High School Mafia
Game information
Host GMaster479 & scsw
Link High School Mafia
Size 19 Players (Large)
Start Date 07.06.2009
Winning Faction Goodies & Indies
Roster 1) Clozo

2) Abhisk
3) Riranor (Peace*out)
4) Underground Dan
5) Limeliam
6) RPGBully
7) Eeeeep
8) Mekal
9) Phaze
10) Amberrock
11) Kathleen (Blue of thout)
12) Reaymond
13) Andromeda
14) Social Darwin
15) RainThinker (Prince_Marth85)
16) Prof. Templeton
17) Magic_luver101
18) Joe's Student
19) Grey Cells

First to Die Reaymond
Last Remaining 2) Abhisk

3) Riranor (Peace*out)
11) Kathleen
13) Andromeda

Awards -

High School Mafia was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 & scsw based on original design.

It began on June 7th, 2009 and ended in a Goodie & Indy tie win in D9 (June 25th, 2009).

Game Mechanics


General Mechanics:

  • All investigations count as a visit.
  • Blocking roles always prevails over killing roles.
  • If there is a tie for suspension, a coin flip will decide who is suspended.


  • Players who have no BTSC (Behind the Scenes Contact) cannot in any time PM another player to reveal game information.
  • Players may not, under any circumstances post PMs they receive from the host/co-host on the game thread.
  • Inactive players shall face our wrath.

Role Description

Hooligans: Wins by being the last faction standing. Have BTSC. Can choose one student to be suspended every night.

  • School Bully [M]: Can bully a player into submission and block their night action.
  • Vandal [M]: Can post anything of his liking on the Night post due to his unrivaled spray painting skills (Once per night).
  • Rich Kid [M]: Bribes the vote counter in the Day, giving him double voting power (+3 if more than 10 people are voting). When investigated will appear to be a random normal student.
  • Snitch [M]: May spread false rumors about any student of his choice. Rumors last for 2 Night/Day sessions. Action will not be posted. When investigated, the student will appear as a random Hooligan.

Students: Wins by being the last faction standing. Only Class Presidents have BTSC, other Students do not have BTSC unless stated.

  • Class President [M]: May choose to end the day early and pardon lynch if he can RID the individual. The saved player’s role will not be revealed. BTSC with Vice-President
  • Class Vice-President [M]: Can blacklist a student every Night. The name will not be posted but stays on the list for 1 Night/Day cycle. If the student acts, the Prefect will learn the student’s role (affected by all modifiers). BTSC with President
  • School Paper Editor [F]: She learns the roles of all suspended students and has the option of posting one in the school newsletter. The post will appear in the Day post.
  • Anime Otaku [M]: Crazy about anime, he cosplays roles from anime/manga and roams the school at night.
    • Night 1: Naruto – As a ninja, he may follow a player and learn the actions of the tracked player. Will not be revealed in the night post.
    • Night 2: Monkey D. Luffy – As a Pirate that ate the Gomu-Gomu fruit, he will not be harmed by anything (cannot be suspended). Attacks on him will be revealed in the night post.
    • Night 3: Light Yagami – A genius with great predicting ability, he may learn a person’s role for the night. Bypasses modifiers. Will not be revealed in the night post.
    • Night 4: Kurosaki Ichigo – As a Shinigami, he may RID block any student. Successful blocks appear in the night post. Unsuccessful ones will not.
    • Night 5 and onwards: May choose any of the above to cosplay, but not the same one two nights in a row.
  • Goth [M]: Tolerant of everything and given up on life, he may choose to receive all actions targeting a student. Actions targeting him will still apply on top of the actions targeted on the other student. If chosen to be targeted for suspension, only has a 50% chance of being suspended (does not override lynching).
  • School Genius [M]: May predict 3 actions every night. A prediction will be as such: <Role> targets <Player>. Gets told which are correct and may choose to prevent a night action. Knows who the Smart Blonde is and have BTSC.
  • Smart Blonde [F]: Ever ready to clear the Dumb Blonde stereotype, she is able to cure one infatuated male per day. No RID needed. Knows who the School Genius is and have BTSC.
  • Computer Geek [M]: May hack into the school database and learn the contact information of any suspended player. May then contact the suspended player and ask 3 questions. Suspended player may choose to tell the truth or not. The contacted player will be posted in the Night post, but questions and answers will not be posted.
  • Jock [M]: All brawns and no brain, may choose to pummel a student every other night and send him/her to the hospital for the school year. Will be infatuated as long as targeted by Queen Bee (or Head Cheerleader) even if RID is wrong.
  • Drum Major [M]: He may choose to cast a musical spell on any student. A lullaby will disable the student’s actions for the night. A fanfare will disable all actions targeting the student.
  • Gay Kid [M]: The school homosexual. If targeted by Queen Bee (or Head Cheerleader), can redirect infatuation to any role of his choosing.
  • Twilight Fan [F]: Another poor soul that was caught in the Twilight craze. Became extremely self obsessed and may redirect one action targeting her to another player.

