Mafia:The Musical!
Musical combat time!
Game information
Host Vommack, ShadowAngel
Link Game thread: Mafia:The Musical! BTSC threads
Size 14 Players (Small)
Start Date July 10, 2013
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster Players
  1. Aaryan
  2. Prince_Marth85
  3. TheMafiaCube
  4. Hachi
  5. Inawordyes
  6. Krystal
  7. dee_tot
  8. Brainy
  9. Hirkala
  10. Jay Gold
  11. benjer3
  12. mew
  13. Fat Tony
  14. Gasolinefightaccident (Aki stepped in for Gas on final night of game)
First to Die TheMafiaCube
Last Remaining Hachi, Krystal, Dee, Brainy, Jay, FT, Gas
MVP FatTony
Awards -

Mafia:The Musical! was a game designed and hosted by Vommack based on his own idea, cohosted by ShadowAngel

It began on July 10, 2013 and ended in a Baddie win in N4 (July 17).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • Tie lynch:
    • D1:No lynch
    • D2+:Random player in the tie lynched
  • OOP:RID Kill(Blocking) >Block/Trap>Redirect>Save/Spy>Kill(not blocking)
  • Shown in NP:
    • Block
    • Redirect
    • Trap
    • Kill
    • Successful save

Role DescriptionEdit

The Baddies:The Prima Donna and her lackeys, trying to hijack the production. Have BTSC and a Group Kill. Wincon is to gain majority.

  • Prima Donna:The vain, egotistical, and all around obnoxious star of the show, but that's not enough. Her popularity lets her decide whose vote REALLY matters. (Vote Manip 0x-2x)
  • * The Agent:The Prima Donna's agent, every night he can dig up the dirt on the other actors. (Spy)
  • * Le Saboteur: A rouge stage hand trying to win the Prima Donna's heart, even if some songs must be cut short to do so. (Block)
  • * The Guy with the Mask:Probably has an epic and emotionally scarring back story for his mask, but no one has the time. Meanwhile he'll do anything to steal the Prima Donna's heart. (Die roll)
    • 1.Choice
    • 2.Block
    • 3.Trap
    • 4.Spy
    • 5.Redirect
    • 6.Save

The Goodies:The remaining cast and crew, trying to keep the show going relatively normal. Wincon is Last Standing.

  • * The Director:Trying to make a name for himself in theater. Each night he can find out who one person is playing by looking through the playbooks. (Spy)
  • * The Stage Hand:Using his knowledge of the stage, he can prevent disaster from befalling one of his peers. (Save)
  • * The Soprano:The beauty of her symphonies can prevent someone from acting. (Block)
  • * The King of Burger:The ruler of the land, unfortunately quite psychopathic. If he doesn't take his medicine, things can get ugly. (Kill)
  • * The Jester:If he can find out who's about to be lynched, he can cool down the lynch mob. (RID lynch save)
  • * Confused Stagehand:Tries to do right, but ends up giving out the wrong orders. (Redirect)
  • * The Coordinator:Announces his messages to everyone every night. (Broadcast)
  • * The Director's Aid:While he is alive, he will not allow the director to die. Appears as being saved by the Stage Hand. Knows who the Director is.(Bodyguard)
  • The Investor:In charge of cash, and can use that to bribe the actors' votes. (Vote redirect)


  • * The Indy of the Opera:No one knows what his motives are, though he's not very peaceful about them. Must outlive 5 random targets, RID killing 2 of them. Has 2 cycle immunity, appears as being saved by Stage Hand or Jester. RID Kill is unsaveable.
    • * Indy targets are: Coordinator, Director, Director's Aid, Prima Donna, The Guy with the Mask

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


I'm going to be short and sweet with my thoughts... Goodies never got anything together until it was too late. You missed a couple obvious hints(may have been more obvious from my perspective, but still.). A couple non-actions hurt as well... Aar could've easily prevented Cube's lynching. I saw next to nothing positive... So.. Use this as an example of what not to do, I guess. When you finally did get together, the baddies were already on a victory lap. MVP Award:FT, for leading the baddies to victory in the BTSC. Yay.

By Vommack

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • Krystal - Prima Donna
  • Brainy - Agent
  • FT - Saboteur
  • Jay - Mask

Day and Night Posts Edit

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4

End of Game Roster Edit

  • Krystal - Prima Donna
  • Brainy - Agent
  • FT - Saboteur
  • Jay - Mask
  • Hirk - Director - Killed N2 by Indy of the Opera
  • Gas/Aki- Stage Hand
  • benjer - Soprano - Lynched D2
  • Cube - Burger King - Lynched D1
  • Aar - Jester - Killed N3 by baddies
  • Hachi - Confused SH
  • IAWY - Coordinator - Killed N4 by baddies
  • Mew - Director's Aid - Killed N2 by baddies
  • dee - Investor
  • Marth - Indy of the Opera - Lynched D3

Actions Edit

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