Host Wars Mafia
Game information
Host Hirkala
Link Game thread: Host Wars Mafia
Size 20 players (Super-size)
Start Date 26.06.2011
Winning Faction - (stopped)
Roster 1. Fox

2. Aaryan
3. Auramyna 2.0 (Yuli)
4. Akriti
5. KlueMaster
6. Brandonb
7. Auramyna
8. Lionheart87
9. Thalia
10. Marquessa
11. GMaster479
12. darth nox
13. Glycereine
14. YoDell
15. TheMafiaCube
16. Shadow7
17. Phaze
18. Vineetrika
19. maurice
20. araver

First to Die Auramyna
Last Remaining -
Awards -

Host Wars Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Hirkala based on original design.

It began on June 26, 2011, host became MIA during Night 5 (after July 9th, 2011), and game was officially stopped July 26, 2011.

No results were officially published of the last actions (including RID guesses of the hosts in the last night) so the outcome is impossibe to determine, yet the threads have been published making any continuation of the game impossible. Allegedly, at least team 1 and team 4 had submitted correct RIDs guesses during Night 5, yet only team 4 had achieved plurality during Day 4 (and it is unknown if this plurality would still have been achieved at the end of Night 5).

Game Mechanics Edit

There are 4 Factions: 1,2,3,4. Each faction has a host and 4 players.


  • Block > Redirect > RID Kill > Spy
  • The Day phase will have Sequence Voting. The votes necessary for passing a sequence are (N/2)+1 where N=total number of players. The format for a sequence will be Spy Yuli [Hirkala]: (Pro-vote 1, Pro-vote 2[Anti-vote 1])
  • Sequences:
    • Kill - Kills a player, but does not reveal their role.
    • Lynch - Kills a player and reveals their role.
    • Spy - Spies a player and learns their faction.
    • Courier - Can send and return one message to one player. (CC me)
    • Block - The target is blocked the following night.
    • Reveal - Initiator's faction is revealed to the target.
    • Veto - A victim initiated sequence that negates a sequence against him.

Role DescriptionEdit

  • Hosts (1,2,3,4)
    • BTSC; Completely invincible;
    • Each night, will write 1/4 of the night post and may change (add or subtract) one thing.
    • WinCon: Must submit their entire faction and one other complete faction to win (correct roles must be given.). (Added during Day 1): In addition, their faction must have more members than any other faction (but not necessarily more than all factions together i.e. plurality)
    • In BTSC, the 4 Hosts may choose one player to spy on. Result will be published in BTSC thread.
    • Hosts will be intermixed with the other players, unknown to all. During signups, each player must send a PM informing whether or not they would like to be a Host. 4 Hosts will be randomly selected from those and the rest will be randomized amongst the player roles.
  • Players:
    • Each night, each player (A-D) may submit 4 names and will be told (yes or no) if their Host is on the list.
    • A (1,2,3,4) - Each night, the A's can redirect one player to another target.
    • B (1,2,3,4) - Each night, the B's can block one player from acting.
    • C (1,2,3,4) - Each night, the C's can spy one player and learn their role. Spies will be shown in the night post, but the target will not.
    • D (1,2,3,4) - Each night, the D's may attempt to RID Kill one player.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit

Here on MM, we have a lot of games. And a lot of games means a lot of players. But, what we also have are hosts. Not as many, but they are there... Watching your every move. Waiting for your actions. Laughing behind the scenes. Ridiculing you for a blunder. Telling their friends about how dumb you are! (Note: I am not including myself in this list of Hosts. I am always respectful and compassionate toward each and every player. )

But, now... The Hosts are on the spot. The Hosts are the ones who will win or lose the game! The Hosts must face off in............. HOST WARS!!!


Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Host: Hirkala

  1. Fox - 4A
  2. Aaryan - 1B
  3. Aura 2.0 (Yuli) - Host #2
  4. Akriti - 3D - Killed in N4 by 4D
  5. KlueMaster - 3C
  6. Brandonb - 4D
  7. Aura - 2A - Killed in N2 by 1D, 3D, 4D
  8. Lionheart87 - 2D
  9. Thalia - 1C
  10. Marquessa - 4B
  11. GMaster479 - 1D - Killed in N3 by 4D
  12. darth nox - 3B
  13. Glycereine - Host #3
  14. YoDell - 4C
  15. TheMafiaCube - 2C
  16. shadow7 - 1A - Killed in N3 by 3D
  17. Phaze - 3A
  18. Vineetrika - 2B
  19. maurice - Host #4
  20. araver - Host #1

Actions Edit

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