Lolcats the 2th
Game information
Host Plasmid
Link Game thread: Lolcats the 2th BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 5.24.13
Winning Faction Goodie
Roster #, player
  1. Mewminator
  2. Clozo
  3. Curr3nt
  4. TheMafiaCube
  5. Kitsune
  6. Hirkala
  7. Shadow7
  8. Brainiac100
  9. Aura
  10. Nana7
  11. Boquise
  12. FatTony
First to Die Boq, FT
Last Remaining Mew, Cube, Kits, Shad, Nana
MVP Nana
Awards -

Lolcats the 2th was a game designed and hosted by Plasmid based on own design, a sequel to Kamikaze Thief Secret Wizard Lolcat Mafia (KaTSWiLM)

It began on May 24, 2013 and ended in a Goodie win in N5 (June 2).

Game Mechanics Edit


The cats are back, and this time the goodies have to contend with not only the baddies, but also the worse-ies. More on those weird rules later, first let's go over some other weird rules that should be familiar to veterans of KaTSWiLM.

In case you missed any of that:

  • Players start with 7 lives and whichever scroll is listed by their role.
  • They can use ONE ability from any of the scrolls they have each night (either regular or Kamikaze), and they have an ODTG ability to permanently learn a scroll and be able to use that scroll's ability on any future night in the game. (Using the ODTG learning ability will not prevent them from using a scroll ability on the same night).
  • Kamikaze abilities will make the caster lose one life, and Kamikaze actions that appear in the nightpost will be shown as being done by a "Kamikaze cat" and not by a particular role.
  • During day phases, players should do THREE things:
    1. Vote on a PLAYER to KILL – each vote is a kill and there is no abstaining.
    2. Vote on a ROLE to FACTION REVEAL – the top two roles will be revealed.
    3. PM me with who they want to steal a scroll from.

OOA: redirect > evasion > stink > salvation > waterfall > lightning > ice > fireball > spy > scrollspy > baddie NKs > (lose a life if you're on fire or frozen) > message

Posts show: actions if the role description says they will be shown, baddie NKs (not including unsuccessful RID attempts), number of lives left for each player, number of scrolls held by each player, status effects for each player. Roles will NOT be revealed after a player has lost all of their lives, but dead players may be spied or broadcast spied.

Players may not abstain from voting to kill, default is to kill self. Players may abstain from voting on a role to faction reveal.

You CAN steal scrolls from the corpse of a dead player.

You can NOT vote to faction-reveal a role that has already been faction-revealed. You CAN vote to faction-reveal a role if it was previously voted to be revealed but did not get revealed because of a kamikaze.

Tie faction-reveal rules: If one role is in the lead and other roles are tied for second place, then the leading role will be revealed and tiebreaking rules will only apply for second place. If any goodie roles are involved in the tie, then a random tied goodie role is lynch-revealed. If only goodies or only baddies/worseies are involved in the tie, then a random tied role is revealed.

Role DescriptionEdit

Goodies: Eight players will be Goodies. Wincon is to kill all Baddies and Worseies.

Baddies: Two players will be Baddies. They have BTSC with each other (but not the Worseies) and control the NKs. They may NK a list of howevermany players they want each night, and for each player on the list they can use either a regular kill for one life or a RID kill for two lives. They win with the worseies, and wincon is to convince the host that the Baddies and Worseies are guaranteed to wipe out the rest of the goodies.

Worseies: Two players will be Worseies. They have BTSC with each other (but not the Baddies) and have two special ODTG abilities. They win with the baddies, and wincon is to convince the host that the Baddies and Worseies are guaranteed to wipe out the rest of the goodies.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Overall I'm pretty happy with how the game turned out. The goodies got both Boquise and Fat Tony on day 2, which gave them enough of an advantage that the baddies couldn't really be expected to recover at that point, but there was a lot of detective work and obfuscation in the meantime that's what mafia is all about.

The saves and particularly Nana's perpetual evasion of baddie kills was definitely a factor in the goodie win, but I'm not sure if it was the biggest one. I'm a little surprised that Nana didn't come under more pressure to prove that she's a goodie after going the whole game with no NKs. It wasn't until the last vote of the game that Tigger was finally shown to be a goodie, but everyone seemed to sort of take for granted that she's a goodie. Had she been a baddie, she could have completely blindsided them. At any rate limiting the evasion to not target the same player 2x in a row would have helped (even if that means that a learned and stolen scroll makes for the potential of the spellcasters to not know whether the player they're targeting was already evading on the previous night), and I think I should have made the number of saves that can be pulled off in a night scale down as the number of remaining players decreases like I did in KaTSWiLM, even if calculating the number of players you can save each night is sort of weird.

Information on roles came out a little more easily than I was going for, and I think that was an even greater factor in the goodie win than the saves and evasion. One of the factors in that was the way the baddie RID kills worked. With this setup, once a player was RID killed once by the baddies, they knew that they were outed to the opponent and had no reason not to out themselves and all their actions. It would probably be better if it were less obvious whether a player was regular killed or RID killed. One thing that could help with that is if there were kill abilities that didn't appear in the NP -- that would both make it more difficult to know if the baddies have RID killed you and would give the baddies (and goodies) a chance to use offensive abilities that were for the most part lacking in this game because any attack that isn't against a known baddie would essentially out the fact that it was carried out by a baddie. I had envisioned that the baddies would use the offensive skills either after they've been faction revealed in a lynch and know they're going to be lynched off anyway, or when they're down to a couple of lives and just want to drag a goodie or two down with them, but that didn't really happen. Faction revealing two roles on each lynch I think was a good change, information in KaTSWiLM where it was just one role per day was just too slow to really help the goodies. And making it known which players start out with which scrolls also contributed to relatively easy role discovery, and was pretty much the entire reason Boq was outed. Even though that made for an easy baddie lynch, I think I'd still keep the starting scrolls known because later in the game it was possible to figure out stuff from people's histories of scroll stealing but took some work to do so.

I'm sort of mixed on whether having two separate baddie BTSCs is a good thing or not. The baddies would have been much more powerful if they all shared BTSC, and could have pulled off some more elegant usage of the NP and night message manipulation if they were able to communicate. But on the other hand, I do like to make it tough for people in a lolcat game. But I probably should have let the worseies take over the NKs if all the baddies get killed off -- it didn't happen this game but if it did then the worseies would have really been up a creek without a paddle.

Nana was the main one pushing forward investigations for the goodies and had the luck of getting evasion so she could survive the entire game to sniff out baddies, and curr3nt made himself look so completely goodie that he was left alone as the goodies were suspecting each other (although that did come at the cost of RID killing himself). Overall, I think Nana deserves the MVP of this game.

By Plasmid

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • mew - Scratchy
  • _Clozo - Pepe le Pew
  • TheMAFIACube - Cat in the Hat
  • Katsune - Hello Kitty
  • Shad - Garfield
  • Brainy - Azrael
  • _Aura - Felix the Cat
  • _Nana7 - Tigger

Day and Night Posts Edit

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. mew - Scratchy
  2. _Clozo - Pepe le Pew - Lynched D4
  3. curr3nt - Hobbes - Killed at the end
  4. TheMAFIACube - Cat in the Hat
  5. Katsune - Hello Kitty
  6. Hirkala - Pink Panther - Lynched D4
  7. Shad - Garfield
  8. Brainy - Azrael - Lynched D3
  9. _Aura - Felix the Cat - Lynched D3
  10. _Nana7 - Tigger
  11. Boquise - Sylvester - Lynched D2
  12. Fat Tony - Heathcliff - Lynched D2

Actions Edit

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