High School Mafia III
Game information
Host GMaster479
Link High School Mafia III
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 11.01.2010
Winning Faction Indy
Roster 1) Framm

2) pablo4pandas
3) CrazyPainter
4) Izzy
5) Prince_Marth85
6) DudleyDude
7) EDM
8) sayalzah
9) Medji
10) Abhisk
11) Slick
12) Clozo
13) tpaxatb
14) Moosh
15) Zerep
16) Magic_luver101

First to Die sayalzah
Last Remaining 11) Slick

16) Magic_luver101

Awards -

High School Mafia III was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on previous design (see also: High School Mafia and High School Mafia II).

It began on January 11th, 2010 and ended in an Indy win in N6 (January 22nd, 2010).

Game Mechanics

This was a semi-mystery-type Mafia, where roles where known, factions where known, but not which role belongs to each faction.


  • Roles are known but not the factions they belong to
  • Only the role of lynched players is revealed, not the faction
  • Blocking prevails over everything.
  • What the hosts says goes (even if he messes up )

Role Description

Baddies: Have BTSC. 1 kill per night. Win when in the majority

Goodies: Win when all baddies are dead

Independent: Have BTSC. Powers unknown. WinCon: Be equal to or in the majority


  • Music: Can either BLOCK a department or SAVE a department each night. Can only save self once
  • English: Chooses a player and learns their faction each night.
  • Social Studies: Has connections around the school has a SPY each night.
  • Dance: Every night, but not two in a row, may choose a player. Should the player have more than n/3 votes stacked on him/her at any point of the Day, the player will be lynched together with the actual lynch victim. (n = number of players remaining in the game)
  • Languages: Can choose a department and DIVERT their action to any other department they want
  • P.E: Traps 1 department a night blocking their night action and their vote in the lynch. Only they know whether person was trapped successfully
  • Theatre: Counters all actions against them that night. (Try to kill Theatre Department, it kills you)
  • Health: Chooses a person to follow each night and heals them if targeted for a kill.
  • Art: Chooses player's and can copy their night action the next night (learning their role if they have a night action, if not informed it didn't work)
  • Math: Can make any vote count 3x or 0x
  • Technology: BLOCK each night
  • Wood Shop: Can choose to either make a weapon or kill each night. Takes 2 nights to make a weapon. Can only kill if they have a weapon. Can kill for every weapon they have.
  • Metal Shop: Can try and RID the Wood Shop with 1 RID try per night. If he guesses correctly, establishes BTSC and they work together to make a weapon and use it for a kill each night
  • Honors Program: Host rolls a dice each night. 1 - Nothing 2 - Saves himself 3 - Chooses someone to save 4 - Blocks someone 5 - Spy on someone 6 - Any of the above
  • Special Ed: Can try and RID 1 person per night. If correct can choose to learn their faction or steal their action. Can't RID same person twice
  • Science: Can learn the roles of a dead person once per night.

Host's Summary

So, we've ended another awesome series on BrainDen Mafia. We've been through many Mafiosos, many schools, students, teachers and more. I've enjoyed doing this a lot and this one was fun.

Inactivity wasn't too big of a problem overall. I'm usually fine with a little and I had replacements ready if someone didn't come on over a span of 48 hours.

On Night 1 Zerep was DIVERTED by Slick. Zerep got a block and chose to use it on CP. The way I would've written it out had the Baddies not diverted him was that CP stopped the block but couldn't stop the kill. I realize now I should've specified that Theatre would've only countered one action per night. Also I should've given Metal Shop something to do other than RID.

On Night 3, there was a big problem I ran into. CLOZO wanted to block SLICK. SLICK wanted to divert TPAXATB TO Zerep. TPAXATB wanted to trap CLOZO.

At first I went with Clozo's block having priority and therefore Tpax would trap clozo. But then Slick would've diverted Tpax leaving clozo free to block slick. I decided on the trap taking priority and trapping both of them to make it make sense. It worked out bad for the Goodies but it happened.

A few things the goodies could've done:

  • tpaxatb had me figured out. He got the colors and with a little help how the Indy was being worked out. When I ORIGINALLY made this game Dance Art and Music were supposed to be the Baddies and Languages and Music were supposed to be Indy. However I expanded the game and had to change which roles were going to be which. So I went out of the box and went with Languages. Unfortunately he got confused and eventually killed before he could figure it out.
  • I GAVE you guys Framm on Day 3. He should've been lynched but somehow got his way out of it. I was so amazed he didn't go. I tried to make it seem like he was Dance, the only obviously baddie role. I think too much arguing and confusion got the better of you guys.
  • P4P should've made it obvious who he was. The goodies biggest weapon was having Marth find him and abhisk saving them as long as he could. P4P nailed Medji and probably would've had Framm too. Unfortunately Marth was shooting in the dark and P4P wasn't active enough to make full use of his role despite causing the death of one of the baddies.

The balance was good, but I feel there were 2 factors in why an independent faction won YET AGAIN in High School Mafia 3.

  • I think Slick played this perfectly. As soon as I gave him permission he outed himself to the other Baddies as an "indy spy" and said he had BTSC with Special Ed. He got them to believe he was on their side and that he could help out using Magic's inactiveness and his role and pull over there to do something. He got Magic to vote when necessary and never gave away that he had figured out most of the roles with the Baddies.
  • Also, the Indy faction was never seen as a threat. I would've revealed that they were an indy in the lynch or at least hinted at it. I mean Magic was never there and Slick had a solid plan to keep quiet. I never revealed to Magic that Slick was Bad but if she had figured it out she could've been more suspicious which would've made their decisions harder.

So this series is over. It has been successful 3 times now and I believe my hosting style is good but I need to look at balance. Indies have a pretty big advantage having won all 3 HSM's (and Mario Mafia) in some way. Sometimes it was good play, other times it was pure luck, but I don't think that should happen. I will work on this but I do have one question for everyone who played and even the many on-lookers.

Was it interesting having the factions hidden? Who does it benefit? Can anyone do it? Strategies for when it happens?

I want feedback because this was uncharted territory as far as I know and need to know whether someone else can make it happen or whether people thought it didn't work out.

Winning Faction


  • Slick - Languages
  • Magic - Special Ed.

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: GMaster479

  1. Framm18 - Dance - Killed end of game
  2. Pablo4Pandas - WoodShop - Lynched D3
  3. Crazypainter - Theatre - Lynched D1
  4. Izzy - Social Studies - Killed N2 by Baddies
  5. Prince_Marth - Metal Shop - Lynched D5
  6. DudleyDude - Science - Lynched D4
  7. EDM - English - Killed N5 by Baddies
  8. sayalzah - Art - Killed N1 by Crazy Painter
  9. Medji - Music - Killed N3 by Wood Shop
  10. Abhisk - Health - Lynched D2
  11. Slick - Languages (with Baddie BTSC access)
  12. Clozo - Technology - RID Killed N6 by Slick
  13. tpaxatb - P.E. - Killed N4 by Baddies
  14. Moosh - Math - Killed N3 by Baddies
  15. Zerep - Honors Program - Killed end of game
  16. Magic - Special Ed.