted by Shadow7, co-hosted by TheCube based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

It began on July 13th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie&Indy win in Day 3 (July 22nd, 2011).

Game Mechanics


OOA: trap >> NK >> block >> redirect >> spy (will know redirected, not to whom) FAQ:

  • Trap is full cycle (extends during the day, does not act like a save)
  • NK is only blocked if it's on Pettigrew; Harry Potter is only shown as carrier for the story
  • The person Sirius redirected will be informed of this via the night-post, but they will not know their new target.
  • Redirects on trapped players fail.
  • Redirects on people with no action show up as successful
  • all same-level actions occur
  • D1, tie=no lynch, else random

Role Description

Baddies: Wincon=majority, Group Night Kill, BTSC

  • Harry Potter--NK carrier (only for story)
  • Ron--block
  • Hermione--role spy

Goodies: Wincon=eliminate baddies

  • Dementors (x2)--vanilla
  • Pettigrew--immune to NK
  • Snape--night kill (role revealed)
  • Trelawney--follow spy x2 (selects 2, finds out who those 2 targetted)
  • Draco--trap, 25% faction spy on trapped target
  • Sir Cadogen--75% chance block

Indie: Wincon=target Harry, if success, removed from game. Alternate WinCon (if Harry dies)=Survive till the end. Sirius Black--redirect, trapped if targets a Dementor. Note: In both cases, target means the person being redirected, not the person redirected to.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations


Special commendations

Host disappointments

Alternate endings

Winning Faction

  • Indy
    • Miss Kitten - Sirius
  • Goodies
    • Zweefer - Sir Cadegon
    • Thalia - Snape
    • Auramyna (Akriti) - Draco
    • Medji - Pettigrew
    • kaniac - Dementor
    • Anon26 - Trelawny
    • curr3nt - Dementor

MVP: Thalia

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Dumbledore: Shadow7
McGonagall: TheCube

  1. Miss Kitten - Sirius - Left after N3
  2. Zweefer - Sir Cadegon - Lynched D1
  3. Thalia - Snape
  4. Nana7 - Hermione - Killed N2 by Snape
  5. KlueMaster - Ron - Lynched D3
  6. Auramyna (Akriti) - Draco - Killed N2 by Harry
  7. Medji - Pettigrew
  8. kaniac - Dementor - Lynched D2
  9. Anon26 - Trelawny - Killed N3 by Harry
  10. yoDell - Harry - Killed N3 by Snape
  11. curr3nt - Dementor - Killed N1 by Harry


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