Here you will find a basic list of Before, During, and After Game things you need to do when hosting on MafiaManiac.

First: Contact your In-Game Mod if you have any questions. In-Game Mod = A moderator who is currently not playing in your game or a Mod who is co-hosting with you.

Before the Game:

  • There are 2 parallel Mafias, each with it's own separate area and 5 BTSC forums already available which will allow you to separate 4 factions (Goodie, Baddie, Indie, Other) + a Ghost thread. As a current host, you'll be able to access exactly one of the slot for your Mafia and will have moderator rights on those threads.
  • After randomizing the roles, PM the In-Game Mod with who needs to be added to which BTSC.
  • Make sure all the PM's are sent out correctly. Always click the "Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder" before sending, so that you will know which PMs you sent and to whom.

During the Game

  • PM the In-Game mod to update the BTSC Permissions (Adding/removing players) after each night and day based on who is dead or alive or if anyone gets recruited.
  • Give dead people access to the Ghost BTSC after they die. Post all roles and such in there (in spoilers) if you want. Keep an eye on the Ghost thread and answer their questions as well. Exception: Don't use a Ghost thread if you have a role capable of resurrect actions!
  • Make sure everyone knows when days/nights end. Make sure you mention that at the end of day/night-posts. Optionally, edit your Signature to include the same information.
  • Edit the Announcements to say when days/nights end. If you want a countdown timer, ask your In-Game Mod.
  • Invoke Manfred using :manfred: when you feel some players are inactive. Ask your In-game mod to help you move a person to the Toad usergroup!
  • Edit your signature with links to Intro, N1, D1, N2, D2, etc. It's a very nice touch and it really helps people find older day/night-posts with ease :thumbsup:

After the Game ends

  • Clear out your inbox as it will shrink when you get your member status back!
  • Give out the rep points accordingly
  • Ask the In-Game Mod to take away the permission masks for baddies/other people with BTSC.
  • Choose an MVP(Most Valuable Player) and PM your In-Game Mod your choice to add an award
  • Remind your In-Game Mod to give you rep points/host award.