Les Miserables
Game information
Host music_luvr95
Link IPB Fall
Size  ? Players
Start Date Unknown
Winning Faction  ?
Roster  ?
First to Die  ?
Last Remaining  ?
MVP  ?
Awards -

Les Miserables was a game designed and hosted by music_luvr95 on MafiaManiac on IPBFree

It ended in a ??? win. Due to the IPB Free Fall, this game's threads are lost forever. Below is a compilation of memories and information found online. General timeline for this era was April 2010 through July 2010.

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Bb was original Indy gave it to Phaze who wreaked havoc through his game play. (All I remember, but may be mistaken on this)
By Framm
Actually Framm was the Indy
By Phaze
The baddies had no NK but a single kill role (Phaze as Javert). I spent the whole game accusing Framm of being the Indy (even when I knew the truth). When I undertook the responsibility of Indy myself things took an interesting turn. In a move of betrayal I targeted one of my own (One Truth the baddie save role) in an effort to force "The Lovely Ladies" (Slick the baddies trap role) into trapping me for the night. It didn't quite work out as Slick still had a mind of his own (and understandably didn't like having his arm twisted up his back). I made sure that I told half truths about the secret action of the Indy even to my own team. The secret action was that if the Indy died on any even numbered night they could pass on their role to someone else.
By Phaze

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  • ActressGirl1 - DEAD D1?
  • ActressGirl2 -Alive at end of game
  • Tpax - ???


  • BB -???- DEAD N2 by committing suicide and passed his Indyness on to Phaze

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