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High School Mafia II
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link High School Mafia II
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 14.09.2009
Winning Faction Baddies & Indy
Roster 1) Mrs.P

2) Clozo
3) Slick
4) Riranor
5) Prince_Marth85 2.0 (RainThinker)
6) CrazyPainter
7) DudleyDude
8) Prince_Marth85
9) DarthNoob
10) tpaxatb
11) Derrai (Magic_luver101)
12) scsw

First to Die Prince_Marth85
Last Remaining 7) DudleyDude

10) tpaxatb

Awards -

High School Mafia II was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on original design.

It began on September, 14th 2009 and ended in a tie win for Indy and Baddies in N4 (September 29th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

Classic 8 vs 3 vs 1 Mafia.


  • Tie Lynch = No Lynch
  • Trap = target is blocked AND saved during the night, and cannot vote AND cannot be lynched the following day
  • Theater's copy is not a steal - the original owner of the role still has that role to use that night

Role Description

Baddies: Nerds. Have BTSC. Win when they are the majority. 1 kill per night

  • Alpha Nerd: Has control of the locks in the school. Can trap a person for one day/night and only they will know who that person is. Can only trap themselves once.
  • Beta Nerd: Has control of the video cameras in the school. Spies on one person per night and learns their role.
  • Gamma Nerd: Controls the copiers and printers in the school. He can fake a segment of the Night post.

Goodies: Students. Win when all the Baddies are dead. No BTSC unless otherwise stated

  • QB: School Hero. Can stop someone from being lynched if he can RID them. Has BTSC with DL
  • DL:(Defensive Lineman) Best Man of school Hero. Block once per night. Block will be shown if successful. Has BTSC with QB
  • Cheerleader: Very pretty. Has a 50% chance of learning any players role each night.
  • Goth: Can choose any person and have all actions against that person directed at him. (If A. Nerd tries to trap MrsP and Goth targets MrsP, Goth gets locked up)
  • School Bully: Super strong. Can kill on odd nights
  • School Drunk: Can make one person drunk every night. 50% chance of them hungover for the lynch (can't be voted out and their vote doesn't count) Shows who gets drunk, doesn't show whether they are hungover.
  • Theatre Student: Can randomly copy any role and use it the next night. (Will be given a role that she copied and can perform that role the next night)
  • School President: Can make any vote count 2x or 0x.

Independent: Trojan High Spy. Wins if QB and DL are dead before him and before Night 5.

  • "Trojan Horse": Spy on odd nights, kill on even nights.

Winning Faction

Indy (in N2)

  • DarthNoob - Trojan Spy

Baddies (in N4)

  • Riranor - Gamma Nerd
  • DudleyDude - Beta Nerd
  • tpaxatb - Alpha Nerd

MVP: -

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: GMaster479

  1. Mrs. P - QB - Killed N2 by Trojan Spy
  2. Clozo - Theatre Student - Lynched D3
  3. akaslickster - School Drunk
  4. Riranor - Gamma Nerd - Lynched D2
  5. Prince_Marth 2.0 (RainThinker) - Cheerleader
  6. crazypainter - DL - Lynched D1
  7. DudleyDude - Beta Nerd
  8. Prince Marth - Bully - Killed N1 by Baddies
  9. DarthNoob - Trojan Spy - Killed N3 by Baddies
  10. tpaxatb - Alpha Nerd
  11. Derrai - Goth
  12. scsw - School President - Killed N2 by Baddies

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