Queen Bees: Manage to infatuate 8 male students (including hooligans). Have BTSC. Being overly famous, all Queen Bees will be outed if they get suspended.

  • Queen Bee [F]: Can post 2 RIDs a night, targeting male students. If correct, the student will be infatuated with her. Only she will know who is infatuated with her. If targeted for suspension, a random infatuated student will sacrifice himself for her.
  • Head Cheerleader [F]: Can distract a student and block his/her ability. Will assume the Queen Bee’s role on top of her own should the Queen Bee be suspended.

  • School Idol [F]: Will find out the gender of students visiting her at night.Will assume the Queen Bee’s role on top of her own should the Head Cheerleader be suspended but only allowed 1 RID per night. When investigated will appear as a random normal student.

Host's Summary

Day 1 explanation: So just as an explanation, this is one of two planned 'school-themed events' that will happen. For being the first one eliminated, Reay was given the power to pull a fire alarm during any day or night session for the rest of the game, and chose to do it today. Also here is a warning that all of those who don't post during the day time will be given 'detention' for that night, just like in Fantasy Mafia, so no night actions. No one is there tonight, but not posting actions or votes will cost you.

End-game WinCon explanation: Well here is how this will play out. The Bees are unable to get their wincon. They hadn't RIDed Eeeep yet and without him, they can only RID 7 guys. If you vote out the Rich Kid, then The Hooligans would lose, but the Queen Bees would have to be lynched in order for the Innocents to get their wincon. So if the 2 bees and the 2 innocents keep splitting the vote, I guess I could have to call it a tie between the 2 factions left. However the innocents have a 50/50 shot of winning if they tie the vote each night and leave it up to a series of coin flips to determine whether the innocents win or nobody wins. With GC not lynched and still in and one of the innocents voted off, GC would win with the suspension the next night. So I leave it up to you guys to determine how this ends

Well everyone, thank you for making my first Mafia host a success. Special thanks to scsw who was there for me when I was confused or overwhelmed. Overall I think it was good, maybe not 100% smooth but I hope you all enjoyed it. I will be back in September (so that this makes more chronological sense) with HSM2 (not to be confused with the Disney Movie)

Winning Faction


  • Abhisk - School Idol
  • Riranor - Head Cheerleader
  • RainThinker - Queen Bee


  • Clozo - Computer Geek
  • Underground Dan - Gay Kid
  • Limeliam - Class President
  • RPGBully - School Paper Editor
  • Eeeeep - School Genius
  • Mekal - Goth
  • Phaze - Drum Major
  • Kathleen - Class VP
  • Reaymond - Twilight Fan
  • Andromeda - Smart Blonde
  • Social Darwin - Jock
  • Joe's Student - Anime Otaku

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: GMaster479 & scsw

  1. Clozo - Computer Geek - Lynched D8
  2. Abhisk - School Idol
  3. Riranor (Peace*out)- Head Cheerleader
  4. Underground Dan - Gay Kid - Killed N8 by Hooligans
  5. Limeliam - Class President - Lynched D4
  6. RPGBully - School Paper Editor - Killed N6 by Hooligans
  7. Eeeeep - School Genius - Killed N9 by Hooligans
  8. Mekal - Goth - Lynched D2
  9. Phaze - Drum Major - Killed N3 by Hooligans
  10. Amberrock - Vandal - Lynched D5
  11. Kathleen (Blue of thout) - Class VP
  12. Reaymond - Twilight Fan - Killed N1 by Hooligans
  13. Andromeda - Smart Blonde
  14. Social Darwin - Jock - Killed N4 by Hooligans
  15. RainThinker (Prince_Marth85) - Queen Bee - Lynched D6
  16. Prof. Templeton - Snitch - Lynched D3
  17. Magic_luver101 - School Bully - Lynched D7
  18. Joe's Student - Anime Otaku - Killed N5 by Hooligans
  19. Grey Cells - Rich Kid - Lynched D9


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