Inactivity = Term used when a person is not seen to actively participate in a Mafia game for a period of time.

What is considered activity?

For Mafia games where cycles have deadlines, players are expected to actively participate in the game, from voting to discussing and using their role actions strategically. While the definition encompasses the minimalistic behavior of players coming online, voting and then logging off, this behavior is frowned upon by other players.

What is considered inactivity?

Clear inactivity: not submitting an action, not being there during the days. This can severely damage the balance during a Mafia game (no matter how good the initial design was).

Hosts can determine that a player is inactive if he does not post in the game thread or use their abilities via PM a certain number of day or night cycles (usually a consecutive day/night or night/day period). Hosts should be warned by players beforehand if they will not be able to be active in the game for more than 24 hours (mostly due to IRL complications - work, school, vacations, other games, etc).

  • If backups are available in the signups thread, then hosts may elect to eliminate an inactive player and replace him with a backup.
  • If a backup is not available, the host can choose to either mod kill the player or leave the inactive player alive.

Most hosts don't use mod kills as these disrupt the game balance. Players which have BTSC may be power played by the other teammates in the BSTC (but not in the game thread).

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