Languages Mafia
Game information
Host Shadow7 and Vommack
Link Game thread: Languages Mafia BTSC threads
Size 17 Players (Large)
Start Date 8.30.13
Winning Faction Romance and Basque
Roster #, player
  1. Marquessa
  2. Dee tot
  3. Curr3nt
  4. Thalia (Hirkala)
  5. Araver
  6. Krystal
  7. U-ta-gai
  8. Boquise
  9. Jay Gold
  10. GMaster479
  11. Aura
  12. Benjer3
  13. Golfjunkie
  14. Mewminator
  15. Plasmid
  16. Segul
  17. Barcallica
First to Die Golfjunkie
Last Remaining Araver, Marquessa, Segul, Boquise
MVP Boquise
Awards -

Languages Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Shadow7 and Vommack.

It began on August 30, 2013 and ended in a Romance and Basque win in D10 (September 20).

Game Mechanics Edit


Trap>Redirect>Block>RID kill>rest

Only successful kills show

Posts are translated into the language that's acting. The text is also a translation link so the English text can be read.

Role DescriptionEdit

Romance: last standing (not counting Basque)
French: broadcast - Je me rends!!!!!
Spanish: trap (block+save) - una lengua generalizada, su naturaleza ardiente les da un montón de posibilidades de causar problemas
Italian: redirect - amanti, non combattenti, faranno lieti di si piegare alla loro volontà
Romanian: spy - cea mai improbabilă dintre limbile Romanice, puțin ar bănui această limbă mai puțin cunoscută că se agață de trecutul său întunecat
Latin: odd nights RID kill, even nights messenger - antiqui saeculi victores militum fortitudo aptabilitasque eorum dedit eis potestatem quingentis annis

Germanic: has BTSC, last standing (not counting Basque)
German: RID kill
Dutch: block - Welkom in Amsterdam, de thuisbasis van tulpen, windmolens en juridische wiet
English: faction spy - the lowly mutt of the Germanic world, conquering through assimilation

Slavic: has BTSC, last standing (not counting Basque)
Russian: RID kill - В Советской России, русский тебе говорит!
Polish: faction spy - Często przejęta, rzadko potężny w sobie, Polacy dobrze wiedzą, jak dostosować się do obcych rządów
Ukranian: redirect

Celtic: has BTSC, last standing (not counting Basque)
Welsh: faction spy - y mwyaf-anghofio o daleithiau y Deyrnas Unedig, mae'n debyg Cymru'n cael ei ystyried braidd yn ôl, er ei fod yn gartref i Doctor Who
Scottish Gaelic: block - sgriubha na hEireannaich, tha sinn na roghainn*
Irish: RID kill - scrobha na Scuit, tá muid na fearr

  • Google lacks a Scottish Gaelic translator, so, I rather changed it from what the link shows, based on a mix of various internet resources for the grammar and vocabulary of Scottish Gaelic (this failure of Google is also why I switched the RID kill)

Altaic: has BTSC, last standing (not counting Basque)
Japanese: RID kill - ただ...奇妙な
Korean: faction spy - 북쪽과 남쪽 사이의 반목으로 찢어, 한국은 탄력 대중 음악을 진정 유지하려고
Mongolian: redirect - Монголчуудын түүх бидэнд нэг зүйлийг сургасан...Чингис нэртэй эрийг хэзээ ч битгий уурлуул*

  • Google lacks a Mongolian translator. So I asked Barc for this. It translates to: Mongolian history has taught us one thing.... Never piss off a man named Genghis

Basque: Wincon: trap all members of one random 3-member faction (backup: live till end). Knows French and Spanish, trap - Bakarti bat, hizkuntza, Frantzia eta Espainiako mugak ere-harro artean harrapaturik

  • aiming for Germanic

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Special commendationsEdit

Overall, a very good game. However, I had originally thought that it would be more successful kills during the game. But everyone fought to the last breath and it was a very well-played game. It was very entertaining to watch and thank you to everyone for participating!

The MVP goes to Boquise because he was pretty on top of things, and seemed to have everything well in hand :)

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • Boquise - Spanish
  • GMaster479 - Italian
  • Plasmid - Romanian
  • Segul - Latin
  • Basque - Araver

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7 D7 N8 D8 N9 D9 N10 D10

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Marquessa - Ukranian
  2. dee - Dutch - Lynched D10
  3. Curr3nt - Mongolian - Killed N3 by Russian
  4. Thalia - Scottish Gaelic - Lynched D9
  5. Araver - Basque
  6. Krystal - English - Lynched D6
  7. U-ta--gai - Russian - Lynched D4
  8. Boquise - Spanish
  9. Jay - Polish - Lynched D8
  10. GMaster479 - Italian - Lynched D2
  11. Aura - Japanese - Lynched D5
  12. Benjer3 - Korean - Lynched D3
  13. Golfjunkie - Welsh - Lynched D1
  14. Mew - Irish - Killed N7 by German
  15. Plasmid - Romanian - Killed N4 by German
  16. Segul - Latin
  17. Barcallica - German - Lynched D7

Actions Edit

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