How I Met Your Mafia
Suit Up!
Game information
Host Coolkid
Link How I Met Your Mafia BTSC threads
Size Players (Medium)
Start Date 8.18.15
Winning Faction The Bossess
Roster #, player
  1. TheProphet
  2. Plasmid
  3. Vommack
  4. EDM
  5. Auramyna
  6. Okosan
  7. ShadowAngel
  8. Boquise
  9. Barcallica
  10. Jay Gold
  11. Yuiop (Gubbey)
  12. Dd515087
  13. Nina
First to Die Okosan, Boquise
Last Remaining TheProphet, Shadow, Plasmid, Barc
MVP Plasmid
Awards -

How I Met Your Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Coolkid based on How I Met Your Mother.

It began on August 18, 2015 and ended in a The Bossess win in N5 (August 27).

Game Mechanics Edit


Players may not act on themselves.

NK's have carriers.

OOP: Block>Redirect>Trap

Traps save, block, and silence. Traps trapping each other in a closed loop will succeed.

Redirects cannot redirect players to themselves. Simultaneous redirects, on the third player or on each other, will fail.

Players receiving messages will not be told whom the message is from.

Shown in np: kill attempts, used saves, traps. Players will be privately informed if they are blocked. Redirected players will not be informed.

In case of a tie, no one dies.

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies #1: The Bosses

  1. Hammond Druthers - Ted’s demanding boss with taste that is, how to say, questionable. (Trap)
  2. Arthur Hobbs - Marshall’s boss, whose two loves are his dog Tugboat and screaming at people. (Redirect)
  3. Sandy Rivers - Robin’s boss, an anchorman who enjoys dropping his anchor in a few too many places. (Messenger)

Baddies #2: The Exes

  1. Stella Zinman - Stole Ted’s heart, then left him standing at the altar. (Trap)
  2. Jeanette Peterson - A police officer who appears to have a few screws loose, as Ted realised a bit too late. (Redirect)
  3. Zoey Pierson - An activist who loved her cause more than she did Ted. (Messenger)


  1. Ted Mosby - The protagonist, a romantic searching for his one true love, and failing. (Save)
  2. Marshall Eriksen - The best friend, a gentle giant with a law degree whose true desire is to save the planet. (Block)
  3. Lily Aldrin - Marshall’s one true love, a kindergarten teacher whose true desire is to be an artist. (Messenger)
  4. Barney Stinson - A philanderer in a suit who attempts to make every night the best night of his life. (Die roll, 1-save, 2-follow spy, 3-lookout spy, 4-block, 5-trap, 6-kill)
  5. Robin Scherbatsky - Canadian Scotch and gun lover, raised and named after her father, who really wanted a son. (Kill)
  6. James Stinson - Barney’s half brother, who is both entirely different from Barney in appearance and taste. (Trap)
  7. Carl Maclaren - Owner and bartender of Maclaren’s, the bar the gang frequents. (Role Spy)

Host's Summary Edit

Plasmid is MVP. This was a fun game albeit lacking in activity Sad I would like to bring it back, perhaps add a goodie action copy and a "Santa" type role.
By coolkid

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

The Bossess

  • TheProphet - Arthur Hobbs
  • Plasmid - Sandy Rivers
  • Shadow - Hammond Druthers

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. TheProphet - Arthur Hobbs
  2. Plasmid - Sandy Rivers
  3. Vommack - Carl Maclaren - Killed N3 by The Exes
  4. EDM - Jeanette Peterson - Lynched D3
  5. Aura - Marshal Eriksen - Killed N2 by The Bosses
  6. Okosan - Ted Mosby - Killed N1 by The Exes
  7. Shadow - Hammond Druthers
  8. Boquise - Barney Stinson - Killed N1 by The Bossess
  9. Barc - Zoe Pierson
  10. Jay - James Stinson - Killed N4 by The Bossess
  11. Yuiop - Lily Aldrin - Killed N3 by The Bossess
  12. Dd515 - Stella Zinman - Killed N5 by The Bosses
  13. Nina - Robin Scherbatsky - Lynched D2

Actions Edit

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